Best Studio Headphones [2019]

Best Overall Studio Headphones: Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones
When looking for the best all-rounded experience that gives you the best in all areas of what studio headphones have to offer, the Sony Noise-Cancelling headphones should be at the top of your list. These are certainly a new standard when it comes to professional studio headphones.

Best Budget Studio Headphones: OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones
These are hands-down the best studio headphones if you’re shopping on a budget. Despite the surprisingly low price tag, these headphones sure do pack a punch in terms of performance, sound quality, and durability, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find better.

Best Premium Studio Headphones: Audeze LCD-4Z Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones
On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for the best, top-of-the-line headphones that give you everything you need while remaining future-proof and producing the best sounds, it doesn’t get much better than a pair of these.

Our Top Ten

When making, mixing, editing, and mastering your songs, tracks, recordings, and general studio audio, the headphones you use are one of the most critical components you’ll have in your toolkit and inventory.

It doesn’t matter if your studio, no matter how big or small it may be, is using the very best software, equipment, hardware, and the best samples, if you don’t have headphones that can match the talent you have for creative listening and hearing, you cannot create your best work.

Imagine it; you’re editing a track or some samples using bog-standard headphones. Around you, you can hear the street and other people, and other sounds, and you’re unable to listen to the minute details of the project you’re working on. The result?

Well, we all know the final export will not be anywhere near where you want it to be. Instead, you’re going to need a pair of studio headphones to help you hear all the details of your track in complete transparency, ensuring you can tweak to perfection.

With this in mind, today we’ll explore the ten best pairs of studio headphones currently available right now, as well as sharing our complete buying guide that explains how you can learn which pair is best suited for what you’re looking for. Let’s get right into it.

OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones

OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Studio Monitor Headphones

Kick-starting our list we’ve chosen one of the coveted, #1 best-selling pairs of studio headphones currently in the world that remain one of the cheapest headsets on the market. This is all while providing you with an extensive range of high-quality audio features to help you master your craft, whether that’s editing, mastering, or both.

Inside the OneOdio headset, you’ll find two 50mm speaker drivers built using state-of-the-art neodymium magnets which are entirely optimized and designed with sound quality in mind. These magnets are set within a cushioned headset formed using high-quality materials to help cushion your ears and lock the sound you’re listening to in, as well as keeping other unwanted external sounds out.

Wear Them Your Way

The OneOdio headphones are fully adjustable, thanks to the swivel design, to a full 90˚ which allow you to comfortably monitor your project using a single ear cup, and can be adjusted further to suit your head size. This means you can continue to use the headphones for hours without the risk of feeling tired or irritated, which only ever leads to you feeling unfocused!

It’s worth noting these headphones are not particularly mobile-friendly due to the cable length and design, so if you were looking for a pair to use in all areas of your day to day life, these probably aren’t for you. However, if you’re sticking to a studio or production environment, you may not need to look further than this.

Fantastic All-Round Specifications

Taking a quick dive into the specs, the frequency range of these headphones is 20hz to 20,000hz, which isn’t the best in the business, but it will be enough for most practical studio uses and tasks, and you’ll be able to hear most of the sounds you’re working with in crisp, clear detail.

The impendence sits around the 32oHm mark, and the entire headset has a max power rating of 300mW. This means the headphones are ideal for practically any kind of studio set up, and you could even use them effectively in a DJ or live concert situation with no problems.

Overall, this is a really fantastic pair of headphones, and even though the price is insanely low compared to the industry standard, you’re still getting a lot of bang for your buck. The only concern in this price range is the quality of the materials used in some parts of the pair, but if you look after your headphones carefully, you’ll have a pair that can easily stand the test of time.

What We Like About It

One of the best-selling features of these headphone sets is the adapter-free design. The headphones come with a huge 9.8ft cord with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack on one end, and then a 6.3mm plug on the other, meaning you can plug straight into your mixers without having to remember to carry around adapters with you.

