Eventide UltraReverb Review

You’ve spent hours, days, even months grinding over your tracks, perfecting your sounds and ensuring your production is the best it can be, tailoring every chord and note till it represents the masterpiece you set out to create.

However, when it comes to post-production, this is the stage of your audio journey where you bring everything together to make it your own, which means you’re going to need the right tools for the job.

To help you make the most of your mixing and mastering efforts, there are plenty of plugins out there to ensure you achieve the best results, but today we’re going to streamline our focus onto one of the best.
Introducing Eventide’s UltraReverb.

In a Rush?

• Over 300 revolutionary presets to help you mix, master, and perfect your tracks
• Contains an extensive range of effects, including reverb, compression, EQ, and delay
• Dozens of controls to give you every opportunity to shape your sound the way you want it
• Nine integrated algorithms for the best sound production finishes
• Ideal for ambient music mastering and effect application

The Comprehensive Review

As you can see from that features snapshot, UltraReverb comes with a ton of settings and control to help you create the sounds you want to create. Even if you’re happy with your final sounds, you can be sure this expansive plug-in can will allow you to take your sounds to new levels you didn’t think were possible.

In short, even the opportunities this plug-in provides you with to experiment with your sounds to try out new techniques and methods of applying edits is worth it on its own, and you’re to find a wealth of inspiration if you’re ever stuck for ideas.


UltraReverb has been designed as a versatile plug-in that can be installed on both Mac and Windows computers and works seamlessly with all major DAW and VST applications. This way, it doesn’t matter what software or platforms you’re using, you can enjoy all the benefits that this plug-in provides.

This plug-in is also highly-efficient when it comes to CPU, which means you won’t have to worry about it eating away at the memory of your computer, and you’ll have more than enough power to run other plug-ins and programs simultaneously.

The Applicable Effects

Within the plugin, you’ll have access to a range of unique and varying effects. As the title suggests, the most notable of these is the Reverb effect. This section of the software includes ten adjustable parameters for you to play with.

Some of these include Modulation, where you can control the depth and the rate, Decay Time, anywhere up to 100 seconds, Room Size, Predelay, and Diffusion. If you’re looking to apply an effect that doesn’t alter your sounds too much, but adds a subtler effect, there are three options that can assist you with this process.

The second main effects you’ll have access to is the Equalizer. This allows you to control the EQ levels of your sounds and samples through the two dedicated three-band parametric which are ideal for post-EQing.

This control has also been integrated to work flawlessly with your Reverb Tail effects thanks to the full control over the high and low shelves, and there’s even a three-band parametric mid that works well with your Delay section.

Which leads us nicely onto the Delay effect itself. This is a twin-channel Delay section which may seem rather basic and simple at first, but there’s plenty to see and play with. There’s left and right feedback controls, time and level controls and even the ability to adjust the tempo.

Regarding the tempo, you’ll be able to sync it up automatically with the rest of your track or set it manually. It’s also worth mentioning there’s a complete Compressor function within this plug-in, all of which is compatible with sidechaining.

Why Choose Eventide?

A screenshot of Eventide UltraReverb

If you haven’t heard of Eventide before, you’re in for a treat with this plug-in. For years, Eventide has been associated with their professional and utterly captivating processed reverb effects, and although this plug-in is slightly different, you can still use it for all conventional purposes.

As we mentioned above, this plug-in comes with nice integrated algorithms to help you find the best processing effects for your sounds. These algorithms are selectable under categories like Hall or Room, and there’s even a functions tab for environments and various instruments.

Perhaps surprisingly, the UltraReverb plug-in seems to work really well you’re applying it to vocals. There’s even a vast range of presets controls that can help you enhance the width of your sounds. However, as you can imagine, regardless of all the extra features, this is easily one of the most powerful reverb-orientated plug-ins, and it does sound amazing.

Anything Else You Need to Know?

While this feature-rich plugin has many positive benefits that it will bring into your workstation, there are a few small issues we found. Firstly, the Lo-fi only works up to about the 20% mark. We found that any higher than this and the sound is really not that great.

Regarding the interface, the Snapshot feature is a nice touch for navigating the plug-in, but it doesn’t rival the plug-ins that come with a full library control or presets browser. Apart from these small considerations which can be easily overcome through extended use of the software and getting familiar with it, the rest of the plug-in is as professional as it gets.


All in all, Eventide’s UltraReverb is an outstanding plug-in that’s suitable for all kinds of musicians and producers. Of course, the Reverb effect provided here is worth purchasing this plug-in alone, let alone all the other opportunities the tool provides.

With such an extensive range of features for you to sink your teeth into and a plethora of controls and effects dedicated to helping you produce and master your sounds until they’re perfect, it’s safe to say this plug-in’s place is an essential tool in your production inventory.