Best Powered Speakers For 2019

An Edifier powered speaker used to listen to your music and favourite playlists on a table

Best Overall Powered Speakers: PreSonus Eris E3.5 Professional Reference Monitors PreSonus is leading the game right now when it comes to home and studio audio thanks to their extensive range of powered speaker systems. If you’re looking for a slice of this powered pie, the Eris E3.5 monitor system is a pair of speakers that … Read more

Best Boost Pedals For 2019

A shot of a pedal board which could contain a guitar boosting pedal

Best Overall Boost Pedal: Fender Engager Booster Pedal There’s no denying that Fender is one of the most coveted and reputable audio equipment brands in the world, and their version of a booster pedal is a prime example of what they can achieve. This excellent pedal goes above and beyond the call of duty and … Read more

Best Budget Studio Monitors For 2019

A man working on his track using budget-friendly studio monitors

Best Overall Budget-Friendly Studio Monitors: Pioneer Pro DJ Studio Monitors A household name in audio products, you can’t go wrong with Pioneer products, and this studio monitor setup guarantees to satisfy everything you need in all areas for a great price. Best Budget Budget-Friendly Studio Monitors: Mackie Studio Monitors Small, compact, and super powerful; what … Read more

Best Wireless Guitar System For 2019

A man performing live on stage using a wireless guitar system

Best Overall Wireless Guitar System: Ammoon Wireless Guitar System Ammoon has always been a popular choice when it comes to audio equipment, and their addition to the wireless guitar system world doesn’t disappoint. Having one of the highest quality frequency ranges out there and is packed with state-of-the-art wireless technology, this is one reliable setup … Read more

Best Speakers for Vinyl Players For 2019

An example of the best vinyl speaker

Best Overall Vinyl Speakers: Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker System Sony is a leading brand and manufacturer when it comes to home audio equipment such as speakers, and the SSCS5 range is no exception. This bookshelf speaker system is perfect for all vinyl players and provides a crisp, clear sound any audiophile is going … Read more

Best Outdoor Speakers of 2019

Outdoor Speaker

Best Overall Outdoor Speaker: Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Hailed by critics and fans alike as being one of the best, the UE BOOM 3 has defined the portable and outdoor industry and changed the game forever with this remarkable design that guarantees to tick all the boxes. Best Budget Outdoor Speaker: Vtin 20W Bluetooth Speaker … Read more

Best Studio Headphones [2019]

A pair of professional studio headphones resting on a desk

Best Overall Studio Headphones: Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones When looking for the best all-rounded experience that gives you the best in all areas of what studio headphones have to offer, the Sony Noise-Cancelling headphones should be at the top of your list. These are certainly a new standard when it comes to professional studio headphones. Best … Read more

4 Best Car Stereo Head Units for Producing The Best Sound Experience

A car head unit which provides the level of entertainment you can enjoy on your travels

When you’re tinkering and upgrading your car’s sound system, there are plenty of areas of improvement to consider. You’ve probably already upgraded your speakers and your cables. You’ve perhaps even installed a subwoofer, along with all the necessary amplifier equipment. However, it doesn’t matter what you upgrade or invest in around these areas; if you … Read more

Best Speakers For Playing Classical Music In 2019

A small miniture speaker that you could try playing classical music on!

Best Choice: Classical music is best enjoyed in the flesh where you can truly appreciate it for all its glory and passion; whether that’s on the street or live on stage. There’s something about being able to listen to the rawness of the instruments that really helps to bring the sounds to life. However, it’s … Read more

Best Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Meters For 2019

A venue where you may need to use an SPL meter to set your audio levels

Best Choice: As a musician, having a decibel meter to hand can be one of the most helpful pieces of equipment in your inventory. It’s one of those things you’ve probably never thought about before, but once you start using one, you’ll never be able to go back. Whether you’re a performer, a sound engineer, … Read more