  • Fully adjustable design with maximum comfort in mind
  • No need to use an adapter to plug into heavy-duty equipment
  • Made to last many years of considerable use

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Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones

Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones

Behringer is an industry leader when it comes to sound equipment and headphones, so it should come as no surprise that this headphone set, the latest in their portable audio series, is one of their most innovative yet.

Coming in with another one of the lowest price tags you’ll find in the studio headphone market, these headphones pride themselves on their vast, ultra-wide frequency range that helps you zero your hearing in on all the little crystal-clear details that are making up your track. From rumbling bass lines to sheering high notes, Behringer has it all.

Designed with you in mind

To maintain the quality of your sound, all the connection ports and cables have been crafted using cobalt materials, including the adapters, to ensure the most precise sound and audio data transfer between your software, equipment, and your hardware.

Even the cables and wires inside the headphones have been made using oxygen-free copper to ensure there’s absolutely no distortion in your sounds, fully guaranteeing you’re having the best audio experience possible and can hear everything clearly and without interference.

Due to the lower price, there are some things you must be aware of, such as the fact these aren’t advertised, nor designed, to be noise-canceling headphones, and aren’t that. Of course, if you’re working in a studio or quiet environment anyway, this is something you won’t need to worry about.

All in all, when it comes to manipulating or mastering your music in any way, these affordable headphones are exactly what you’re going to want by your side when it comes to achieving the best results.

What We Like About It

As you would expect from a leading headphone unit, you’ll have the ability to adjust these headphones to however best suits you. This means you can enjoy the customizable headband and reversible ear-cups that can rotate to fit your head, no matter what head size you have. Ultimate comfort means the best results.

  • Uses cobalt materials for less interference in your audio
  • Extremely affordable and suitable for budget buyers
  • Wide frequency range to hear all your sounds

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Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones

There’s no denying Sony is one of the best and most creative technology pioneers of the modern world, and this is true in all cases, especially when it comes to professional audio solutions. Today, we want to draw your attention to the MDR7506 range; one of their best headphones yet.

Built for Performance

These headphones are finished with powerful Neodymium magnets which are the industry standard when it comes to producing the best sound quality possible. These are complemented by the 40mm drivers that work together to produce the highest quality sound possible with a frequency range of 10hz all the way through to 20,000hz, complete with a volume sensitivity up to 106dB. That’s a lot of volume!

The quality of the sound and the diversity of the frequency levels is what these Sony headphones really excel at, and if you’re looking for the main selling point; this is it. Both rumbling low bass sounds, shimmering highs, and trebles are perfectly audible through these headphones and will be ideal for most of your studio endeavors.

No Pain, All Gain

The closed-back design means these headphones are incredibly comfortable, and also help to block out external sounds, although it’s worth noting these aren’t explicitly designed to be noise-canceling headphones.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no luxurious memory foam cushioning here, but what is included is more than enough to sit comfortably on your head, even for several hours at a time. There are several people are saying the pinch from the tightness of the headband is a little too much for them at times, but this is easily remedied.

Because these headphones are so popular, there are plenty of affordable replacement cushions you can buy and easily fix onto your headphones to enhance your experience even further; personalizing it for you. These are available in different shapes and sizes, so you should easily be able to find one that suits you as an individual online or in an audio store.

Since these headphones are designed specifically for studio use, they do come with a professional 9.8ft cord with gold-plated ends that promote a secure and stable connection with fast audio data processing speeds. This is even the case despite these headphones being completely collapsible, making them ideal for taking with you on the move, whether that’s to multiple studios, a recording studio, or even a music event.

However, since the cable is so long, you’re probably not going to want to take these headphones commuting with you while you’re out and about – unless you have considerable pockets to keep it all in. While on this subject, these headphones are wired and you can’t detach the cable, which is a shame in the event that the cable is damaged.

Nevertheless, they do come with everything you need and should be looking for in a pair of studio headphones, and they guarantee to help you completely when it comes to following your creative audio passions.

