Best Head Microphones For Singing In 2019

As a singer or vocalist, you’ll already be well aware of the fact that the equipment you’re using is paramount when it comes to giving the best performance you can. In particular, you’ll want to be focusing on a great head microphone made for singing, for the benefit of both you and your audience.

While many singers swear by the traditional in-hand microphone that the majority of artists and singers use, it goes without saying that this type of device isn’t for everybody.

Sometimes the quality of these microphones aren’t the best, the cables can be restrictive, or you may be playing an instrument at the same time, meaning your hands aren’t always free to make adjustments to your setup.

This is where headset microphones come into play. These are microphone devices that are fitted to your body around your head and pride themselves on a minimal amount of wires, or wireless compatibility, and provide complete freedom when it comes to your style of performance.

The Best Headset Microphones For Singing Available Today

Not sure where to begin? Today, I’m going to talk you through some of the best headset microphones that are available today, giving you an unparalleled insight into what devices could help you achieve the performances that you’ve aiming for.

Audio-Technica System Wireless Headworn Microphone System

Audio-Technica System 10 ATW-1101/H92-TH Wireless Headworn Microphone System

To kickstart my list of some of the best headset microphones on the market, I’ve chosen this classic and high-performance setup from the leading Audio-Technica brand, a company with over half a century’s experience in the industry.
This model prides itself on its superior sound quality alongside its outstanding level of durability, allowing you sing till your heart’s content for many years to come.
The microphone itself is rather small, but this only gives you more freedom of movement during your performance and the quality isn’t at all compromised thanks to the 2.4Ghz wireless range. This range ensures your mic doesn’t pick any unwanted interference from other wireless devices, so you can be the star of every show.
Setup of the microphone is quick and easy thanks to the one-touch syncing feature and effortless channel selection buttons. Every set also means you’ll be able to benefit of an ATW-R1100 receiver and an ATW-T1001 UniPak, providing you with all the equipment you need in one package.

  • Eight channels for multiple microphone support
  • Easy to read ID LED display
  • Battery-powered for portable use
  • Batteries can die quickly through excessive use
  • Ear position can be uncomfortable for some users

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Shure WH20XLR Dynamic Headset Microphone

Shure WH20XLR Dynamic Headset Microphone

If you’re looking for an affordable-ranged headset microphone that still delivers the quality and performance of a premium headset setup, you might want to turn your attention towards the Shure Dynamic Headset.
There are multiple varieties to choose from, ranging from 3-pin male clips, 4-pin female connectors and 1/4” phone plugs, so you can choose the device that works best for your current setup, meaning there’s no need to go out and buy a whole new range of devices.
Shure has placed a specific level of focus on ensuring that your freedom of movement and comfort levels are optimal while performing. This is thanks to the incredibly lightweight design, including lightweight wireframe through the headset, and the adjustable elastic headband so you can adjust until you’re completely happy with the fit. There’s even a belt clip!
To further improve your singing experience, this lucrative set comes with a collapsible microphone boom, allowing for easy storage and transport and the extra-small cable means there’s minimal risk of breakage or damage, regardless of how high-energy your performance is.

  • Smooth and natural frequency range (50 – 15,000hz)
  • Low visibility for a natural stage appearance
  • Every element is adjustable for maximum comfort levels
  • May require EQ adjustments for desired sound
  • One-sided and cannot switch to other (is a right-sided mic)

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Audio-Technica PRO 8Hex Hyper-Cardioid Dynamic Headworn Microphone

Audio-Technica PRO 8Hex Hyper-Cardioid Dynamic Headworn Microphone

The second high-performance Audio-Technica headset to enter my list and for a good reason. The standard XLR model has been expertly designed to be fully-functional for all kinds of singer or live performance.
This means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re the lead singer, a drummer, guitarist, pianist, or playing any instrument whilst singing, this microphone has got everything you need to make sure that you’re heard.
What I love about this particular headband is the effort that’s gone into the comfort. While you’re on stage for hours at a time, you don’t want to keep playing with it trying to find that perfect fit. The low-visibility headband, with two headphones, are fully cushioned and adjustable, making it easy to find the position that works for you.
Inside the microphone itself, you’ll find the superior hypercardioid polar pattern, which helps the microphone to detect and isolate the source of your voice, ensuring that background noises, or instruments, are left out of the amplifying process.
You’ll also be able to enjoy the benefits of 2.2m cable, allowing you to effortlessly plug into any connector or converter, while still maximizing your freedom of movement.

