Best Fingerpicking Guitars For 2019

playing on a fingerpicking guitar

Best Choice: We all know just how popular guitars are in today’s world, and how much so over the last couple of decades. They have been used in every genre imaginable and have captivated the hearts of millions of people around the world. There’s just something about guitars that makes them special, especially to an … Read more

4 Best Guitars for Rocksmith

rocksmith electric guitar game

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, the chances are that you’ve heard of musical-based entertainment experiences such as Rockband and Guitar Hero. However, one name stands above the rest as a premium quality audio game that actually enables you to improve your skills as a guitarist; Rocksmith. Available on … Read more

Best Thin Neck Acoustic Guitars For 2019

thin neck acoustic guitar player

Best Choice: When it comes to playing your guitar, it’s important to realize just how many variations there are out there. When you think about, it only makes sense when you consider the fact that every single human being is different and will require a different build to suit their style of play. Of course, … Read more

Best Jazz Cymbals For 2019

cymbal drum kit

Best Choice: When you’re investing in your drum kit, it’s safe to say that every piece of equipment you buy is just as important as the rest and making the wrong purchasing decision can seriously damage the quality and tones of the overall sound you’re producing. While many drummers will ensure their high hats and … Read more

Best Les Paul Copies For 2019

les paul guitar play

Best Choice: Les Paul is easily one of the most iconic brands and makes in the world and has been since way back when at the beginning of the rocking 50s. Produced by the leading guitar manufacturers Gibson, the guitars from this series have been played by some of the most iconic artists and bands … Read more

Best Guitars With P90 Pickups For 2019

electric guitar with p90 pickup

Best Choice: Back in the 1940s, Gibson, one of the world’s most renowned guitar manufacturers, started making what is known as a single-coil P-90 pickup and they have been extremely popular ever since. Once the technique was mastered by Gibbons, P-90 pickups took the world by storm, made famous by their incredibly captivating treble tones … Read more

Best Electric Guitars For Smaller Hands In 2019

great electic guitar for small hands

Best Choice: The electric guitar. One of the most iconic and most renowned instruments in the world. With a history dating back as far as 1931, guitars have come a long, long way since and are still one of the most popular yet versatile instruments used in the modern age. Whether you’re listening to an … Read more

4 Best Cajón Drums

drum cajon hand

A Cajón drum is easily one of the most renowned, versatile, simple yet effective drums in the entire music industry. While some musicians usually relate these hand drums to hippies sitting in magical circles in the woods, these are drums that have stood the test of the time and are still as popular today as … Read more

4 Best Beginner Mandolins

mandolin strings

While most musicians will think of guitars, violins or even ukuleles when you say ‘stringed instruments,’ mandolins are increasingly becoming popular as a stringed instrument of choice. In the US alone, there has been a surge of folk-inspired music which is bringing the mandolin back into fashion, due to their practical use and the beautiful … Read more

Best Wah Pedal For 2019

A collection of guitar pedals on a pedalboard, one which being a best was pedal

Best Overall Wah Pedal: Vox V847A Wah Wah Guitar Effects Pedal Vox has always been a favorite when it comes to all kinds of audio equipment, and the wah pedal market is no exception. With the ability to use this pedal everywhere, a free vinyl carry bag, and a beautiful wah effect, this is a … Read more