What We Like About It

Since these are portable professional studio headphones, it goes without saying these headphones are light, even with all the technology and quality features crammed into them. Totalling just over 8oz, these are easy to take with you on the go, and won’t make your head feel heavy! Perfect!

  • Can produce a volume up to 106dB
  • Designed to block out most unwanted sound
  • 40mm drivers to produce a stunning quality of sound

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Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones

Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones

Sennheiser is another household name in the home and professional audio experiences that instantly brings concepts like premium quality, optimal performance, and incredible sound to mind when the brand name is uttered. These headphones are no exception to this rule.

Dynamic Power When You Need It

These are dynamic, closed-back headphones that maximize both comfort and the quality of sound by creating an air-tight environment around your ears; all while reducing the risks of external sounds contaminating your sounds up to 32db! This pressured environment also helps to prevent dirt and moisture getting into your ears, which is ideal for keeping your skin and ears healthy!

Taking a detailed look into the specs of these headphones, you can enjoy an incredible frequency range which is one of the best in the audio industry, ranging from 8hz, all the way through to 25,000hz, coupled with a low impedance of 64 oHm. For this price tag, you can’t get better than this.

You’ll even be happy to know that the pair is designed to stand the test of time. Each part is made with longevity in mind, and even the replaceable parts, like the cushions and the ear pads, are all designed to come off quickly if you’re replacing them and can stay well maintained with ease.

With You Wherever

What’s more, these headphones are completely collapsible which ensure they’re effortless to take with you wherever you go; perfect for when you’re traveling around on gigs or for different kinds of recording and editing projects; especially if you’re working on a recording set.

With a nominal sound pressure capable of reaching up to a fantastic 113dB, you can be sure these are the only headphones you’ll need for hearing every little sound to help you fine tune your tracks to perfection.

What We Like About It

The level of attention that Sennheiser has put into the comfort levels that the HD280PRO range provides is simply out of this world. From the 9.8ft cable that allows you to relax at your desk, to the specially designed cushions around the ears, these are headphones that won’t, in any way, hold you back or take your mind off the task at hand.

  • An incredible sound volume up to 113dB
  • Portable and suitable for taking anywhere with you
  • Low 64oHm impendence

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Audio Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Hailed and praised by some of the most critically acclaimed music equipment reviewers, producers, and DJs in the world, Audio Technica has ground hard to make itself into the legendary audio specialist it is today, and there’s no denying the power of the products this brand creates. These headphones are a testament to this.

Priding itself on its hardcore 45mm drivers crafted expertly using rare Earth magnets which are then coupled with copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, listening to any kinds of music or sounds through these headphones is a quality experience, to say the least.

Suitable Frequency Ranges

While the lower bass range isn’t as vast as some other headphone speakers on this list, measuring in around the 15hz range, the higher end of the spectrum reaches a truly impressive 28,000hz, which is far greater than pretty much any other speaker in this price range, even though the lower frequencies are slightly restrictive.

When it comes to the modern Audio Technica range, these headphones set nearly entirely in the middle, meaning they’re not the most powerful, but they’re definitely not the weakest. They’ll still manage a 1600W maximum power input to help power those awesome 45mm drivers.

Wear How You Like

In terms of comfort, these headphones come with the industry-standard 90˚ swivel headphones, so you can easily position them wherever you like, or you can make use of the wonders of single ear monitoring.

This is backed up the cushioned underside of the headband to ensure there’s no unwanted pressure to the top of your head, as are the cushioned earpads to ensure there’s no discomfort on your ears. Even if you plan on wearing these headphones for hours at a time, you can do so while still focusing on the task at hand.

With a long cord for plugging in anywhere, cushioning in all the right areas, especially common and key pressure points on your head and around your ears, and the ability to be accurately used for an audio venture, whether you’re working on a project in the studio, or just listening to music in your free time, audio experiences don’t get much better than this.

