Logic Pro X: How to use 32-Bit Plugins

As of July 2013, Logic Pro took its first leap into the double digits by offering its brand-new Logic Pro X platform to Mac users. However, many users were, and still are, quite wary of making the upgrade, mainly because the latest version of the leading music production software doesn’t support 32-bit plugins.

Of course, for many artists and music producers who have spent the time sourcing, purchasing, installing and getting to know they’re tried and tested plugins, this can be a huge problem and can completely change the style of music that you’re used to, perhaps even making it impossible to create similar sounds.

But while making producers have been holding themselves back due to the fact that can’t still use their beloved plugins, this also means they are missing out on some serious features that could revolutionize the way they produce music, all in all causing them to miss out on some serious musical opportunities.
So, what can you do about? Well today, we’re going to talk you through everything you need to know in order to enjoy the best of both worlds and upgrade to Logic Pro X while still being able to enjoy the use of 32-bit plugins.

Why Do I Want Logic X Pro?

You might be wondering initially why you should make the upgrade to Logic Pro X in the first place. Well, instead of boring you with all the details (simply because there are so many of them), let’s just list them out plain and simple;

  • Match track timings with Smart Tempo
  • New built-in plugins including advanced reverb, vintage EQ and tons more
  • All-new revamped brush drums and drummer kits
  • Logic remote turns your iOS device into a multi-touch mixer
  • New compatibility with leading plugins, such as Chromaverb, Phat FX, and Step FX
  • Whole new high-quality patch library
  • Professional looping technology
  • Flex Time recording and tempo editing

Okay, we could keep going on forever with this. In short, Apple has completely renovated the software with a whole new innovative interface, an outstanding array of features and plugins and market-leading technology that will allow you to create all the sounds you could ever want or need.

However, even with all these benefits, that doesn’t mean your tried and tested plugins, the ones that you’re dying to use because they are perfect for what you’re looking for, still don’t work, stopping you from moving forward with this game-changing upgrade.

But Why Won’t They Work?!

First of all, some of you may be asking why your plugins aren’t working in the first place. This is mainly because 32-bit applications are developed to run on 32-bit systems. However, if you’re running a 64-bit version of Logic Pro X, it’s simply missing certain bits of code which mean it won’t properly.
In short, the formatting of these plugins simply isn’t the same so it can’t be read by the new Logic Pro X, so what can you do about it?

What You Can Do About It

Introducing 32 Lives. This is a plugin that has been developed by Sound Radix to help bridge the gap between 32 and 64-bit systems and plugins. However, please note that this software is only available for Mac OS X system and will not work for any VSTs you may be running, nor the Windows operating system.

Sorry Windows users.

Once you’ve downloaded, installed and then running the app for the first time, the software will scan your entire hard drive while on the hunt for 32-bit audio plugins that you may have on your computer.
Once the scan has been completed, you can then go through the list of discovered plugins, select the ones you want to run in a 64-bit mode and then you’ll receive a ‘bridge file,’ allowing your plugins to run.
Then, when you open Logic Pro X, your software will automatically scan for compatible plugins. Under the title ‘Scanning Audio Units,’ you’ll see your new plugins start to appear. They’ll then appear in your plugin menu, and you’ll be ready to go, just as though there wasn’t a problem in the first place!
While there is a free trial available, the full version will set you back $99.

Any Other Cheaper Solutions?

Well, I’m glad you asked. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you may want to turn your attention to JBridge. While the premise of JBridge is extremely similar to 32 Lives, this software only works with VSTs and Windows applications.

While Logic X Pro isn’t actually available for Windows, you can still use this software on your other audio plugins which suffer the same problem, or if you’re running a Mac mirror on your computer.

All you need to do to get started is head over to the JBridge website to download and get started. Just like 32 Lives, once you start up the software for the first time, you’ll be given some options. Simply fill out your personal preferences, which in most cases will be searching to bridge 32-bit plugins and the VST that you’re using, and the software will work its magic automatically and you’ll be ready to go!

It really is that simple!

JBridge can be purchased for nearly 20% of the cost at just $20, although it’s safe to say that 32 Lives has many more features that will appeal to Mac users in this particular situation.


As you can see, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the immense number of benefits that Logic Pro X provides simply because there were a formatting and compatibility issue. There are multiple ways to work around this problem, allowing you to continue making your music the only way how just with some incredible features to help you take your productions to the next level.