Steven Wilson’s Ghostwriter Review

Steve Wilson is a producer, solo artist, and the lead man of Porcupine Tree, an English rock band that was formed back in 1987, who maintained their success until 2010 when they disbanded. However, the Ghostwriter plugin was created by this musical mastermind to help you create your own tracks.

For this synthesizer, Wilson teamed up with the production developers at EastWest and music producer Doug Rogers for this extensive instrumental database.

With a powerful engine, easy to use interface and a ton of other features, this piece of software could be considered the ultimate tool for creating deep and compelling atmospheric samples and loops.

Today, we’re going to dive into the depths of Ghostwriter, detailing the features and functions you’ll be able to utilize in your productions, and whether or not this is the plugin you’ve been looking for.

In a Rush?

• 63GB of instrumental database including instruments and vocals
• Create deep, atmospheric and compelling sounds
• An extensive range of effects, FX, and editing tools
• Over 80 presets to customize your sound
• Compatible with PC and Mac computers

Introducing Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter is a highly compatible sampling database and VST that can help you create resonating soundtracks and atmospheric samples for your music, movies and video games. You could even use the software for creating television soundtracks.

Ideally, you’re going to want to be using VST for alternative sounds which remain faithful to traditional instruments. This includes guitars (acoustic, electric, and bass), drum kits and keys.

However, there is a distinct lack of synth and electronic sounds, perhaps making this setup unsuitable for musicians producing dance and electronic music, but for anything else, this kit could be exactly what you’re looking for.

The software has been developed using the latest version of the Play engine, which means you’ll have access to a range of effects, as well as an exclusive amp simulation effect which contains over 80 presets. You’ll also find a professional SSL channel strip and a highly-functional EP-1 Delay.

In short, all these features and functions come together to help you create a darker styled soundtrack that contains both mystery and suspense, as well as retaining its depth, detail, and clarity, making it the ideal choice for any budding producers looking to create an ambient masterpiece.

The Available Sounds

The most prominent sounds you’ll find in this pack, and what the software prides itself on the most, is the available bass sounds. The selection of bass guitar sounds is unmatched to any other software or sample pack.

The quality of these samples and loops are then complemented bythe built-in guitar amp simulation technology.

Some might even consider this to be the best guitar sound pack that’s currently available, due to all these features. Of course, all sounds are completely editable thanks to the editing functions. Most notably, these include the SSL E, SSL Stereo Compressor, Dynamic Channel, a sweet filter, and much more.

However, guitars aren’t the only instrument on here. The other comprehensive library pack you’ll find is the Drum kits. In fact, this rhythmic library is nearly as complete and as diverse as the bass guitar section.

As you can imagine, the drum kits and sounds have been designed with a similar tone to the rest of the package, maintaining their dark and eerie atmosphere.

Yet, on an individual basis, it seems as though every drum piece has its own character and personality, which is again only complimented by the complete range of control you’ll have over them all.

Within Ghostwriter, you’ll have the ability to utilize the velocity mapping functions, velocity reactions, layering features, and an extensive range of little tweaks that help to make this an extremely realistic kit.

In addition to these two main instrument packs, you’ll also find keys, traditional guitar, misc., and vocal samples and loops, all of which can be used in your own productions to help you create the sound you’re looking for.

However, it’s worth noting that the vocal section isn’t as comprehensive as the others, or other similar plugins, but that’s not what this pack focuses on.

The Interface and Usability

While Ghostwriter contains over 800 instrument patches and a ton of features and settings for you to enjoy in your workspace, it might be surprising to some of you that the plugin is still incredibly easy to learn and use.

The interface itself has been designed from scratch for the purpose of the plugin and is laid out in a friendly, approachable, and minimal-learning-curve manner that will take you next to no time to pick up where everything is to get started in using properly.

All the dials are clean and effortless to use, as are all four editing and customizable sections that make it simple to see exactly what you’re doing at all times, what setting you’re using, and how much you’re making a change. This allows for accuracy and precision in your workflow, helping you save time and enjoy the best results.

The sample and patch browser is nicely laid out and well-organized, featuring a multi-windowed system so you can easily backtrack and navigate through the available folders, despite there being over 800 options to choose from.

As we mentioned above, all the samples and the software are managed through the Player engine, all of which is optimized for a clean experience.

This upper section of the Player window, however, will also allow you to access your editing effects, FXs and leading manipulation tools easily, ensuring everything you need is no further than a few clicks away.


As you can see, while specifically aim towards films, games and television audio productions, there’s plenty of features, sounds, and functions to keep you busy on any of your current or future audio projects.

If you’re looking for a mysterious, edgy, atmospheric and sonically outstanding sound to add to your project, the chances are that you’ll be able to create, produce, and perfect it using Steven Wilson’s Ghostwriter plugin.