Sundog Scale Studio Review

Making music is hard work. In an age where music production software has never been more accessible, it’s becoming harder and harder to make music that sounds original, has a new meaning, or simply stands out from the crowd.

Breaking down the components of a track, you’ll need to have a harmonic base, followed by chords, basslines, melodies, and then, of course, your vocals and leads. However, it seems as though there’s only so much you can do when it comes to each individual section, which means you’ll feel limited.

This is where Sundog Scale Studio comes into play. With this software, you’ll have the exclusive ability to experiment with new and exciting sounds.

No matter what part of your song you’re playing with, you can edit, change, and adapt each note, key, and chord, helping you to find something that sounds new, original, and matches the exact sound that you’re looking for.

Today, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of this software, helping you to discover what this software can do and whether it’s right for you.

In a Rush?

• Supported compatibility with all major DAW software in MIDI form
• Over 500 chord progressions with integrated search engine
• Works with notes, chords, and vocals
• Quickly create harmonies using a mouse or the step sequencer
• Over 300 scales to work with
• A range of export file options and settings
• Compatible with both Mac and Windows computers

Introducing Sundog Scale Studio

Sundog Scale Studio (SSS) is a DAW plugin that has been designed, developed and released by, an audio company based in Dresden, Germany. The primary mission of this release is to help audio producers of the world eliminate writer’s block when it comes to producing songs.

For example, how often do you find yourself with your instruments, both physical and digital, struggling to find that perfect sound that you’re trying to create?

Perhaps you have a rough idea in your idea, but you can’t seem to materialize it? Maybe you find yourself going back to the same melodies and chords you already know, failing to find anything new or exciting?

If this sounds like you, SSS could be the ideal piece of software to add to your inventory. Once downloaded and installed, you’ll be able to experiment with a range of chords, notes, melodies, and harmonies. This means you’ll be able to expand your knowledge and opportunities, ensuring that it’s easy to find something new.

SSS is compatible with all major DAW software, meaning you’ll be able to load it directly next to your other existing production software, and works flawlessly on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

The software can also be used on any genre you may be working in, in any tempo, in any style, making this one of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there.

Using Sundog Scale Studio

There are two ways you can set up SSS, depending on what options you have available. If you’re using a DAW platform, simply open the software up, attach a virtual MIDI cable and you’ll be ready go.

On the other hand, if you’re using the software without a virtual MIDI cable, you’ll still be able to use the 100 instruments to play with your sounds, but some of the features won’t be available to you. Then, you can choose a scale or bassnote, in which the software will then list all the chords for that sound.

You can then click through and sample each chord, helping you to find the one you like easily; it really is that simple. Once you’ve found some nice chords, you can implement chord progression, and that’s the foundation of your song created. Then you can play around with the sequencing, add your effects and your song will be near completed!

This tool is simply used to help you easily have access to a wide variety of sounds you might not have in your mind. This means if you’re struggling to come up with ideas, or suffering from writer’s block, this tool can be used to help you maintain your productivity; all in a simple and easy-to-use fashion.

Harmonic Features

The Chord Progession Finder

In addition to all these chord features (including over 500 chord progressions), you’ll also be able to build on your harmonies to ensure they sound perfect.

For example, you can use your mouse to draw patterns and melodies for your songs quickly. On the other hand, you can use the integrated step sequencer feature.

Since your chords, inversions and chord progressions are managed within the same program, you’ll be able to follow your chord notes automatically. You can even use the built-in pattern finder to search over 200 factory rhythms and patterns if you’re lost looking for what works for you.

There are even 300 scales that are easily searchable through the SSS tool, helping you find new scales and bassnotes to add into your tracks.

In fact, this list of features can go on and on. The main of the game here is to experiment and to find new angles and approaches to making your music. One of the best ways to discover what’s available is simply to try it for yourself.

A Studio Essential

While there are a ton of features to explore, the operational side of SSS is still just as professional and flexible as you need it to be. Some of the key elements and features implemented into this software include;

• Export all sounds as MIDI files via drag-and-drop
• Input sounds through MIDI files, mouse or computer keyboard
• Dark and light appearance themes available
• Free, unlimited updates forever
• Try before you buy demo version available
• Outputs as standard MIDI data

With effortless integration into your existing workspace, SSS makes the perfect companion for all kinds of production projects. Whether you’re starting up something new, making something for another medium, such as film, television or video games, there’s something here for everybody.


All in all, Sundog Song Studio is a high-functional piece of software that many musicians and producers should consider having on their computers. With it, you’ll be able to rid yourself of the dreaded writer’s block, making it effortless to find and produce new and exciting sounds.