Best Audio Interface for 2019

An audio rack that would house one of the best audio interfaces

Best Overall Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface Renowned throughout the industry as being one of the best all-around audio interfaces in the world, and adored by musicians and producers who are starting out and fully experienced alike, you can’t wrong with what this device has to offer. Best Budget Audio Interface: Yamaha … Read more

Best DJ Headphones For 2019

One of the best DJ Headphones you can find here in our complete guide

Best Overall DJ Headphones: Pioneer Pro DJ Black Headphones It goes without saying that Pioneer is one of the best go-to brands when it comes to DJ equipment, and these headphones are a prime example of what the best looks like. Affordable and packing a superior level of sound, it doesn’t get much better than … Read more

Best Power Conditioners For 2019

A producer's desk that would use a power conditioner to ensure it's always working properly

Best Overall Power Conditioner: PDU Power Strip Power Conditioner (with Protection) If you’re looking for a power conditioner that guarantees to tick all the boxes for what you’re looking for, comes at a great price, and is easily one of the most popular power conditioners available today, you may not need to look further than … Read more

Best Microphone Preamp For 2019

A microphone on a stage using a microphone preamp

Best Overall Microphone Preamp Device: Behringer Audio Interface RCA Preamp There’s no denying Behringer is one of the most reputable and reliable preamps in the audio equipment industry, so as a musician, vocalist, or producer looking to make an impression and get your audio right, this is a preamp solution you know you can trust … Read more

Best Powered Speakers For 2019

An Edifier powered speaker used to listen to your music and favourite playlists on a table

Best Overall Powered Speakers: PreSonus Eris E3.5 Professional Reference Monitors PreSonus is leading the game right now when it comes to home and studio audio thanks to their extensive range of powered speaker systems. If you’re looking for a slice of this powered pie, the Eris E3.5 monitor system is a pair of speakers that … Read more

Best Budget Studio Monitors For 2019

A man working on his track using budget-friendly studio monitors

Best Overall Budget-Friendly Studio Monitors: Pioneer Pro DJ Studio Monitors A household name in audio products, you can’t go wrong with Pioneer products, and this studio monitor setup guarantees to satisfy everything you need in all areas for a great price. Best Budget Budget-Friendly Studio Monitors: Mackie Studio Monitors Small, compact, and super powerful; what … Read more

Best Speakers for Vinyl Players For 2019

An example of the best vinyl speaker

Best Overall Vinyl Speakers: Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker System Sony is a leading brand and manufacturer when it comes to home audio equipment such as speakers, and the SSCS5 range is no exception. This bookshelf speaker system is perfect for all vinyl players and provides a crisp, clear sound any audiophile is going … Read more

Best Piano VST Of 2019

Piano Keys ready to be played with a VST

Best Overall Piano VST: Recorded in the iconic Abbey Road Studio One studio, Garritan has pushed the boundaries of what it means to create a dedicated piano VST that can benefit music producers across the industry with their latest VST made using the CFX Concert Grand Piano. Best Budget Piano VST: Shopping for a great … Read more

ATC SCM25A Pro Review

The ATC SCM25A Pro in a landscape position

When it comes to studio monitors, ATC is one of the brands that continuously pops up over and over again, yet we’re surprised when many people say they haven’t actually heard one of themselves. Granted, their speakers aren’t normally cheap, but when you’re looking for a quality sound with a quality build, nothing else seems … Read more

Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica Review

A Screenshot of Chris Hein Chromatic Harmonica open on a computer

While a harmonica may seem like a dated instrument, it’s still wildly popular in many parts of the world, and the sound it produces is unlike anything you may have heard before, and far different to the sound that many other instruments can produce. Adding harmonica sounds can create a Blues/Jazz-like feel that it’s simply … Read more