Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol 2 Review

There’s a reason the older styles of music have been renowned as the iconic years of music. The style, the flavor, the vibrancy and the true soul you find in this music is like nothing else, and it’s no wonder that timeless classic exist to this day; some of which can be several decades old.

If you’re looking for a way to bring this legendary style of sound into your own productions; and why wouldn’t you, then you’re going to need a sample pack that can deliver. This is where we’ll introduction Lost Tapes 2, an affordable sample pack by Freshtones.

This is the highly anticipated release since Lost Tapes 1, which has been eagerly awaited by fans around the world.
However, while Lost Tapes 1 brought a whole new style to the game, what does Lost Tapes 2 have to offer, and is it right for you?

In a Rush?

• Loops that range between 75 and 165bpm
• Over 150 full jam loops with over 40 compositions
• Over 700 sample loops available altogether
• The pack covers a vast range of instruments and music types
• Multiple formats available

A Gorgeous Instrument Selection

To start with, let’s talk about the variety of instruments that have been used to create these high-quality sample loops. All the sounds were recorded at Gizzard Studios in London’s iconic East End and were recorded using the extremely rare Alice Stancoil 1970s AM quadrophonic mixer.

This is the same mixer that was used in the famous Manor Studios and produces you with a type of quality that simply can’t find with any other kind of loop sample pack. Regarding the instruments, you can enjoy many different ones, some of which include;

• A rare Hofner Violin Bass
• A vintage Gibson 335
• A Fender Telecaster
• A Fender Rhodes
• A Hammond B3

And more. Furthermore, these instruments have been played and recorded through leading amps such as the Marshall 50-watt, and WEM Dominator amps, as well as a few others. All in all, this setup creates a type of sound that you simply can’t find with any other sample pack or sound generator, ensuring a completely unique style of sound.

A Variety of Audio Formats

When you’re purchasing a sample pack, you’ll want to make sure that you can use it in your DAW software. Otherwise, what’s the point? With this pack, you’ll be able to enjoy various formats to explore.

Included, you’ll find Acid WAV formats and Rex 2 formats. This is all you’ll need to work professionally to the highest quality with any DAW platform, ensuring you’ll be able to maximize the opportunities you’ll have with these sounds.

Everything You Need

Within this pack, you’ll find everything you need to produce a full audio track, complete with all the instruments you’d expect to find in your band. This includes 100 Raw drum loops, 107 percussion loops, 97 bass guitar loops, 219 guitar loops, 82 drum fills and 108 brass loops.

There are also many more included with this that you can explore. You’ll even find 150 full jams with over 40 compositions which you can explore and break down as you please. You can use these for inspiration for your own tracks, or for experimenting with what sort of sounds you can achieve.

A Critically Acclaimed Sample Pack

Recording the Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol 2 sample pack

You don’t just have to wake our word for it when we say this is a beautiful, high-quality sample pack that producers of any genre are going to love, this is also a highly rated sample pack that many leading critics that sung their praise for.

Huge publications like Music Tech, Sound on Sound and Future Music have all rated this as a mustn’t-miss sample pack which averages around the 8/10 mark. They describe this pack as containing a ton of character and soul that you simply don’t find with other sample packs and will keep you occupied for decades to come.

All the samples and loops have been named with easy to find keywords, so you can always find what you’re looking for, and all the BPMs are listed on each sample so you can easily choose what you’re looking for.

Of course, every loop has been designed to be 100% royalty-free so you can use them until your heart’s content, and you can chop them up and edit them without any risk of copyright infringement. You just need to make the initial purchase, and that’s it!

The pack is ready as an instant download, which means as soon as you make your purchase, you’ll be able to download the samples and use them straight away. The total pack equals around 1.1GB, which is a great size for a sample pack with this many samples.

The pack is also ready for all kinds of platform, and is ready for MPC MIDI controllers, Maschine, Logic, FL Studio, Reason and the rest, ensuring you’ll be able to use this pack.

Our Personal Opinion

Having taken a detailed look into the Lost Tapes 2 sample pack, we’ve explored what makes it tick, and as you can see above, we’ve taken every aspect of the pack into account. We love this pack, and we can really see a lot of producers getting something out of it.

While the style tends to opt for classic 70s and 80s music, thanks to the broad range of effects, post-production effects and plugins available today, it really doesn’t matter if you were producing EDM music, you could still find samples here that you could use.


All in all, this is a sample pack that you’re not going to want to miss. The pack is affordable and comes with more than enough loops and samples that you’re going to busy for many years to come. Despite the iconic style from the 70s and 80s, there’s something here for everybody, making this an ideal pack for any producer’s sample inventory.