Best Power Conditioners For 2019

Best Overall Power Conditioner: PDU Power Strip Power Conditioner (with Protection)
If you’re looking for a power conditioner that guarantees to tick all the boxes for what you’re looking for, comes at a great price, and is easily one of the most popular power conditioners available today, you may not need to look further than this PDU strip!

Best Budget Power Conditioner: CyberPower CPS1215RMS Power Conditioner
Shopping for a high-performance power conditioner but on a budget? The CyberPower strip has all the premium strip features you’d expect in a high-end device, including EMI and RFI filtration, but doesn’t break the bank in any way!

Best Premium Power Conditioner: Panamax M5400-PM Power Conditioner
If you’re in the market for the best of the best, the Panamax will be all you need to look for. Designed to be one of the most complete solutions in the world, this device has every feature and function, all backed by over 30 years of technical experience.

Our Top Ten

Whether you’re a musician, a venue owner, or just someone who deals with electronic musical equipment, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when wattage, voltage, and connections simply don’t add up, and you can’t get things working properly.

When plugging your guitar into a rig, setting up a lighting system, or connecting all your amps, DJ decks, and visual displays, it’s absolutely essential that everything is running to the power supply that it needs to run. Power supply too low and the equipment won’t operate. Power supply too high, and things can get dangerous and damaged.

Of course, not every power supply in the world can be the same, which is where power conditioners come into play. With the right power conditioner, you can ensure your equipment is working as it should be and receiving the right supply that it needs.

So, let’s find you the one you need! Below, we’re going to explore our top ten recommendations for the best power conditioners available right now, plus share our complete buying guide so you can choose which one is right for you! Let’s go!

Pyle 8-Outlet Rack Mount Power Conditioner

Pyle 8-Outlet Rack Mount Power Conditioner

First up, we have the Pyle 8-Outlet Power Conditioner; a super affordable, yet incredibly powerful power conditioner that’s ideal for professionals who want to make the most out of their audio rigs and setups. This is a huge 1800W conditioner that can be used equally within homes, studios, or venues.

Designed for Audio Setups

As the title suggests, this conditioner offers eight individual outlets, which is ideal for most bands and musicians looking to add all their equipment to the same rig. There are right rear outlets that help to keep all your cables clean and organized.

There are also an additional four-wall warts as well to ensure you have more than enough room for your standard connections, such as computers, monitors, or decks. What’s more, this power conditioner is completely rack-able.

This means you can insert this conditioner into an audio setup rack, again making sure everything is kept professional, organized, and accessible. This is accompanied by the fact this conditioner is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just 5.20lbs.

Your Equipment, Protected

As standard, there’s a rear 15-amp circuit breaker, and surge protection technology built directly into the device to help protect both the rack and any devices or pieces of equipment connected to it. You’ll also love that everything is effortless to operate, and the whole device is managed using a simple switch on the front.

With your power supplies managed and everything protected against surges, and the fact you can install and use this conditioner so easily, it’s easy to see why this device is popular among people from all walks of life and for all uses. For most applications, you won’t need to look further than this!

What We Like About It

Hands down the best feature of this device is the fact it comes with a feature known as triple mode varistor surge and spike protection. This means any noise interference your electronic devices encounter, any fluctuations in voltage, or surges; you know everything is protected to a triple layer quality.

  • 19 inches long, extremely lightweight, and easily rack-mountable
  • Controlled with a simple on/off switch
  • Triple surge and voltage fluctuation protection
  • Handles up to 1800 watts of power

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PDU Power Strip Power Conditioner (with Protection)

PDU Power Strip Power Conditioner (with Protection)

At the time of writing, this PDU power conditioner is one of the most popular, best-selling power conditioners in the world, adored by musicians and venue owners from around the world. With great power control and a TON of professional features, this is a fantastic choice and easily one of our favorites.

All Power Needs Covered

This particular model is capable of progressing up to 1200 watts of peak impulse currents and has up to 150 joules of energy dissipation to help protect your equipment. Whether you’re experiencing fluctuating currents, power outages, or even storms, you can stay safe in the knowledge that your electricals are safeguarded.

