Kuassa Amplifikation Vermillion Rack Extension Review

The day that Reason allowed their Rack feature to become open to third-party developers was a great day for the music industry. Known as Rack Extensions, using one, or several, of these plugins is a great way to explore new sounds, helping you to create your final product.

Today, we’re going to draw our attention to the Kuassa Amplifikation Vermillion Rack Extension, or just Vermillion for short. Developed by the Kuassa, an Indian-based company, this is a simple, yet highly effective guitar amp simulation, which contains a ton of features that you’ll be able to enjoy.

Whether you’re playing guitar (or any other instrument for that matter), this classic-styled amp is clean, simple to use and contains an extensive range of tools and functions to keep you busy. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight in and see what we’ve got!

In a Rush?

  • Incredibly affordable Reason plugin
  • Easy to use, clean, minimal learning curve interface
  • Deep analog sounds, and dynamic tones
  • Works with Reason 7.0 or above
  • 3 amp types and 2 amp channels

An Essential Guitar Amp Rack Extension

A guitar is a leading element of any song, regardless of what genre you’re producing. With the Vermillion amp extension, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with a plugin that’s been carefully designed to emulate a classical guitar sound.

However, before we continue, it’s important to remember that you can plug any instrument into this plugin, guitar, synth or otherwise. This means you’ll be able to enjoy all the features that come with this plugin while benefitting from the diversity of sonic inventory.

Within this amp, you’ll find everything you love about guitars and a collection of all the sounds you could ever need, ranging from clean jangles, roaring tube saturations, a psychedelic tremolo circuit, bouncy and punchy reverb effects and more.

The sounds produced here on a basic setting are warm, inviting and incredibly realistic, like super realistic, meaning you’ll be able to replicate any genre accurately, ranging from the rock and roll the 50s and 60s, to modern-day pop music.

As we briefly mentioned, you’ll also find a ton of mastering options, including an overall EQ, pan, and even adjustable microphone positions, all of which come together to give you the most diverse range of audio production opportunities. Of course, there’s also a collection of effects to help you perfect that final sound.

The Features

The Kuassa Amplifikation Vermillion Rack Extension

In reality, the Vermillion Rack Extension is not just a guitar amp simulator, but more like five guitar amps in one, each with a seemingly infinite number settings to make your adjustments and customizations.

We say this because you’ll find five matching cabinets and then an additional four microphones types. You can not only change the type of microphone you’re using, but also the position in which is set up, including the direction it’s facing, how close it is to your amp and the angle you’re pointing it.

As you can see, this is a crazy amount of options, and that’s without even touching the amp itself. With this amp, you’ll also find a range of freely adjustable dual-miking configurations, an integrated noise gate and limiter and global CV inputs for all the above.

All in all, the diversity you’ll receive with this guitar amp is out of this world, highly functional, and more than enough to keep you busy exploring and experimenting for countless hours ahead. All of this, and still as one of the most affordable Rack Extensions out there.

The Sounds

Using the built-in guitar channels, you’ll be able to find your foundation sounds, whether that’s rock, funk, jazz, country, metal, or anything in between, and then you can adjust your sound using the knobs that you would typically find on your amp.

There’s a three-band EQ to be explored, a presence and volume control, and you’ll have the ability to switch between the channels and amp types, further giving you the unlimited abilities to shape your sounds.

Once you’re happy with your sounds, you can apply the effects from the dedicated FX section. There are speed and depth controls for all the effects, and you can apply them manually to your track, or using the tempo-syncing function.

As we briefly mentioned, there’s also an incredibly handy Noise Gate feature, complete with Threshold, Decay and Attack settings which are all incredibly handy when it comes to cleaning up and perfecting your final sounds.

Of course, the sounds you’re creating will depend on how you’re setting up your microphones in front of your amp. All the locations of your mics can be set up independently using the ‘back’ of the rack extension, which is even easier to control since you just turn the knobs until you’re happy with the positioning.

The Usability

The back of the Kuassa Amplifikation Vermillion Rack Extension

To cut a long story short, the usability of this rack extension is perfect. There’s no part of this plugin that feels crowded or overwhelming, and everything seems clean, tidy and easy to access. Even the built-in menus are simple to navigate, and you’ll soon learn where everything is, and what features complete what task.

The Specs

Just a quick insight into the specifications of this extension, you’ll need to make sure that you’re running Reason with the 7.0 version or above for this plugin to work properly. This amp simulator also requires very minimal amounts of CPU, although you can boost it quality-wise from within the plugin.

In short, if your computer can run Reason, it can run this plugin. The extension only requires 42MB of space as well and comes with a full and comprehensive user manual, and a time-limited trial period so you can see whether this is the tool you’ve been looking for.


Despite the affordable price tag, the Vermillion guitar amp simulator rack extension is a powerful plugin for your Reason software that remains incredibly diverse and versatile. This tool sounds great, is easy to use and comes with a free trial period, so what’s stopping you from trying it out for yourself?