Futucraft CoTracks Review

There are two common problems that all musicians and producers face when they are carrying out their routine processes; the ability to work as a team and producing the sounds they want to create.

These are both some of the biggest problems that people in the music industry face. Not everyone can afford a huge studio with all the tools and audio equipment they need in front of them. In fact, if you’re just starting out, you won’t even want a setup like this; you’ll be looking for something simple that does what you need it to do without being overly complicated or overwhelming.

This is where CoTracks comes into play. This iOS app has been designed by the leading manufacturers at Futucraft to address both of these issues. Once installed, you’ll be able to work by yourself, or with up to four people on a single device, helping you make it easier than ever before to create your tracks.

However, there are many ins and outs that you’re going to want to see first. Today, we’re going to dive right into the heart of CoTracks, so you can see exactly what it does, what it can do, and how it will help you become the best musician you can be.

In a Rush?

  • Designed to work perfectly solo or up to four friends or co-producers
  • Innovative work environment for quick and easy results
  • Available for iPads and other iOS devices
  • Integrated instrument bundles
  • Full export opportunities to a number of file formats

Introducing CoTracks

We all know just how efficient iPads have been when it comes to the music industry. These powerful handheld tablet computers have changed the game forever when it comes to accessibility and being able to make, edit and master your music on the move.

CoTracks is one of these applications which quickly becomes an essential app on your tablet computer. The main purpose of CoTracks existing is the fact that you can collaborate with up to four people. This means it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing; you’ll be able to combine your musical expertise.

While designed with collaboration in mind, this means you’ll be able to access each area of the track you’re making, without having to interrupt what the others are doing. When you’re happy with what you’re making, you can easily record your tracks and then export them to your required file format.

However, just because this app revolves around collaboration, that doesn’t mean that the software lacks any important features. For example, you’ll still have a broad range of instruments to enjoy, a library of effects, an extensive range of editing tools, and a beautiful user interface, all of which comes together to create a perhaps surprisingly effective musical experience.

The User Interface

To give you a rough idea of what sort of features you can expect within this music-making wonder, we’re now going to explore the interface. At first glance, you might find this interface a little hard to navigate, but if you’re in solo mode, you’ll have four bars, and you’ll need to hold your iPad vertically; giving you easy access to each element of the track.

However, switch into a multi-person mode and your iPad will rotate horizontally and will allow you to have a bar each. Of course, you’ll be able to rearrange your layouts in any way that works best for you.

On each component, you’ll find a series of tabs for controlling what part of the song you’re controlling, key and ribbon controllers for your synthesizers, XY modulation control and the ability to access four tabs of instruments at once. As we said, this is a complete music production experience.

Behind the Scenes

Once you’ve started to create your song, you’ll, of course, need to edit it. This can be done easily using the built quantize and transpose features which have been implemented in such a way that they aren’t destructive to the rest of your track.

You’ll also have access to 15 built-in scales, the ability to drag and drop your key and ribbon sequences onto another part of your track (between instruments) and playback your scales of recorded instruments.

Regarding the available instruments, there’s plenty to keep you busy, including drums, guitar, keys, synth, leads, percussion, and a ton of downloadable sample pads. There’s even a full range of FXs, such as stereo delay, two equalizer units, and a stereo phaser.

When you’re happy with your final track, you’ll be able to use the integrated export features to export your individual instruments and individual clips, a mixdown of your entire track, and the ability to save and export your sessions in the XML format for a safe backup, or cloud upload and global access.

Built for All Skill Levels

Futucraft Cotracks vertical image

Another one of the key features that really sets CoTracks apart is the fact that it’s designed for musicians of any skill level. The whole purpose of this app is to give anybody the tools they need to create the music they want to create, regardless of their inspiration or reason.

This is why the interface is so innovative and easy to use. If you’re creating complex patterns in your instrument track, the software will allow another musician with you to drag your sequence into their own track. Not only does this mean your music will sound harmonic across the board, but you’re also sharing your skills with those around you.

If you want to leave the session halfway through playing, or you’re just taking a break, you can do this easily by simply tapping a button. This makes it easy for you to share production techniques, which will only help to improve everybody’s skills.


Don’t get us wrong; this app is not going to be as powerful or as complete when it comes to audio production if you’re going to compare it with something like Ableton or Cubase.

However, in terms of collaboration, flexibility, and portability, there are very few products that come close to the raw input power of CoTracks.