The PDU allows you to connect up to nine individual inputs at once with eight ports in the rear of the device and one in the front. There’s even an easily accessible master switch in case you need to turn off everything at a moment’s notice. This helps you stay completely prepared for any eventuality.

However, this power conditioner is proactive in taking things one step further. Using the integrated technology, it actively implements AC noise filters to remove disruptive RFI radio frequencies and any electromagnetic interference (EMI). This helps to ensure all your equipment works better, as well as increasing the overall service life of everything that’s connected.

Designed to Last

Regarding the unit itself, these features only complement the steel body design and aluminum front panel that ensure this is a device that’s built to last no matter what you put it through. It doesn’t matter whether this is staying in the studio or going out with you on tour, you’ll find many years of use out of this!

With a selection of other handy features, such as the fact it comes with a 6ft power cable to ensure you have more than enough cable to play with, a 1u rack design to fit into your existing rack with ease, and even a mini AC charging station to charge your phone or laptop at the same time, it’s clear to see why this is such a popular choice!

What We Like About It

In addition to the fact this device comes is one of the most highly rated power conditioners in the world, one feature you’ll absolutely adore is the lifespan of this device. The unit can easily keep performing for a decade, if not longer, meaning this is an investment to futureproof yourself for many years to come!

  • Highly durable build designed to last for years to come
  • Can charge smartphone and computers at the same time as being used
  • Actively filters unwanted EMI and RFI interference signals
  • Built-in surge protection to protect your electronic devices

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Furman Power Conditioner SS6B

Furman Power Conditioner SS6B

If you’re looking for a very simple, yet highly functional power conditioner that keeps things basic, easy to use, and ensures the job is done properly, you’ll want to turn your attention to this Furman SS6B power conditioner.

Mount Anywhere

This six-slot conditioner is designed in the streamlined strip way that allows you to easily plug in your electrical equipment into the plugs at the top, and away you go! It’s that simple. There’s no need to worry about mounts, plug racks, or installing your strip in any way.

This standard-design means you can take this conditioner with you wherever you go and use it for pretty much any application. This device features a handy 15-foot power cord to power it up, which is ideal if you want complete freedom for where you want your plugs to go, all without worrying about tugging on the cable.

Despite this simple design and the very affordable price tag, you’ll find this strip does come with a range of outstanding technologies that help prolong the life of your equipment. This includes a circuit breaker and both EMI and RFI noise reduction and attenuation.

Effortless to Use

This is ideal for ensuring none of your devices are blown while in use, and you’re protected against surges and fluctuations in your voltage; perfect whether you’re plugging into a wall, or even a portable generator.

The entire strip is controlled using the illuminated on/off switch, which is perfect if you need quick control over your electricity supply, even when working in low light conditions. With hundreds of full five-star reviews, some of which audiophiles describe it as “one of the best strips they’ve used in decades,” this is a conditioner where you really can’t go wrong!

What We Like About It

The standout feature you’re bound to love about this power conditioner is the full metal rugged design. This is highly durable and designed by nature to put up with all the guaranteed knocks and bumps it will experience through daily use. It’s safe to say this conditioner is going to last for years to come!

  • Actively uses RFI and EMI noise interference
  • Comes with a 15-foot power cable to connect wherever you want easily
  • A simple illuminated on/off switch for easy use
  • Connect up to six appliances at any time

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CyberPower CPS1215RMS Power Conditioner

CyberPower CPS1215RMS Power Conditioner
Continuing our current trend of affordable yet high-performance surge protectors and power conditioners, we’ve chosen this awesome conditioner from CyberPower. Despite the device’s small size, this device is loaded with features to help ensure you have the best experience.

Outstanding Levels of Protection

This rack-mountable conditioner has six outlets on the front and six at the back, helping to keep the overall design of this strip streamlined and compact. All in all, these outlets can provide up to 1800 joules of protection, and are guaranteed to keep your devices safer, more efficient, and running for longer.

Due to this handy design, and the extra mounting features, you can effortlessly connect this rack vertically or horizontally, and the 15-foot power cable means you have the freedom to set it up wherever you need it to be.

