The 4 Best Orchestral VSTs

The way that technology has progressed means that the face has music has been changed forever. Since computers have become far more accessible and powerful than anything we’ve known before, the opportunities we have for making music, tracks and the perfect sounds that we’ve always been looking for are now well within reach.

However, in order to create, experiment and produce these sounds and tracks, we need to make sure that we’re using the best equipment, or in this case software, for the job. If you’ve already been looking, you’ll also be well aware of the fact that there is simply so much out there for you to choose from.
Today, we’re going to help you narrow down your search by selecting the best orchestral VSTs that are currently available. These VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology) are ideal if you’re looking to add, record or produce orchestral sounds into your track, giving you full control of levels, instruments and, of course, your final product.

Let’s jump straight in to see what we’ve got!

IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 2 Orchestral Software Instrumental

IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 2 Orchestral Software Instrumental

To kickstart this list, we’ve chosen this leading premium software package that will give you everything you need to get started on your instrumental journey and more than enough options to explore while trying to find the perfect sound you’re looking for.

In total, you’ll find over 55 GB worth of data, samples, loops and instrumental VSTs to play with, all of which have been performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in the coveted Dvorak Symphony Hall. This entire pack has been produced and recorded by the iconic Czech bassist Miroslav Vitrous, ensuring you have the very best samples of the very best quality for your productions.

The pack itself is broken down into 16 unique, multi-timbral workstations and includes all the instruments you could ever need, including string, brass, and wind instruments. Once you have downloaded your software using the digital link, you’ll find a very user-friendly layout that is easy to navigate and find the sounds you’re looking to use.

Inside, you’ll always find a set of 34 DSP effects that you’re free to use how you please, as well as four individual effects per instrument, four master effects and a patented ultra-quality reverb effect. This all comes together in a set that can be used in your preferred VST or DAW, or as its own standalone program, ensuring you have a complete bundle with everything you could ever need when it comes to orchestral instruments.

  • 55GB worth of samples
  • Direct digital download
  • A vast collection of individual and master effects
  • Works with VSTs, DAWs and Standalone application
  • Expensive for budget producers

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Garritan Instant Orchestra

Garritan Instant Orchestra

If you’re looking for something a little more suitable for a lower budget but still require outstanding quality samples and a wide selection of instruments to choose from, be sure to focus your attention on this pack from Garritian. The company is a dedicated virtual instruments production company that has been operating since 2011, ensuring their latest products have been backed up the experience of eight successful years.

The sole aim of this pack is to provide you with the most user-friendly experience and all the options you could ever need during your audio production venture. Inside the pack, which is available via a direct download link, you’ll find an extensive selection of instruments, including brass, strings, wind textures, bass-octave tones, big hits and overlays.

However, that’s not all, unlike most other orchestral packs, you’ll also have full and unlimited access to surreal choir samples, light harps sounds, out-of-this-world textures and a number of FX samples, much like rises, whirls, clusters and many more. The choice that is available with this pack is unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time!

In addition to all these amazing samples, all of which have been recorded to the highest quality, you’ll also find a built-in Aria instrument player that will help you find, edit and enjoy your samples while acting like an effective sample manager and all the VST, RTAS and Mac-compatible software add-ons you’ll ever need so you have full control over how you use your samples and on what software.

  • Compatible with all systems and VSTs, including Mac (Logic Pro X) and Windows (Ableton)
  • Effortless use with MIDI and USB software and hardware
  • Incredibly user-friendly interface
  • High-quality samples and audio clips
  • May be a restricted number of samples for more experienced producers
  • Not compatible with Adobe Audition

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Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D

Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D

If you’re looking for something rather specific in your sounds, this sample pack that’s been modelled on the 1951 New York Steinway B could be perfect for you. Curated and produced by the Steinway and Sons group for promotional reasons, you can know enjoy the pack as a complete sample and loop bundle to help you produce the tracks you’ve always dreamed of.

With this set, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that come from a whopping 49GB of samples that make up the core library. In addition to this, you can also bask in up to 20 high-velocity layers that you’re free to play around with, and the leading Harmonic Resonance Modelling that really makes the string sounds resonant as they would in real life.

Regarding compatibility, this pack will work seamlessly on both Mac and Windows systems and is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit systems. Alongside the audio files of your files, which will be sent to your house or studio via a physical disk set, you’ll have access to Timbre Shifting features, a Parametric EQ setting and a variety of Synth Layer controls for a truly powerful sound.

Not sure if you’ve heard of this pack or even the Steinway B company? The piano used during the productions of the company, and the recording of this pack, have been signed and acknowledged by some of the greatest pianists in the world, including Glenn Gould, Rudolf Serkin and many other of the world’s masters.

  • High compatible with both Mac and Windows computers (32-64-bit settings)
  • A huge 49GB core sample library
  • An extensive variety of synth, filters, EQ options and pedal noise feature
  • Only piano samples available
  • May be a limited selection

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Native Instruments Komplete 11 Software Suite

Native Instruments Komplete 11 Software Suite

Finally, to conclude our list of the best orchestral VST, we’ve chosen this ultra-powerful music production suite that is ideal for all kinds of audio production ventures, including all your orchestral requirements. With this leading software package, produced and distributed from the state-of-the-art and market-leading Native Instruments developers, you’ll be granted access to an outstanding range of features and packages.

These include over 45 products, including the coveted Reaktor 6, UNA Corda, Replika, Strummed Acoustic and many more. Alongside these products, you’ll also discover over 13,000 unique and high-quality sounds and sample recordings which compiles from over 155 GB of instruments and effects for you to explore, experiment and play with.

While this software package is highly compatible with both Windows and Mac computers (both 32 and 64-bit systems) and a full-range of VSTs and DAW programs, you can also access the built-in and fully integrated standalone synthesizer known as FORM, allowing you to bridge the gap between your synthesized sounds and samples effortlessly.

There are all kinds of genres covered in this pack, ensuring you have everything from electronic dance music samples to scores for cinematic designs and everything in between. With this in mind, it goes without saying that the classical and orchestral genre and niche are extremely well covered. To completely get around this product, although it’s been well-designed to be user-friendly, it’s going to be a bit of learning curve compared with other products, so you’ll want to make sure you have the time to invest in it.

Despite being one of the most expensive solutions of this list, and indeed the rest of the market, it’s so easy to see that this is one of the most complete VST packages you can find, as well as being one of the most highly-rated, ensuring you have everything you could possibly ever need, all in one complete and user-friendly bundle package.

  • 155GB of sounds, samples and audio products
  • Full compatibility with Windows and Mac systems
  • A ton of virtual instruments and digital applications
  • A potentially expensive and professional price
  • A learning curve for new users
  • Physical disk only (no digital download)

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As you can see, when it comes to sourcing your next orchestral VST, there are a ton of options to choose from, it all depends on your budget and what you’re looking for in your own audio production adventures.

Before making your purchase, make it clear in your mind exactly what you’re looking for and what sounds you’re looking to great, whether that’s a broad range of genres or just a specific instrument and you can be sure that you’re making the right purchasing decision for you.