Best Klon Centaur Clones For 2019

Klon Centaur guitar pedals were first released back in 1994, and they soon revolutionized the music industry. These iconic pedals quickly became known as the ‘transparent’ overdrive pedal. The aim of this game changer was to give musicians more control over the shaping of their sound.

Up until that point, many pedals were able to give musicians the overdrive sounds, but they always added or took something away from the sound, hence what made the pedals so diverse. However, with the Klon Centaur, you were able to just apply raw overdrive to your sound, which meant you could perform a raw experience.

When this design came to market, it revolutionized the music industry more than people thought it would. In fact, every pedal at the time was built and tested by the hands of the designer, which just goes to show how much effort, dedication, and overall quality these pedals had.

For the head designer, Bill Finnegan, this obviously meant that the pedal was extremely expensive, and more than likely out of the budget range of most musicians at the time. There were also months-long waiting lists for those who could afford them. Even today, the originals can fetch up to $3,000!

Over the last 20 years, demand for the originals has dropped, and many companies have used similar technology to create clones of the original Klon Centaur pedals.

Not only does this mean musicians can not only enjoy the extraordinary benefits of these pedals, but they can also own one for a fraction of the original cost.

J.Rockett Audio Designs Archer Tour Series Overdrive and Boost Pedal

J.Rockett Audio Designs Archer Tour Series Overdrive and Boost Pedal

To start off this list, we’ve chosen the J.Rockett Overdrive pedal. Although this pedal isn’t an official clone of the original Klon Centaur, the sound it produces, the level of control you’ll receive, and the effects built into the device are basically the same, which is unlike a treble booster pedal.

Within this model, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean boost setting and a powerful overdrive setting, all manageable from the dials at the top of the device. All of these features are stored within the robust metal design which also makes this pedal ideal for taking with you on tour and up on stage.

You can turn your pedal effects on and off while you’re playing using the solderless foot switch, which minimizes the risk of breaking while you’re slamming your foot down on it. This feature is also known as the Speed Switch System. This ensures you have full control over your overdrive effects, so you can create the sounds you want to create.

All the cable inputs/outputs are located at the top of the pedal, which makes it ideal for going on the edges of your pedal board, ensuring that everything can connect nicely and easily. With the added ability to run from a battery source or a DC power cable, this pedal really does have it all.

  • All inputs/outputs are located at the top of the pedal for easy access and positioning
  • Durable metal design that’s built to last
  • Can run off battery or DC power cable
  • Speed Switch system for ultimate control over your sound
  • A premium price tag
  • Sound can be a bit weird when plugged into a bass guitar

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TTONE KLONe Overdrive Guitar Pedal Boutique Professional Stompbox (Red)

TTONE KLONe Overdrive Guitar Pedal Boutique Professional Stompbox (Red)

As the title suggests, this KLONe is a direct emulation of the original Klon Centaur effects pedal, meaning that it operates in an identical way, as well as looks, feels and sounds. This pedal has the ability to run from a main DC power cable or using a 9V battery, although these aren’t included with your purchase.

Once you’re plugged in and set up, you’ll be able to turn the gain control down which results in a clean, transparent boost to your sound. Alternatively, this pedal is particularly effective if you’re using it on a tube amp.

This pedal naturally allows your sounds to gain its own overdrive distortion, rather than trying to force it upon it, which is where crackles and unwanted interference risks being produced.

Nevertheless, this model is great for any kind of overdrive distortion you want to create, whether you want to turn it all the way up, or just add a little bite.

Due to this sensitive power, this pedal for use on any guitar, whether it’s a super loud guitar with premium pickups, or a dull-sounding single coiled pickup that needs a bit of life brought into its sound.

  • Suitable for all kinds of guitar
  • Perfect for adding distortion if you’re using a tube amp
  • Works with both batteries and DC power cables
  • Clean boost and outstanding overdrive sound
  • Doesn’t come with battery or power cable (inexpensive online)
  • Plain aesthetic

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Caline CP-43 Pegasus Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal Klon Centaur Clone Klone

Caline CP-43 Pegasus Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal Klon Centaur Clone Klone

If you’re looking for an affordable overdrive pedal that accurately replicates that Klon Centaur sound, the Caline CP-43 is an ideal choice that won’t let you down. This is a mid-range pedal that remains at an inexpensive price, ensuring that it’s suitable for a musician of any skill level or budget.

