Sundog Scale Studio Review

A screenshot from Sundog Scale Studio

Making music is hard work. In an age where music production software has never been more accessible, it’s becoming harder and harder to make music that sounds original, has a new meaning, or simply stands out from the crowd. Breaking down the components of a track, you’ll need to have a harmonic base, followed by … Read more

Steven Wilson’s Ghostwriter Review

A pair of headphones you may use while using Steven Wilson's Ghostwriter plugin

Steve Wilson is a producer, solo artist, and the lead man of Porcupine Tree, an English rock band that was formed back in 1987, who maintained their success until 2010 when they disbanded. However, the Ghostwriter plugin was created by this musical mastermind to help you create your own tracks. For this synthesizer, Wilson teamed … Read more

Soniccouture Geosonics Review

The awesome Geosonics logo used for their sample pack

The world is a crazy and diverse place. No matter which corner of the world you visit, you’ll be subject to a surreal amount of culture, wildlife and even some things that will feel as though they are out of this world. Soniccouture, one of the pioneering virtual instrument developers today, and Chris Watson, one … Read more

sE Electronics X1 Studio Bundle Review

The sE Electronics X1 Studio Bundle setup ready to be used

As a musician, it’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed with every piece of equipment you need and all the features that you’ll then have access to. Take a microphone for example. It’s all well and good just getting a microphone, but for the best quality audio, you’ll need filters, isolation and shields, cables … Read more

Kuassa Amplifikation Vermillion Rack Extension Review

A screenshot of the Kuassa Amplifikation Vermillion Rack Extension

The day that Reason allowed their Rack feature to become open to third-party developers was a great day for the music industry. Known as Rack Extensions, using one, or several, of these plugins is a great way to explore new sounds, helping you to create your final product. Today, we’re going to draw our attention … Read more

Futucraft CoTracks Review

The Futucraft Cotracks software playing on an iPad

There are two common problems that all musicians and producers face when they are carrying out their routine processes; the ability to work as a team and producing the sounds they want to create. These are both some of the biggest problems that people in the music industry face. Not everyone can afford a huge … Read more

Focusrite Impact Review

Turn your iphone into a fantastic sounding device, almost like a professional portable studio

As a musician, one of the most time-consuming tasks you’ll have is creating material to promote yourself, as well as giving your fans something to watch and listen to when you’re not performing in front of them. This means recording your music and uploading it to the internet. However, one of the most popular forms … Read more

Aeon Collection Review

A producer sitting in front of a workstation using the Aeon Collection

When it comes to making the sounds in your favorite DAW platform, it’s important to remember this is the workspace of your audio production journey; your workbench as it were. However, a workbench is nothing without the right tools, which is where Aeon comes into play. Produced by the world-renowned HeavyoCity developers, Aeon refers to … Read more

Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2 Review

A screenshot of the The Jam Origins MIDI Guitar

After the industry-defining release of the original Jam Origin MIDI Guitar plugin, it should come as no surprise that the music production community became wild when a second version was released. While some producers claim the first version was one of the most impressive pieces of software they have ever used, this left many of … Read more

Your Complete Guide to Pro Tools

A Producer in their studio using Pro Tools while working on a project

The music industry can seem quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing the audio recording software that works for you. From Ableton to Cubase, there is an extensive range of platforms available, each with their own niche, functions, features, and reasons for making it your own. However, perhaps considered an underdog in the industry, there’s … Read more