These headphones are even available in unique white or black styles, so you’re sure to have one that suits your personal preference!

What We Like About It

Weighing in at just 10oz, this is one of the lightest headphones here, especially when you consider how much technology and high-quality drivers and parts are squeezed in here. This means you won’t feel like your head is being weighed down, and you can remain completely comfortable throughout your edits and recording sessions.

  • Only weight 10oz, so super portable!
  • 90˚ swivel heads for maximum comfort
  • Impressive 1600W power management drivers

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LyxPro HAS-10 Closed-Back Over-Ear Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

LyxPro HAS-10 Closed-Back Over Ear Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

While not the most well-known brand in the audio industry, the LyxPro HAS-10 still has hundreds of satisfied customers from around the world adoring their headphones for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Whether you’re monitoring audio or mixing it, these high-performance headphones make it easy to hear every single detail thanks to the powerful NdFeB magnets that are designed to provide you with instant dynamic response in the most precise possible way.

Available in both wired and wireless versions, these headphones pride themselves on being a no-nonsense solution that may not have all the bells and whistles other units have, but instead guns for giving you everything you need in a straightforward way.

Ultimate Levels of Comfort

What really brings these LyxPro headphones into the limelight is the level of comfort they provide. With a leather-stitched headband which is connected to cushioned leather and foam earpads, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing these headphones for hours, you’re still going to feel completely satisfied and able to focus on what matters the most; getting creative.

Of course, these headphones are also 180˚ rotatable, meaning you can easily find the perfect fit, no matter who you are or what kind of setup you want from your preferred headphones. It’s worth noting this is a far greater range of rotation when compared with any other headphone on this list.

Hear Every Detail

In terms of performance, these headphones offer a vast frequency range of 10hz to 26,000hz, which might not be as extensive as other premium solutions, but when you consider the budget-friendly price tag, these headphones are top of the game.

With a 98dB+3dB output for optimal volume, a 3-meter cable for sitting comfortably at your desk or workstation without having to worry about the restrictiveness of traditional headphones, and even weighing in at just 10.8lbs, what more do you need from a professional set of headphones?

What We Like About It

Perhaps what we like the most about these headphones, and we’re sure you will too, is the diverse number of uses these headphones have. Since they perform exceptionally well in the middle of what headphones can offer, you don’t need separate pairs for mixing and recording, and other usual tasks. You can just use these headphones for all of it!

  • Can produce 98dB of volume effortlessly
  • Ear cups can rotate up to 180˚!
  • Powerful magnets you won’t find in other brands

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Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

Heading back over to the Sony brand now, this time for a super popular headphone set that’s common among producers, editors, and general music listeners alike. These are state-of-the-art headphones with some of the best technology in the industry, so while they are more expensive than your typical pair, these are going to be everything you need and more.

The Ultimate Noise-Cancelling Experience

What stands out about these headphones is the active noise canceling technology with is classed as being Smart. This is because the headphones can automatically adjust sound volumes and ambient sounds to suit the environment you’re working in or depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

In fact, this noise canceling technology has been hailed one of the best versions in the entire audio industry, which justifies the premium price tag on its own. Whether you’re looking to give your full attention to a task, or you need to drown and cancel the sounds of the world around you, these headphones are the best tools for the job.

With the sounds of the world gone from your consciousness, this means you’ll need to spend less time mucking around with settings and trying to figure out how to get the best sound levels that work on a per-project basis, and more time focusing on your actual creative work.

Outstanding Touch Controls

A leading feature of these coveted and top-rated headphones contain the touch-assisted controls then couple excellent user-friendly design.

Instead of having physical buttons, you can control all the features of the headset using a simple tap or touch gesture. This makes it incredibly easy to change the settings, or to use the built-in Amazon Alexa features, without too much worrying and fiddling around.