All the outlets have been chosen for their network-grade quality, and the 12 NEMA 5 plug that powers the entire device is ideal for making sure you get the best connection and power supply at all times!

Durable and Resistant

As you can expect from these high-quality conditioners, this strip is produced using industrial-grade metal, which helps to increase the overall lifespan of this device, to protect it against damage, and makes this another ideal choice if you’re heading out on tour, or just want a conditioner that’s built to last.

There are even all the professional standards you would expect in a high-end model. These include EMI and RFI interference filtration, surge protection, a 15A circuit breaker, and flawless execution of what it’s supposed to do; this is a power conditioner well worth your attention.

What We Like About It

If you’re looking to ensure you’re spending your money in the right place, you’ll love that this conditioner comes with a 3-year limited warranty. This means you’re protected against any issues you may have with your device, including both materials and overall workmanship, ensuring this is a product you’ll have for years to come!

  • Comes with a 15ft power cable you can connect anywhere
  • Highly-active EMI and RFI interference removal
  • 12 outlets allowing you to connect all your electronic devices
  • Up to 1800 joules of surge protection as standard

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Tripp Lite LC1200 Line Conditioner

Tripp Lite LC1200 Line Conditioner

Another high-powered conditioner now, this time from Tripp Lite. This device is an extremely capable conditioner that allows up to 1200 watts of electrical equipment to connect to it and reap the benefits.

Whether you’re installing it in your professional studio, at home in a makeshift studio, or taking it with you on tour to venues you’re performing at, this is a lightweight conditioner that will tick all the boxes.

Leading Surge Protection

What makes this conditioner great is the fact it contains advanced technology that actively helps to regulate the voltage of your equipment whether you’re facing brownouts with your power, surges, or over-voltaged connections that threaten the lifespan of your electronics.

The device even helps if your connection and power supply are undervoltaged and need more power. The overvoltage works up to 147V, whereas the conditioner will boost your current, even if the supply is as low as 89V. This means you can guarantee you’ll always get a solid connection, even when the situation you’re in isn’t ideal.

Simple Yet Powerful

You can use this conditioner to connect up to four unique devices using the standard AC outlets, and there’s a 7-foot power cord to ensure you can reach all your outlets without having to tug on a tense cable.

However, while this may sound basic compared to some of the other conditioners we’ve mentioned on this list, what makes this device special is the guarantee it comes with, easily making this one of the most reliable conditioners in the industry.

With each device, you’ll have access to a $25,000-lifetime insurance against all your equipment in case something goes wrong. This is just how confident Tripp Lite are that this device will do its job for your entire lifetime. If something of yours breaks and it’s the fault of the conditioner, you’re covered up to $25,000.

There’s always a 2-year warranty to protect you against any system faults or issues, so you know you’ve got yourself a power conditioner you can trust, at least for the next two years! What’s more, with hundreds of five-star reviews, an affordable price tag, and a lightweight and compact design, this is a fantastic solution you’re going to love.

What We Like About It

If all these features weren’t enough, Tripp Lite has taken things a step further. Need to know what your surge protector and power conditioner are up to at a quick glance? Simply check the handy multi-colored LED lights for all the status updates you need to know!

  • Comes with $25,000 lifetime insurance on your electricals
  • Each Tripp conditioner comes with a two-year warranty
  • Connect up to four devices at the same time
  • Can sort out overcharged and under-voltaged connections

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Furman M-8X2 Merit Series Power Conditioner

Furman M-8X2 Merit Series Power Conditioner

Heading back over to the Furman range now, this time we’re focusing on the absolute best-selling device in the current power conditioner market. With absolutely all the features you could ever want or need, a jaw-droppingly decent price, and hundreds of satisfied reviews, here’s what you need to know about the M-8X2 Furman.

Cleaner Energy Signals

As with other professional conditioners, this device has all the AC noise filtering you could ask for, which includes both RFI and EMI filtration technology, as well as voltage spike and surge protection. This all helps to ensure your electrical equipment stays safe and secure, works to its full potential, and prolongs the lifespan as long as possible.

