Best RCA Cables For 2019

An RCA cable connection setup that could be used at home or in your car

Best Choice: When it comes to your in-car or home audio system, there are so many different components involved when setting up a complete system; it’s hard to keep track. Of course, you don’t want to spend all your money, just to realize in the end that you’re experiencing the quality sound that you were … Read more

4 Best In-Car Door Speakers for Bass-Loving Audiophiles Everywhere

A high-performance car that the best in-car door speakers would provide an amazing experience

The chances are that you spend a lot of time in your car. Whether you’re driving to meet friends, going to work, or even just heading out to the supermarket, it’s easy to feel like we spend most of our days in them, especially when you’re caught in traffic. However, as an audiophile, these drives … Read more

Best DJ Headphones For 2019

One of the best DJ Headphones you can find here in our complete guide

Best Overall DJ Headphones: Pioneer Pro DJ Black Headphones It goes without saying that Pioneer is one of the best go-to brands when it comes to DJ equipment, and these headphones are a prime example of what the best looks like. Affordable and packing a superior level of sound, it doesn’t get much better than … Read more

Best Full-Range Speakers For 2019

Full-Range speakers on stage

Best Choice: In your traditional speakers, you’ll find separate drivers that are used to handle the frequencies and sounds that they produce. For example, you’ll have a subwoofer that handles the low and bass sounds, tweeters for the high notes and then there are the crossover signals that manage and connect everything together. However, full-range … Read more

Best Fully Automatic Turntables For 2019

Automatic Turntables

Best Choice: It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been collecting vinyl records, LPs and singles for the last few decades or you’ve recently discovered your passion for this traditional form of music and starting to build and grow your own, vinyl records are one of the most beautiful forms of music. Not only does it take … Read more

4 Best Compact 5.1 Receivers

Compact 5.1 Receiver

Home theater systems have developed so far, almost beyond belief, over the last few years, especially over the last decade, and you can now enjoy an unbelievable, cinema-quality sound from your favorite television shows, movies, films and of course your favorite music and soundtracks. However, what started off as simple setups in the industry have … Read more

Best Vocal Processor For 2019

a girl singing on stage using a best vocal processor

Best Overall Vocal Processor: Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000 High-Performance Processor Behringer never disappoints when it comes to creative and well-manufactured audio products, and their addition to the vocal processor market is no exception to the rule. This high-performance has a ton of features and functions to explore and make everything as easy as possible. Best … Read more

Best Floor Standing Speakers For 2019

A room full of the best floor standing speakers

Best Overall Floor Standing Speakers: Rockville TM150C Home Theatre Floor Standing System Rockville have created an impressive name for themselves over the last few years, and their latest TM150C system is one of their paramount lines that has everything. With all input ports, a complete sound driver system that reaches up to 1,000 watts and … Read more

Best Wireless Microphone for 2019

A best wireless microphone on stage ready for a performance

Best Overall Wireless Microphone: NASUM UHF Dual Channel Professional Wireless Microphone System Looking for a powerful, high-quality pair of wireless microphones that don’t break the bank? Check out the NASUM setup that comes with everything you need while maximizing the potential for the highest quality vocal experience you and your listeners will be looking for. … Read more

Best Microphone Preamp For 2019

A microphone on a stage using a microphone preamp

Best Overall Microphone Preamp Device: Behringer Audio Interface RCA Preamp There’s no denying Behringer is one of the most reputable and reliable preamps in the audio equipment industry, so as a musician, vocalist, or producer looking to make an impression and get your audio right, this is a preamp solution you know you can trust … Read more