4 Best Guitars for Rocksmith

rocksmith electric guitar game

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, the chances are that you’ve heard of musical-based entertainment experiences such as Rockband and Guitar Hero. However, one name stands above the rest as a premium quality audio game that actually enables you to improve your skills as a guitarist; Rocksmith. Available on … Read more

Best Les Paul Copies For 2019

les paul guitar play

Best Choice: Les Paul is easily one of the most iconic brands and makes in the world and has been since way back when at the beginning of the rocking 50s. Produced by the leading guitar manufacturers Gibson, the guitars from this series have been played by some of the most iconic artists and bands … Read more

Best Noiseless Strat Pickups For 2019

noiseless strat pickups guitar

Best Choice: If you own or have recently invested in your own Fender Stratocaster, it’s safe to say that you’ve already been enjoying the wonderful sounds, tones and just overall beautiful feel that this guitar has. After all, even to this day, it remains one of the most iconic guitars to exist. However, as a … Read more

Best Telecaster Pickups For 2019

telecaster guitar pickups

Best Choice: As a musician, the chances are that you’ve heard of a Telecaster, easily one of the most iconic guitar models in the history of time. While these guitars have been adored by musician and music fans alike for decades, even up to this very day, that doesn’t mean they suit everybody’s taste. That’s not … Read more

Best Multi-Effects Pedal For 2019

A guitarists pedalboard complete with two best multi-effects pedals

Best Overall Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal: Zoom Electric Guitar Multi Effect Pedal (G1X Four) A fantastic all-around pedal that packs all the latest features and functions you would expect in a premium pedal but comes at an affordable price suitable for all musicians. With 70+ effects, 13 amp models, and even looping functions, this is a … Read more

Best Solid State Amps For 2019

a guy playing guitar using an amp like a solid-state amp

Best Overall Solid State Amp: Fender Mustang GT 40 Solid State Guitar Amplifier There’s no denying that Fender is one of the best amplifier and guitar manufacturers in the audio industry right now, and the Mustang GT 40 is a prime example of what they are capable of. This is easily one of the best … Read more

Best Boost Pedals For 2019

A shot of a pedal board which could contain a guitar boosting pedal

Best Overall Boost Pedal: Fender Engager Booster Pedal There’s no denying that Fender is one of the most coveted and reputable audio equipment brands in the world, and their version of a booster pedal is a prime example of what they can achieve. This excellent pedal goes above and beyond the call of duty and … Read more

Best Looper Pedal For 2019

A guy puts his foot down on this guitar looping pedal while performing live

Best Overall Guitar Looper Pedal: TC Electronics Ditto Looper Effects Pedal Looking for a high-quality, 24-bit recording looping pedal that’s suitable for all budgets and has all the features you need to have the best creative experience? This True to Tone, effortless to use pedal from TC Electronics could be everything you’ve been looking for! … Read more