While this may seem a little fiddly at first, especially if it’s not something you’re used to. However, with a few hours of practice and getting used to the innovative design, you’ll have no problems making your way around these headphones

With a truly impressive 30-hours maximum playback on a single charge, and even just five hours of playback on 10 minutes of charge, you’ll never have to worry about your equipment and hardware holding you back ever again. Here’s to your full creative potential unleashed!

What We Like About It

Easily the most innovative feature of these headphones is the fact that they come with Amazon Alexa built directly into the device. This means you can enjoy every single benefit that the Alexa technology can bring into your life, and then apply it to your studio or musically creative projects.

  • Comes with Amazon Alexa technology built into the device
  • Impressive touch screen controls
  • Can last up to 30 hours on a single charge

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Audeze LCD-4Z Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones

Audeze LCD-4Z Over Ear Open Back Headphones

If you’re looking for the best of the best, and a set of headphones that has truly defined this generation’s audio industry, and you want to harness the raw power of what the top of the game has to offer, you don’t need to look further than the Audeze LCD-4Z headphones.

By far the most expensive set on the list, and far from being budget-friendly, these are the headphones you’ll be looking for if you’re looking to take your music career to the serious next level. This is serious hardware for people serious about their studio work.

Audeze’s Advanced Technology

Using Audeze’s patented engineering designs, these headphones boast state-of-the-art magnetic technology and diaphragm design that measure it is thinner than the average human hair. This means there’s space for other materials up to four times larger than traditional headphones, which means ultra-fast response times you simply won’t get anywhere else.

This is then coupled by the near-zero levels of distortion you’ll receive back from these earpieces, ensuring you can only hear the sounds you want to hear. This again is then coupled by the Fazor Elements that expertly guide the waveforms throughout the headphones into your ears in the most accurate way possible.

Perfect Aesthetics

It’s also worth mentioning these headphones seriously look the part. With the black and gold aesthetic, stylish magnesium rings in specific locations, and an iconic grid design on each ear, these headphones don’t just perform great, they also look great as well, only adding to the love and passion you’ll have for your audio craft.

With such excellent quality sound, all the connections you could need to any device or piece of equipment, and all the features to create the most transparent audio experience, these are headphones that go out of their way to help you achieve your best.

What We Like About It

Despite the tremendous amount of power these headphones can provide, it’s crazy to think they can still be driven and powered by pretty much all your devices.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with any kind of studio equipment, a computer, or even a smartphone or tablet; these headphones will continue to give you the service you require.

  • The most diverse frequency range out of most studio headphones
  • Looks amazing and incredibly professional
  • Patented Fazor drivers to produce the best sound

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Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Over-Ear Studio Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Over Ear Studio Headphones

Sitting at the 250ohm mark, Beyerdynamic offers a complete audio solution for producers and audio specialists in any area of the industry or studio role who are looking for something complete and powerful, yet remains budget-friendly and suitable for all kinds of practical uses.

Optimal Sound Quality

These over-ear headphones are open-ended, which makes them ideal for optimizing airflow and therefore the quality of your sounds. This ensures the headphones are the perfect companion when it comes to mixing, mastering, editing, or any of your standard producing tasks.

Since these headphones are made in Germany, one of the greatest highlights of wearing them is the durability and overall lifespan you’ll receive from these units. The materials and the entire frame of the design are completely hard-wearing, and the workmanship is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Regarding the specs of these headphones, they’re capable of producing up to 96dB in sound, which may not be the loudest, but it will be more than enough for most professional studio uses. Couple this with the response range of 5hz to an incredible 35,000hz (one of the best in the industry), what more could you ask for?

What We Like About It

Easily the most exciting aspect of these headphones that you’ll love the most is simply the attention to detail that has gone into these pairs both in terms of functionality, comfort, and overall performance.

The materials used are long-lasting. Every aspect and element of the headphones are adjustable and resettable. The comfort levels are outstanding. The price is affordable. It really doesn’t matter which bit of these headphones you’re looking at; they get the job done well.