For those of you who want the stats, the noise filtration technology is greater than 23dB and operates between 200kHz and 10mHz. This means this device is purely designed to be concert and gig-ready, or for giving yourself the best experience with your home audio setup.

Easy System Monitoring

However, what makes this device especially handy is the clear LED indicator located on the front panel. This has a Protection OK setting, so at a quick glance you can effortlessly look over to this device to ensure that everything is working properly, even in low light conditions.

This is then backed by the 15-amp circuit breaker, and the nine unique and individual outlets to connect pretty much all the devices you’d plan on using during your performance. That’s your instruments, lighting, computers, and all!

While released almost a decade and a half ago back in 2004, this Furman power conditioner is still going strong, and it’s safe to say there’s never been a release like it, even from Furman themselves.

Of course, it may lack some of the more modern features some conditioners house, but if you’re looking for something reliable that gets the job done to a very high standard and gives your devices the best experience, Furman has the solution here for you!

What We Like About It

While there are plenty of conditioners out there that claim to have noise and interference filtration technology, there are few that make such a noticeable difference as this device. The quality of your audio and sound is immediately noticeable, and this is something a true musician is going to revel in!

  • Comes with a 15-amp circuit breaker
  • Released back in 2004 and is still a best-selling device today
  • Clear LED indicators to easily check the status of your conditioner
  • EMI and RFI noise filtration to keep everything sounding perfect

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Furman Power Conditioner PST-6

Furman Power Conditioner PST-6

Another entry from Furman now, this time drawing our attention over to the PST-6, a highly sophisticated and advanced power conditioner with all the leading features and functions present in most Furman conditioners. However, this one is specially designed for instrument rigs, and guarantees a fantastic experience.

Every Component Optimized

Every component added to this power conditioner has been designed with quality in mind. From the Telco cable and satellite quality connectors that your devices will plug into, to the advanced surge protection technology that helps keep your devices working for longer and in any situation, this power conditioner does it all.

Thanks to the design and features, this power conditioner is made for audio equipment, most commonly audio and speaker rigs, DJ equipment, and home recording studios. As you can see, this is a variety of uses, but the compact design of this conditioner means you can easily set it up anywhere without any hassle.

This is all backed up by the fact the conditioner is created using high-quality aluminum materials, which adds an incredible amount of durability to the device. This means you can take the device with you wherever you go, and you can trust it will survive all the lumps and bumps you put it through!

An Industry Leader

In true Furman fashion, this conditioner is one of the best. With all the noise and AC filtering that comes as standard with these devices, even if it’s sensitive equipment, noise masks, and even remedies against distorted energy signals, this is a conditioner that gets the job done, no questions asked.

Having been released to the public for over a decade, the fact it’s enjoyed by dozens of musicians and users from around the world, and plenty of highly-rated reviews to back up the claims, this is a safe solution where you can’t go wrong!

What We Like About It

While this device has a ton of helpful, professional-quality features, what matters most with this Furman device is just how reliable it is. Ask any audiophile in the know or ask plenty of the reviewers and satisfied users of the device, and you’ll know this is a conditioner that will continue to perform for many years and decades to come.

  • Eight outlets to connect up all your devices
  • Created by one of the most reliable brands in the world
  • Designed to be used in audio rigs and with sound equipment
  • One of the most durable power conditioners in the world

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Panamax M5400-PM Power Conditioner

Panamax M5400-PM Power Conditioner

There’s no denying the Panamax power conditioner goes out of its way to exceed all expectations, and it’s safe to say it’s secured itself as being one of the most prestigious solutions when it comes to looking after and optimizing your equipment.

Connect Everything

This device features 11 outlets to connect pretty much anything you need to power, but each outlet has been individually protected with surge and fluctuation protection and filtering technology to ensure the best connection possible.

This uses state-of-the-art Automatic Voltage Monitoring systems to provide the level 5 protection when necessary. Whether you’re experiencing power spikes or other problems that can harm your electronics, you can forget about them being a problem with this.