At the core of this device, you’ll find a pedal that sounds basically identical to original Klon Centaur. This model is based on the original Golden Professional edition of this beautiful effects pedal, and even sounds like a vintage-styled overdrive effective, mixed with the ability to shape your modern tones.

Using the Tone dial, you’ll be able to add in as much or as little vintage shaping as you like, helping you to find the exact sound you’re looking for.

This pedal also features a True Bypass design, just like most Joyo pedals, to ensure your sound is crisp and clean while on its way to your amp, as well as giving you full control over when you apply your effects!

  • Beautiful aesthetic that you’ll love
  • Vintage to modern sounding tone control
  • True Bypass filter design with integrated foot switch
  • Ideal Klon Centaur clone
  • The mid-range price tag
  • The paint job is flaky at best (some musicians sand it down to a metal box; personal preference)

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TTONE New KLONE Overdrive Guitar Pedal Boutique Professional Golden Horse

TTONE New KLONE Overdrive Guitar Pedal Boutique Professional Golden Horse

Another TTONE KLONe to enter our list, this one of the Golden Horse Professional Boutique variety, this overdrive effects pedal is pretty much identical to the former one listed above, with the ability to run off a 9V battery or DC power cable (none of which are included with your purchase) and full control over the shaping of your sound.

This pedal works great with tube amps as it allows for a natural distortion effect to be applied to your guitar sounds, ensuring it sounds crisp, clean, and retains absolute clarity whether you’re on stage or practicing/recording in your studio.

This particular pedal is also suitable for any kind of guitar, whether you’re overdriving your favorite electric, or trying to add a bit more of a spark to your lame-sounding single-coiled guitar. You can even lower the gain slowly, and you’ll receive a boost to your sound that’s clean with minimal distortion.

Add a delay pedal alongside this one, and you’ll also be able to enjoy a stadium-like overdrive with is sure to captivate your audience.

Each one of these pedals is made by hand and extensively tested for 60 minutes per unit, guaranteeing that you’ll be able to enjoy a true sounding device that emulates the original Klon sound.

  • Modeled on the iconic Klon Centaur overdrive effects pedal
  • Turn down gain for a clean sound boost
  • Overdrives as much or as little as you like
  • All units tested for 60 minutes to guarantee quality
  • Doesn’t come with batteries or DC power cable

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TTONE New KLONE Overdrive Guitar Pedal Metal Purple Professional Stompbox

To finish off our list, we’ve opted for the final TTONE Klone from the same developers and manufacturers as the other TTONE stompboxes above.

Here, you’ll still find the ability to turn down your gain for a clean boost, the outstanding compatibility when overdriving with tube amps, and the opportunity to power your pedal with both a 9V battery or a DC power cable.

While you’ll need to remember that this pedal doesn’t come with either due to postage issues, but you can easily purchase either or both online for an affordable price. Whether you’re using this to add a tremendous amount of overdrive to your sounds, or simply giving your single coil guitar a bit more bite, this is the pedal for you.

The only real difference with this pedal from the ones above is the fact that it comes in a stunning purple aesthetic. This is sure to breathe a new life into your pedalboard and will look great with your existing pedal collection.

  • Handmade and tested for quality for 60 minutes
  • Affordable product with great customer service
  • True Bypass filter and foot switch
  • Runs off both 9V battery or DC power cable
  • Doesn’t come with batteries or power cable

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When you’re looking to recreate that iconic transparent overdrive effect that was made famous by the Klon Centaur, there are plenty of affordable effects pedals out there that can help you to achieve just that.

Any of the five clone pedals we’ve listed above make the ideal choice; it simply depends on the features you want, the design you’re after, and the amount of budget you’re willing to spend!

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