sE Electronics X1 Studio Bundle Review

As a musician, it’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed with every piece of equipment you need and all the features that you’ll then have access to. Take a microphone for example. It’s all well and good just getting a microphone, but for the best quality audio, you’ll need filters, isolation and shields, cables and the microphone itself.

Buying everything separately can be not only expensive but also risky if you’re making purchases from different brands since you can never be sure that everything is going to fit together. Therefore, a bundle pack is a great idea.

Bundle packs are affordable, highly compatible with one another, and guarantee to give you everything you need for the best, highest quality experience.

Today, we’re going to zero in on the sE Electronics X1 Studio Bundle, a set that gives you all the equipment to record your vocals to the highest possible resolution.

In a Rush?

  • Contains one X1 S Microphone
  • Contains one RF-X Reflexion Filter
  • Contains one sE Isolation Pack (complete with pop shield)
  • Contains one 3-meter mic cable
  • All assembly information included

The X1 S Microphone

Of course, easily the most important piece of the bundle here is the microphone and let’s start by saying that this is no ordinary mic. The X1 S is actually the compact and refined version of the leading X1, while still containing all the features that help to make this considered one of the best condenser mics on the market.

Backed up decades of experience, this mic comes topped with a hand-made condenser capsule, helping it to detect even the tiniest of movements in the air. The condenser then converts these minute vibrations into an electrical impulse that will be sent through your cable.

Of course, when these movements in the air are created using your voice, this ability to convert even the smallest of signals means that you’ll be able to enjoy crystal-clear vocals with your recordings. The clarity of this microphone is outstanding and easily one of the most delicate in the entire sE range.

To back up this condenser technology, all the electrics of this mic have been designed to carry this high-definition signal. In this model, the circuitry has been redesigned to improve the SPL handling ability dramatically. In fact, this is now capable of recording and handling sounds up to a whopping 160dB.

With two switchable attenuation levels of -10dB and -20dB for a dynamic recording range, close-up functions for recording your instruments, two switchable low-cut filters, and a completely solid metal.

With this highly durable build finished off with a non-corrosive, gold-plated XLR connector, it’s easy to see why more and more musicians are trying to the power of the X1 S.

The RF-X Reflexion Filter

When you’re using your microphone, it’s all well and good just using it in a free-standing setup, but this isn’t going to provide you with the best sounds possible. As a musician who wants to emphasize quality, you’re going to need to use a reflector.

For those of you who don’t know what a reflector is; this is a shield that you set up around your microphone that helps to dampen the sounds of the room you’re in. When you’re using the microphone and speaking into it, not only will it block out these surrounding sounds, but it will also reflect your voice back into your mic, providing you with an even clearer recording.

The RF-X is an incredibly lightweight and highly-functional reflector shield that’s both easy to use and does a great job dampening out the sounds around you while you’re recording. While this is typically regarded as a more affordable model, the overall performance of this shield can compete with some of the more expensive studio setups.

What really sets this shield apart is the fact that it’s produced using lighter materials which means it can pride itself on its four-layer acoustic filter. This is constructed using a vented outer filter layer, a wool-fabric layer, an air gap layer and finally, an inner foam layer.

This multi-layer design is ideal for filtering out all the frequencies of sound that you’ll possibly face during your audio ventures, resulting in almost no sound coloration, and therefore the best quality recording possible.

With your kit, you’ll receive the Filter itself, as well as a mic-stand thread adapter, so it can be used on most of your microphones, and a mounting bracket so you can install and mount it wherever you need it.

sE Isolation Pack (With Pop Shield)

The Bundle pack with shield

The sE Isolation Pack is a fantastic extra for sE to include in their studio bundle and guarantees to add to the versatility and the dynamic range that your microphone provides. What we really love about this add-on is the fact you can easily pop it on and off your microphone using this quick-release mechanism.

This means there’s no screwing, twisting or secure latches to fiddle about with; you can simply attach and detach this piece in one simple movement. Less fiddling around means more time focusing on doing the things you love.

This particular pop shield is also produced using metal materials, rather than plastics. Not only does this make the pack more durable and longer lasting, but it means it can also be positioned vertically and used to protected or support any mics you’ve mounted above your existing mic, simply because it has the strength to support it.

With a simple and universally compatible mounting bracket and effortless compatibility with the best of the sE Studio Bundle, this final piece of the puzzle is a great way to ensure you’re enjoying the best possible recording experience, and therefore the best quality final product.


As you can see, when the sE Electronics X1 Studio Bundle is full of exciting features and components that will change the way your record forever.

Since this bundle is one of the most affordable and comes with everything you need, it doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out in the music industry or you have decades of experience behind you; the X1 bundle has what you need.