Wildly Popular

While most devices will claim they’re the best, this device is genuinely described as being one of the industry’s leading solutions, and it’s used in many applications, such as commercial properties, home audio systems, and audio rigs.

With millions of units of this device sold, enhanced power cleaning to ensure your electric signal is the best it can be, and the fact it’s manufactured by a company with over 30 years of experience behind them, why would you need to look further than this?

What We Like About It

Want to make sure you’re spending your money in the right place? This device comes with a True Lifetime Warranty, so as long as you own the device, you know you’re covered in case anything goes wrong. In short, this is the only power conditioner you’ll ever need to buy!

  • A conditioner to be used for any power application
  • Advanced power cleaning and noise filtration technology
  • Connect up to 11 devices and appliances at once
  • Manufactured by a company with over 30 years of electrical experience

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Furman M-8X2 HOSA Merit Series Power Conditioner

Furman M-8X2 HOSA Merit Series Power Conditioner

Heading back into the Furman ranges now (simply because they’re considered to make the best power conditioners in the world), this Furman M-8X2 is fairly similar to the M-8X2 model we listed above, but there are a few key differences with this HOSA model.

Room for All Devices

Notably, this device comes with eight individual outlets that are designed and placed at the back of the power strip. This means you have space and more than enough room for all the outlets no matter how chunky or oversized they are.

You’ll also find a circuit breaker in the back to ensure you have full control over everything that’s going on, with easy access to everything. There’s even a little control on/off switch at the front, which glows in low-light conditions and when the power is on, so again you can have full control at a quick glance.

Of course, there’s also Furman’s quality radio interference technology to help filter your electrical signals and clear your signals from unwanted noise, interference, and any electromagnetic interference your devices may be experiencing.

Everything You’ll Need

This specific model has an operating voltage of 90-140VAC, and comes with an affordable price tag, which makes it ideal for anyone and everyone shopping on a budget who needs the benefits of a fully-featured power conditioner.

There’s even a 3-year warranty on the surge protector and conditioner itself, and a lifetime warranty on the connector cables and the extension leads included with this purchase. With solid five-star reviews, this is one power conditioner brand well worth your attention.

What We Like About It

As we briefly mentioned above, this is one of the most affordable units in the Furman range, so if you’re looking for all the benefits a Furman unit can provide without having to make an investment that breaks the bank, this is the solution suited to you.

  • Provides a standard level of power filtration and surge protection
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty and lifetime warranty on certain parts
  • Has an operating voltage of 90-140VAC
  • Comes with a glowing light switch for easy status monitoring and operation

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Furman M8DX Power Conditioner

Furman M8DX Power Conditioner

Last, but certainly not least, we’re finishing our list of recommended power conditioners today with our last Furman entry, this time focusing on the M8DX unit, one of the most powerful and fully-featured devices Furman has ever released.

This nine-outlet device has eight ports on the back, and one on the front, making it incredibly easy to plug in any and all of your devices, and the one at the front makes it perfect to connect a device quickly when you need instant power.

Full Furman Protection

Of course, along with Furman expectations, this device is fully capable of enhancing and filtering your electrical signals using advanced AC noise filtering that monitors and cleans both RFI and EMI interferences.

This is then complemented by built-in spike and surge protection to help prolong the life of your electrical equipment while ensuring everything stays safe, and the power into your equipment is clean. This means equipment that always operates to its full potential.

However, while this may sound like a traditional Furman device, there is one key difference here that helps this stand above the rest, which is referring to the digital voltmeter on the front.

Advanced Status Monitoring as Standard

This LED screen electronically displays the incoming voltage line, so even in low-light situations, you have an incredibly accurate reading of everything that’s happening so you can make the decisions that keep everything running smoothly.

To back all this up, there are all the standard protection features, including a ‘protection OK’ indicator, pull-out lights for making sure everything is accessible when this device is mounted in a rack, and the ability to use this with practically any electrical device. In short, this device has everything you’ll need.

What We Like About It

There’s no denying this is one of the best models that Furman has produced throughout their time, and even though this was released back in 2007, it still has solid five-star reviews from hundreds of customers around the world, and this is something not many companies in the world are able to achieve.

