Best Digital Pianos For 2019

A stunning shot of a musician playing one of the best digital pianos available now on stage

Best Overall Digital Piano: LAGRIMA LG-802 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano With a great selection of features, this full-sized 88-key digital piano is packed full of voices, tones, and styles, and prides itself on being able to replicate the most traditional sounds in the highest quality. No matter what level of musician you are, the LAGRIMA … Read more

Best Modeling Amps For 2019

A guitarist sits outside playing his instrument using a modeling amp

Best Overall Modeling Amp – Vox Adio Air GT Modelling Combo Amp Small, compact, mighty, and absolutely loaded with features, the Vox Adio has set the bar when it comes to modern-day modeling amps. With all the effects, tones, voices, and software you need for a complete experience, the VOX Adio has been designed around … Read more

Best Beginner Keyboard For 2019

A hand playing of one of the best beginner keyboards

Best Overall Beginner’s Keyboard: Yamaha YPT260 61-Key Portable Keyboard Yamaha is an incredibly well-known and respected instrument manufacturer and is known throughout the world. This fact alone should be enough to show you how outstanding their beginner keyboard set is; putting the power of their legacy into the palm of your hands. Best Budget Beginner’s … Read more

The 4 Best Classical Guitars for Under $1,000

great Classical Guitar under 1000 dollar

There’s nothing quite like the beauty and calming sound of a classical guitar. Commonly known for their nylon strings and origins that date back to in Spanish history to a far as 400BC, there’s a solid reason why these are called the classics. Renowned their smaller bodies compared with most modern, metal-stringed guitars, a classical … Read more

Humbucker vs. Single Coil – Explained

Humbucker vs. Single Coil

At some points in life, such as when choosing a new guitar or repairing an old one, we find ourselves faced with the age-old question: which pickup to pick up? The two best-known types of guitar pickup are without doubt the humbucker and the single coil, but whilst seasoned guitarists often adamantly favor one over … Read more

Best Drumsticks For 2019

A pair of high-qualtiy drumsticks you could use on an electronic drumkit

Best Choice: Playing a traditional acoustic set of drums or playing on an electronic drum kit does have very noticeable differences; most importantly, the sticks you’re using to play. After brainstorming long and hard about this, we managed to narrow down what every drummer is looking for in their sticks. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, … Read more

4 Best Mandolins For The Money

A beatufiul mandolin with a sunburst finish

A mandolin is perhaps one of the most unique yet iconic stringed instruments out there. Whereas we don’t tend to see them as commonly as we would a guitar or bass guitar, you’ll know when you hear one and the sound is simply out of this world. Learning to play mandolin takes discipline and patience, … Read more

Best Intermediate Drum Sets For 2019

A set up, fully equipped drum kit that's ideal for intermediate players and musicians

Best Choice: Drumkits have come a long, long way since their original and traditional counterparts that were available just a decade or more ago. As a drummer or musician, getting started on this iconic instrument has never been easier, and there are so many awesome beginner drumkits you can use to start your own musical … Read more

Best Keyboards For Hip Hop In 2019

A keyboard you may use during your hip hip productions as a MIDI controller

Best Choice: The music industry has come a long, long way over the last few decades. We are deep into the digital era, and there is currently an extensive range of tools, software, hardware and equipment that can help you in all areas of production, from starting out with an idea to making the finishing … Read more

4 Best Classical Guitar for Under $500

A girl in a field playing a classical acoustic guitar

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a classical guitar. After all, they’re called classical for a reason. These are the types of guitar that founded the era of modern-day music and have stood the test of the time by remaining as popular today as they have ever been. The warmth, depth, and overall atmosphere … Read more