Free DJ Delay Plug-In by Stagecraft Review

If you’re an EDM producer, a DJ, or simply any kind of producer who’s on the lookout for an awesome Delay effect, you may have come across this little gem by Stagecraft. Stagecraft has been renowned for around a decade now for their powerful plugins and innovative tech that has helped and assisted musicians around the world.

However, one of their latest releases is this completely free-to-download Delay effect. However, instead of just providing you with the perhaps essential Delay sound you’ve been looking for, this special plugin comes with plenty of features to keep you busy experimenting.

Today, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of the plugin to help you see whether there’s any features or functions this plugin can bring into your performances, whether it’s the Delay plugin you’ve been looking for, or if you could just leave without it.

In a Rush?

• Completely free to download, install and use
• Compatible with both Mac and Windows computers
• Comes with a professional Delay effect for both DJs and producers
• A highly graphical Spectrum display
• Integrated Beat Quantization
• Built-in filter sweeps

The Main Attraction

Of course, the main feature of this plugin that draws in the crowds, to begin with, is the renowned Delay effect. True to Stagecraft’s iconic style, this is an effect you won’t want to miss. Delay effects are pretty much used in every single kind of music, especially in EDM genres and other types of dance.

However, up until now, it doesn’t seem like there are many plugins out there that have been specifically designed with electronica musicians in mind. Stagecraft aims to change this with this free plugin, considering all the features and types of control you’ll be wanting while you’re mixing your tracks.

Whereas this plugin has been designed with electronica musicians in mind, there’s still absolutely no reason why any musician can’t use it. After all, it’s free, so why not download it and have an experiment to see if it works for you and what you need a Delay effect for.

A Revolutionary Visual Control

Delay visual screenshot

When you think about your stereotypical Delay plugin and how it works. They’re typically designed to look like the hardware you’d find in real life. This includes dials, knobs, greyscale backgrounds and a rather boring aesthetic covered in switches. However, Stagecraft aims to change this around.

Let’s face it, while traditional and old-school producers and musicians may be content with this kind of setup, musicians and producers of the modern age are more used to the visually stimulating and engaging interfaces.

To fill this ever-widening niche, Stagecraft has introduced their new graphical Spectrum feature. This is a high-resolution FFT spectrum, complete with a full-color display. This is ideal for seeing how you actually shape the music, bringing a completely new angle to the way that you use and implement your Delay effect.

Integrated Filter Sweeps

Filter Sweeps screenshots

One of the best features we found on the Stagecraft Delay effect plugin is the filter sweeps. This can be activated from the plugin window using the touch of a button, as well as a few controls to help you master, control and shape the sound how you want it to be.

Filter sweeps are considered an essential and perhaps one of the most popular effects and post-production techniques implemented in dance and EDM music, allowing you to strip and manipulate your sounds until only the high-end remains.

Bring your filter sweep back, and your listeners or audience will feel a rush as the bass floods back into the audible realm. Not only are the filter effects really quite captivating on this plugin, and there’s room for trying different approaches, having this effect built into a Delay plugin makes your productions so much easier.

Built-In Beat Quantization

This is a very important part of the plugin that needs to be mentioned. While we don’t typically find this effect built into many plugins, having included in this way makes a huge difference, and really helps to set it apart from the rest.

The beat quantization feature is ideal for live editing, mastering and working with a live workspace, regardless of whether you’re performing in a studio, just jamming, or performing live in front of an audience.

Beat Quantization is used to help you manage the timings and tempos of your track and effects, such as this Delay effect, and matches everything up for you, so it’s perfectly in time and sounds crisp and clear for the final production stages.

The Nitty-Gritty Specs

While we were truly blown away by the features that this free plugin provides, you’re going to want to know if you can actually use and benefit from this app. To start with, you’ll be happy to know that the plugin is available for both Mac and Windows computers, and both versions are free.

The plugin also works on all major DAW platforms and requires next to no CPU in order for it to function and operate. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of this completely free plugin, all alongside your existing setup, and any other setup you may invest in or use in the future.

Any Downsides to the Plugin?

Not really. While some musicians and producers who are rather new to the industry may find the controls a bit confusing at first, for an experienced musician, there’s going to be nothing you don’t know already here, apart from the visualizer and the way the plugin is laid out.

Once you overcome the navigational worries, which won’t take you too long, you’ll be off on your way to experimenting with Delay and create the sounds you’ve set out to explore.


Despite the fact that there are really no downsides to the plugin, the fact that Stagecraft has made it free makes it all the sweeter. If you’re looking for a powerful Delay effect for your electronic dance music, there may not be any reason to look further than this.