  • One of the highest-rated Furman power conditioners in the world
  • Built-in surge and voltage spike protection
  • Comes with both EMI and RFI filtering
  • Comes with an incoming voltage display on the front of the unit

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Our Complete Buying Guide to Power Conditioners in 2019

Now that we’ve listed out our best recommendations for the best power conditioners available here in 2019, the responsibility is yours to choose the one that’s best for you. Since we all have different requirements, you’ll need to know what to look for.

Below, we’ll share with you our complete buying guide to all the features you need to look out for, all so you can make sure you’re spending your money in the right places!

Number of Outlets

There’s no point in getting a power conditioner if you’re not going to be able to plug in all the devices you want to use. This means you need to check how many outlets you need and then get a device that matches this demand.
On average, power conditioners offer around 10 outlets, but simply count what you need to make the right decision.

Energy Capacity

Hands down one of the most important considerations you’ll want to think about is the operating capacity that your chosen power conditioner has. If you’re plugging in a 1800W device into a power conditioner that can only handle 1200W of power, it’s not going to work properly.

Before making a purchase, make sure you’re checking to see what equipment you’re going to be plugging in, and therefore what conditioner you need to buy to make sure everything runs smoothly.

RFI/EMI Protection

One of the greatest benefits of a modern-day conditioner is the fact that they contain RFI and EMI protection. This is the kind of electrical interference you can get with certain connections that can make things very dangerous for your equipment, and it means it won’t be performing to the best of its abilities.

When buying a conditioner, simply check to make sure you’re choosing a product with this kind of protection. It’s not worth buying a device that doesn’t offer this feature.

Protection Indicators

Hand in hand with the consideration above, there are many models and brands of power conditioner that will come with protection indicators. This is basically a feature where you can look at the light and it will tell you whether your equipment is being protected or not.

This is ideal if you’re looking for a device to use live and you need to make sure everything is working as it should with a single glance.

Mountable Design

One of the best features to come out over the last few decades is the mountable rack design of most power conditioners. This means you can easily connect up and install your device into your audio rig rack for easy access and ensure everything stays organized and connected.

However, when buying a rack-able power conditioner, you’ll want to check the measurements to make sure your preferred device can fit into your existing rack alongside your other devices.


If your power conditioner is going to stay in the same place in your studio or home studio and it will never move, this consideration may not be so valid, but as with most power conditioners, if you’re going to take it out and about with you, you’re going to need to consider the durability of your device.

A suitable and highly-durable power conditioner will come with a metal casing of some kind that’s designed to withstand any lumps or knocks it will receive through general use. Make sure you’re reading the manufacturer’s description to ensure this is the case.

Cord Length

It’s important to make sure you’re checking the cord length of your power conditioner, and it’s safe to say this is perhaps one of the most overlooked features. If you don’t have a long cable to plug your power conditioner into the wall, you’re going to lack a huge amount of freedom.

It’s just safe to go for as long of a cord as possible, so you don’t need to worry about tense cables pulling on your equipment and therefore creating a hazard to both you and your equipment that’s plugged in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Power Conditioners

Why do I need a power conditioner?

A common question, but one with a simple answer. Electrical devices need a certain amount of power to run properly, but the power supply in our walls, or in venues, is not constant, and therefore the quality of how they’re used will affect the lifespan of the device in general.

A power conditioner is used to keep a constant and optimized flow of electricity to your device, meaning it’s always working at an optimal level and therefore has a longer lifespan and works better!

Do you need a rack-mountable design?

In truth, no, but if you’re planning on taking your power conditioner out on the road with you on tour or for gigs, then this is a feature that’s highly recommended. If you spend hundreds of dollars on a power conditioner and it gets broken easily, you’re simply going to be out of pocket when this problem is so easily avoided.


Over to you! With our complete buying guide behind us, and all the recommendations you need to know when it comes to getting yourself a professional-quality power conditioner here in 2019, take your time, and you can be safe in the knowledge you’re getting the conditioner that’s right for you!