  • Produce up to 96dB of sound volume
  • An outstanind frequency range up to 35,000hz
  • Durable German build that’s designed to last

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AKG K240STUDIO Semi-Open Over-Ear Professional Studio Headphones

AKG K240STUDIO Semi Open Over Ear Professional Studio Headphones

Last, but certainly not least, we have the AKG Over-Ear Professional Headphones. AKG is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a balance between quality and affordability. Set within the higher-end of the budget price range, these AKG’s are great for people looking to make a serious investment, or just looking for an inexpensive pair to get started.

Since these are semi-open headphones, you’ll get the benefits of noise canceling headphones coupled with a bit of breathing room to help balance the quality of the sound you’re listening too and helps to stop you from getting sweaty ears!

A Crystal-Clear Sound Experience

While it’s worth noting that these headphones don’t specialize either way because they’re semi-open, it does mean you get a great balance and the best of both worlds. This continues with the impressive frequency range of 15hz, all the way up to 25,000hz and a low 55oHm impedance; basically meaning these headphones produce a fantastic quality of sound.

All in all, this model is one of AKG’s most popular studio headphone lines, and the features tell all. With the iconic gimbal-styled headband that self-adjusts to fit your head comfortably and securely, and the flexible structure to ensure you can flick up one headphone to listen, or simply to give your ears a quick break without any risk of damage.

Of course, you can use these headphones anywhere, regardless of whether you’re in the studio or out and about listening to your favorite tracks via an MP3 player or smartphone. It’s safe to say these are powerful studio headphones designed with you in mind.

What We Like About It

Unlike a lot of professional headphones, one of the best features of the AKG headphones is the fact you can remove and replace the headphone AUX cable in literally seconds. Maybe headphones like to have a fixed wire, but this basically renders the headphones useless if the cable is frayed or damaged in any way.

Through regular use, this isn’t going to be an uncommon occurrence. However, when you buy AKG headphones, any damaged cables can be quickly removed, and a new one plugged in, meaning you won’t have to worry about expensive repair costs; just affordable cable replacements.

  • Can be used in a studio, or in your day-to-day life
  • Damaged cables can be removed quickly and easily
  • A low 55oHm impendence

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The Complete Buying Guide to the Best Studio Headphones

As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic studio headphone solutions out there for you to choose from, but it’s important to remember that everybody is different and will require different things and will have different requirements for what they need.

This is why it’s important to know what to look for when choosing the right pair of studio headphones. With the right information under your belt, you can easily see exactly which headphones can give you what you want and where you’re going to make your investment.

Below, we’re going to share with you our in-depth buying guide to detail all this information, ensuring you’re clued up and ready to spend your money in the right place on the right pair of headphones.

Closed/Open-Back Headphones?

There are two main varieties of headphone; closed-back and open-back. It’s essential to know the difference as to which headphone is best for you. Closed back headphones refer to units of headphone in which the cup on the earpiece of the headphones is closed off, meaning no sound is capable of escaping.

This means you can easily hear every single sound your headphone is creating, all while blocking out the majority of external noise. However, it’s worth noting these types of headphones can create pressure in the space between the headphones and your ears that creates false sounds. Nevertheless, these headphones will be ideal for most professional uses; not so much intensely critical listening.

On the other hand, open-back headphones provide the ideal critical listening environment since the ear-cup isn’t pressurized or closed in the same way. This allows for much more detail in the frequencies you’re listening too, and far fewer inaccuracies.

Ideally, you’re going to want a well-designed pair of open-back headphones that bring the same benefits that closed-back headphones provide, but the same level of accuracy in frequencies. However, the better the experience, the more expensive these headphones are going to be.

Adjustability & Comfort

Not all headphones are designed equally. It’s important to make sure you’re purchasing headphones that are comfortable for your head. Of course, everybody’s heads are different, so you’ll need to make sure your chosen headphones are adjustable.

This will include where the headphone cups sit on your ears and the size of the headband. You’ll want to make sure the headband isn’t too tight over the top of your head, especially since you’ll probably be spending several hours wearing these headphones at a time.