  • Outstanding 200 – 18,000hz frequency response
  • 55dB sensitivity
  • State-of-the-art 600-ohm impedance
  • Requires a connector for amp plugins
  • Can feel fragile while wearing it

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Pyle Wireless Microphone Speech Headset with 60ft Stable Wireless Transmission

Pyle Wireless Microphone Speech Headset with 60ft Stable Wireless Transmission

As the title suggests, the Pyle Speech Microphone headset prides itself on being a wireless solution to your microphone needs, allowing you to roam around the stage during your performance while being completely uninhibited.
In fact, this device allows you to move around within 60ft of the receiver while maintaining its quality. That’s more than enough space for you to give the performance of a lifetime.
While those of you who aren’t tech-savvy might be initially put off by this wireless feature, installation and setup have been made easy. All you need to do is plug in the wireless transceiver into your amp, turn on your mic, and you’ll be ready to go!
Included with your purchase are the wireless headset microphone itself, the USB receiver, a 3.5mm audio cable and a USB charging cable. With an affordable price tag, this is a great option for singers who are starting out and looking to find their feet and personal style with their performances.

  • Hands-free design for complete freedom of movement on stage
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 80dB dynamic range
  • Limited 100 – 12,000hz frequency range
  • Not an omnidirectional design

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Sennheiser XSW 2-ME3-A Wireless Headset Microphone

Sennheiser XSW 2-ME3-A Wireless Headset Microphone

If you’re in need of a premium, top-of-the-range headset microphone that will give you everything you could ever need in one complete package, Sennheiser has the setup for you. Despite the professional price tag, this is your one-stop purchase to take your performances to the next level.
With this particular headset microphone kit, you’ll find a high-performance microphone, wireless transmitter receiver with clips, an amp set and all the brackets and cables you’ll need to ensure you can turn up to any gig or concert, plug in and then captivate your audience from start to finish.
The microphone itself has an impressive frequency range of 548-572Mhz and a microphone sensitivity of 100 – 12,000hz. The built-in battery and replaceable options will last a truly outstanding 10 hours of performance time, and the wireless function can operate up to 250ft without a faulty in the quality of your voice.
The amps and receivers are quick and easy to install thanks to the intuitive LCD display and innovate buttons and keys. Each amp can even support up to 12 other wireless devices, meaning this is the only kit you’ve ever going to need.

  • Streamlined headset for maximum levels of comfort and stability, even while dancing or performing
  • Comes with all the rack mounts you’ll need to for a stable setup at any performance
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • No mute button on the transmitter
  • White noise can be difficult to adjust out when setting up

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A Lightning-Fast Buying Guide to Headset Microphones for Singing

When shopping for the ideal headset microphone that can help you take your passion for singing and performing to the next level, there are a couple of factors you’ll want to consider, making sure that you’re making the best decision for your personal needs.

Frequency Range

The frequency range is the range of sounds that your microphone can detect. For the best performance, you’ll want a microphone with the most diverse range you can find.


Since you could be wearing your headset microphone for hours on end, you’ll want to make sure that you’re comfortable the entire time. Look for headsets which are padded and adjustable, so they can fit your head properly.

Wireless Transmission

Wires will simply get in the way of your performance and will restrict your movement on stage. Shop for wireless microphones with the longest compatible distance to minimise the risk of loss of connection

Quality of Build

Since most singers and performers, such as yourself, maybe dancing, playing instruments or practising a routine, a lot of movement can damage a poorly-built headset. Ideally, look for a headset with a wireframe for extra durability.


It’s safe to say that there’s a lot of choices out there when it comes to buying the right headset microphone for you. Consider how you’ll be using your microphone in your performances, and you’ll be able to identify which device is best for you easily! Now go and sing your heart out!