Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2 Review

After the industry-defining release of the original Jam Origin MIDI Guitar plugin, it should come as no surprise that the music production community became wild when a second version was released.

While some producers claim the first version was one of the most impressive pieces of software they have ever used, this left many of us with high hopes that the next release was going to take us to whole new level; and it’s safe to say that Jam Origin didn’t disappoint.

In a Rush?

  • Out-of-the-box software to turn your guitar into a MIDI controller, no hardware or tweaking required
  • A true polyphonic sound with ultra-low latency
  • A world first with this design and included features
  • Contains an extensive collection of effects and patterns
  • Don’t just play guitar, play any sounds or samples you want
  • Works with all DAW platforms or for playing live
  • The highest rated MIDI guitar plugin controller on the market


    Introducing Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2

    It’s easy to see that there simply isn’t another product like this on the market. Sure, there are platforms that, but nothing comes close the sampling and latency rate that Jam Origins comes with, nor can retain its high-level of accuracy.

    While it may seem impossible that you can plug your guitar into your DAW to be used as a polyphonic MIDI controller, this is exactly what this plugin does. If you’re not a fan of playing the keyboard or using any other MIDI controllers, you can simply use your guitar.

    We love just how fast the software can break down what you’re playing into the single notes and chords that can then be translated, ready for you to edit and manipulate any way you see fit. We’re told that this is all made possible thanks to the AI technology included in the technology that is traditionally used in speech recognition software.

    With this in mind, it’s easy to see why this software is so powerful and accurate, which should give you a brief insight into what kind of sound and opportunity this can bring into your own audio production adventures.

    The Interface

    Let’s talk about usability. Despite the outstanding number of features contained within this plugin, the interface is surprisingly easy to use and requires next to no learning curve. All the features are labeled with their title and the value of the change that you’re making and then grouped together into different sections.

    Each section of the plugin has been divided up and is clearly labeled, so you’ll know exactly what feature you’re playing with. This means everything is clean and nicely spaced out, ensuring you’ll be able to find each setting you’re looking for without any trouble whatsoever.

    To help you find your feet, it’s worth noting that every section can be rearranged how you want it to be and find easiest, as well as offering color-coded sections, so you can easily identify what you’re working with.

    Ultimate Compatibility & Extras

    A screenshot of the The Jam Origins MIDI Guitar 2

    One feature that we really love about this plugin is the fact that it retains the ability to work effortlessly and seamlessly with a range of other plugins and extras. This is all due to the fact that this plugin actually works as a standalone application, meaning that it doesn’t rely on the computing power and complexity of your DAW platform.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your plugin for production purposes, or for performing live, there are plenty of extra plugins and virtual accessories out there to help you create the sound you’re looking for.

    For example, you can implement your MIDI guitar directly into Garageband, a Mac-only DAW that’s perfect for creating tracks from scratch.

    Additionally, you can use a ton of virtual instruments, many of which are free, to help you customize the style and sound that you’re introducing into your productions. You can find a complete list of the free official ones here.

    You can even embed other amp simulation plugins to bring even more functionality, flexibility, and diversity into your productions and live performances. To cut a long story short, the opportunities for creating and editing sound with this plugin and the compatible ones are infinite.

    A Quick Look into Specs

    As a standalone plugin, this type of development means that Jam Origin works with all DAW platforms, or alongside them, because it doesn’t require any connection to the program itself to run or operate.

    This particular software has also been designed to work with both Mac and Windows computers, and there’s a free trial version available, so you can try it out for yourself before you buy. It’s worth noting that the file, once downloaded, is completely installation-free, meaning you could even put it on a USB stick and load it up from anywhere at any time.

    If you find that you’re stuck with something operational, or simply using a feature, this plugin prides itself on its proactive community that will help you. You can be sure that you’ll find your answers in the official forums, blogs or in the form of a YouTube video. If you can’t, the ever-friendly support staff will be happy to help you out.

    You can even set up the software on two or more computers to give you even more flexibility with how you’re producing sound. However, the license agreement states that the owner of the software must be the owner of the computer for this to be legal.


    Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar is a never-before-seen invention that has and will continue to, revolutionize the way the music industry produces music. No other software comes close to carrying out the task it does, or with such a low latency or feedback issues.

    With stellar support from the developers and the community, an awesome array of outstanding features and functions, all in an easy to use interface that’s compatible with pretty much every platform and plugin, what other tool could you need within your audio production work environment?