This also includes the swivel feature that most headphones come with. This refers to the cups that go over your ears and how much they can swivel to both suit the shape of your head, and allow you to monitor your sounds with a single ear with ease.

While this is a feature included with pretty much all headphones nowadays, it’s worth remembering to check because it’s best to have this feature than getting stuck helpless without it.

Comfort is such an important thing nowadays, so figuring out how customizable a headphone set is should be easy to find out based on product descriptions. Other features to look out for include cushioned ear cups and replaceable parts!

Frequency Range

The more extensive the frequency range of your preferred headphones, the better your audio experience is going to be. The frequency range refers to the types of sounds you’ll be able to hear. For example, 5hz is a really low bass sound. However, if you’re working with 5hz sounds, but your headphone’s range is only 7hz, you won’t be able to hear these sounds.

The more extensive your range, the more accurately you’ll be able to listen to your sounds. Ideally, you’ll want 3hz up to 28,000hz, but the larger your range, the more expensive the headphones will be.


Volume is a vital consideration to think about, but the louder your headphones are, the more expensive they’ll be, so you’ll need to think about what’s best for you. For example, if you’re working in a recording studio, you’ll need semi-decent headphones that allow you to hear clearly over the sounds of the studio.

If you’re mixing in a quiet environment, such as a home studio or office, you’ll only need headphones that produce a decent volume. If you’re DJing in a loud environment, you’ll need headphones that can really handle things when the volume is turned up.

The loudest headphones you can get sit around the 110dB range, but these are super expensive. For most professional studio uses, a volume level of around 95dB will be enough for everything you need.

Your Budget

Without a doubt, one of the most important considerations you’ll need to have when choosing the right headphones is deciding how much you’re willing to spend. We’re at a point in the audio industry where the great headphones can come at all different price tags; it just depends on what you need precisely.

Think about whether you’re buying your headphones for a long period of time, or you’re just looking for a pair to see you through the short-term. If you’re working with a studio or company, will you be buying multiple pairs for artists and other members of the team?

These are all things you’ll need to think about when it comes to seeing how much you’ve got to spend and then relating this figure to see which are the best headphones you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions on Studio Headphones

Do I need ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’ back headphones?

The truth is, it’s entirely up to you and what you’re looking for. It’s worth looking into what kind of music you’re making or what audio you’re working with and then matching this to the headphone that best suits you. Fortunately, there’s a ton of information online to help you.

What is Impendence?

Referred to by most headphones, the impendence of a headphone refers to the AC power connection it has to the device it’s connected too. For example, when you plug headphones into a mobile phone, you don’t need batteries or an external power supply to drive them.

For example, a low impendence is what you’ll generally find in mobile phones because there’s a moderate amount of power needed to power the headphones. However, for large studio rigs or concert venues, these headphones will require a high impendence because they need to produce better, louder sounds.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the impendence, the higher the quality of sound.

What is the Frequency Range?

The frequency range is measured on the scale of hertz and refers to the levels of audio in a track or recording. For example, 10hz is a low bass sound, whereas 5hz is a shallow bass sound. High notes will set around the 20,000hz range.

Of course, when editing and producing your music, you’re going to need a headphone set that can cover the widest range as possible to hear all the sounds you’re working with.

What makes headphones comfortable?

There are two main areas you’ll want to look at in terms of headphone comfort. The first is the headband itself. You’ll want this to be as adjustable as possible so it can fit your head comfortably. You may also want to make sure it’s padded.

The second thing you’ll want to consider is the ear cups themselves. In many cases, these are replaceable, so you can get whichever ones you want, but you’ll want to look for cushioned material that not only helps your ears stay comfortable but also helps to improve sound quality.


Finding the right set of studio headphones doesn’t have to be a challenge and can be an enjoyable and exciting experience when you know what you’re looking for. Take all these considerations into account, as well as our detailed buying guide, and you should have everything you need to find the headphones that are right for you.