Best Noiseless Strat Pickups For 2019

If you own or have recently invested in your own Fender Stratocaster, it’s safe to say that you’ve already been enjoying the wonderful sounds, tones and just overall beautiful feel that this guitar has.

After all, even to this day, it remains one of the most iconic guitars to exist.

However, as a guitar player and instrumentalist, you’ll know that you what you get with a factory-standard guitar is never normally enough, especially when you want full control over the kinds of sounds that you’re producing and are on a mission to find those pitch-perfect notes and chords.

After all, this is the only way you can captivate yourself, your bandmates and, ultimately, your audience.

One of the most common upgrades you’ll want to make is your pickups. These are the features that define exactly how your sound is produced and will ultimately affect both the quality of your sound, the tone of them and your overall response time while you’re playing.

While there are many choices out there to explore, the vast majority of guitar players are going to be looking for a pickup that produces a clean, sharp sound that’s both clear and loud, but remains dynamic nonetheless. If this is what you’re looking for, a noiseless pickup will be exactly what you’re after.

Of course, even in this niche, there’s still a lot of options to choose from. This is why we’ve searched far and wide to source out the very best on the market, finally managing to narrow them down to our final four.

Below, you’ll find detailed descriptions of each of our four favorites, helping you to narrow down your decision so you can find the perfect noiseless Strat pickup for you.
Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups (Set of Three)

Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups (Set of Three)

To start off with, we’ve chosen this superior mid-range pickup set from Fender themselves that not only produces you with the noiseless features you’ve been looking for, but also comes an incredibly affordable price tag and a set of three, ensuring that you also have a pickup when you want to make a change or fully upgrade your guitar’s pickups.

Made to the traditional Fender Strat style, the sound that these pickups create are warm and punchy, just like you would expect from your conventional Strat from many years ago. This is ideal for playing Blues or light rock music, just like the Strat guitars were originally intended.

However, crank up the gain and these pickups will scream, giving you a dynamic range of sounds that you’ll fall in love with. Nevertheless, even at these high gain levels, the sounds that you’re producing will remain crystal-clear, warm and hold their clarity, ensuring no noise and no unwanted distortion or interference.

Inside each pickup, you’ll find the high industry-standard of Alnico magnets which are wrapped in enamel-coated magnet wire, the perfect combination for providing a superior response time while you’re playing.

However, while this set can perform, it’s worth noting that it does not come with the mounting hardware, so you may need to go shopping for a few screws to install it.

  • Affordable mid-range price tag
  • Alnico magnets and enamel-coated magnet wire for best response time
  • Beautiful Strat sound for blue and light rock with no noise produced
  • Three pickups per set
  • Does not include mounting hardware
  • Tone may not match premium quality single-coiled pickups

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Fender Jeff Beck Hot Noiseless Loaded Pickguard White Pearl

Fender Jeff Beck Hot Noiseless Loaded Pickguard White Pearl

If you’re after something a little bit special that will go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to sound creation and provides you with an absolutely beautiful array of features and specification, why not treat yourself to this noiseless, three times loaded pickguard set.

Despite the premium price tag, this thing truly is loaded, and you’re sure never to need another Strat pickup as long as you own this! What really sets this Strat pickguard apart from the rest is the fact that the pickguard is hand-wired by the Fender shop in Fort Smith, AR. That’s every single one.

That means you’ll get to enjoy the outstanding quality that comes from every manufacturer that knows what they are doing. It also means you’ll be able to enjoy a pickguard that’s truly unique since no-one will ever have the same one like you, ideal for a genuinely unique sound.

On the noiseless pickguard, you’ll find all the original CRL switches that your guitar will typically have, as well as all the original components from CTS and Bourns, ensuring this is a product that’s reliable, high-quality and built to last and maintain its performance for many years to come.

Underneath and within the pickguard, you’ll find all the vintage wiring you would expect using the tried-and-tested techniques that have proven to work over the last few decades. With an effortless installation process where you can simply follow the instructions on how to fix this guard to your Strat guitar, it’s safe to say this is a pickguard that will give you everything you need and more!

  • Pearl White pickguard to give your Strat guitar a beautiful aesthetic
  • Effortless installation process with instructions and everything you need
  • 3-ply build with 11-hole fixture
  • Genuine CTS 250K pots and parts to create one of the highest quality pickguards available
  • Premium and professional price tag
  • May require extra installation time for those you haven’t done it before

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Fender Hot Noiseless Strat Bridge Pickup

Fender Hot Noiseless Strat Bridge Pickup

If you’re looking for an affordable noiseless pickup set that, once installed, will allow you to take your guitar playing abilities and sound creation ventures to the next level, this is the set you need to be thinking about.

What really sets this Fender-Exclusive pickup set about is the fact that it will literally scream when you ramp this up into a high gain. Nevertheless, the tone remains crystal clear and very full, providing you with a dynamic sound that fills complete and won’t leave you digging deeper for more.

Despite this fullness, the sound remains warm and punchy, making this the ideal pickup if you’re looking to play Blues genres or light rock.

In terms of build quality, these pickups are simply outstanding. They are made using ceramic magnets which are wrapped in enamel-coated magnet wire. You’ll also find all the mounting and installation hardware you need to effortlessly replace your existing pickups, so there’s no hassle or stress in trying to find the right parts.

While this noiseless set does only contain a bridge-dedicated pickup, the quality you’ll receive from this pickup and the sound that is created is sure to make you tingle every time you pick up your guitar.

  • Full, punchy and crisp sound
  • All installation hardware included with your purchase
  • Noiseless build for outstanding sound quality
  • Ceramic magnets and enamel-coated wire for superior response times
  • Only includes a bridge pickup
  • Mid-range price tag

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Fender Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster Pickup Set Plus 5 Way Wiring Harness

Fender Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster Pickup Set Plus 5 Way Wiring Harness

As a musician, it pays when you’re able to have full control over the sounds you’re producing. You’ll be able to experiment entirely with what you’re able to produce, and it’s only going to propel you into making even more music and captivating your audiences. This is what this awesome pickup set allows you to achieve.

The final genuine Fender-product to enter our list, this set contains an outstanding five pickups for you to enjoy and experiment with how you please. All five hot Noiseless pickups come with built-in Alnico magnets which are wound using Fender’s traditional combination of enamel-coated magnet wire.

This level of outstanding quality is only continued with the Gavitt vintage wiring inside and CTS 250K Split Shaft Pots. In fact, these pickups have the similar features as the bridge pickups listed above, except they’re able to work in all areas of your guitar.

However, what really sets this purchase apart from the rest is the 5-way wiring harness you’ll receive with your set. The kit comes pre-assembled and ready for you to use straight out of the box. With this harness, you’ll be able to make slight, or dramatic, adjustments to your pickups, allowing you to adjust the sound you’re producing and the tones you’re creating.

This means you really can find the exact sound that you’re looking to create through tweaking, trial and error and following the advice of the professionals.

Since you’ll have five pickups with this set, you’ll be able to explore and hold your settings, so you can quickly change which pickups you’re using on stage for a truly superior performance like no other.

  • Comes with pre-assembled 5-way wiring harness
  • Iconic Alnico magnets with enamel-coated magnet wire
  • 5 pickups per set
  • Affordable price tag
  • Can be a learning curve for people who haven’t used a wiring harness before
  • Cannot use pickup covers with this set

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As you can see, when it comes to choosing a noiseless pickup set for your Fender Strat guitar, there are so many options out there for you to choose from, regardless of whether you want full control over your sounds or just need a noiseless upgrade.

Pay attention to your budget and the sort of control and sounds you’re looking for, match that to any of the four outstanding pickup sets listed above and you can be sure you’ll find what’s right for you!