Best Looper Pedal For 2019

Best Overall Guitar Looper Pedal: TC Electronics Ditto Looper Effects Pedal
Looking for a high-quality, 24-bit recording looping pedal that’s suitable for all budgets and has all the features you need to have the best creative experience? This True to Tone, effortless to use pedal from TC Electronics could be everything you’ve been looking for!

Best Budget Guitar Looper Pedal: Ammoon Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Looper
Compact, lightweight, and affordable, the Ammoon Electric Guitar Looping pedal is a feature-rich device that has everything a pedal should have to satisfy the needs of both a beginner and experienced electric guitar player.

Best Premium Guitar Looper Pedal: BOSS Audio RC-3 Loop Pedal
If you need a looping pedal that some refer to as being the best of the best, look no further. The BOSS RC-3 is packed full of features and functions to ensure you can loop your guitar sounds however you want, whenever you want, guaranteeing unlimited creative potential.

Our Top Ten

A guitar looper pedal is one of those devices that not every guitarist needs on their pedalboard, but it’s one that can unlock an entire new realm of creative opportunities. This is especially true if you’re a solo guitarist looking to make an impact on your listeners and create music that sounds completely unique and your own individual style.

Since looper pedals are such great additions to the pedalboard, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right one, but with so many out there to choose from, it can be difficult knowing which one is best.

Today, we’re going to share with you our top ten choices from devices available now, as well as our complete buying guide to ensure you’re spending your money in the right place.

Let’s jump straight into our top ten!

Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

To start off our list, we’ve opted for the Donner Tiny Looper pedal, which, as the title suggests, is a small and compact looper pedal that makes things easy and simple. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started with a pedal, or you’re experienced but looking for something that simply gets the job done, this could be the pedal you’ve been looking for.

Multiple Playback Modes

This pedal contains three fundamental looping modes that can alter the playback speed for your guitar sounds. Whether you want playback at normal speed, half speed, or in reverse, this pedal can help you experiment to create that desirable final piece. However, do note that recording mode is disabled when using reverse mode, but you’ll still be able to counter this by using a computer!

There’s more than enough time on this device to record a whole array of sounds, totaling up to 10 minutes of time, and you’ll have unlimited potential to rerecord your sounds over the old data, ensuring you never run out of space!

Computer Connectivity

What’s more, there’s even the ability to import and export your looped sounds and samples when connecting this device to your Mac or Windows computer. This is possible as long as you’re using a standard 44.1hz, 24-bit sample. All the instructions on how to do this are included with pedal itself.

As you would expect from a guitar pedal you’re going to be smashing your foot down on a lot, this device is built using highly durable aluminum alloy materials to give it its strength, and its super compact size means it’s ridiculously easy to transport.

All in all, this is one of the most affordable pedals on our list, and it’s adored by hundreds of musicians around the world. No matter who you are or what looping effects you’re trying to achieve, this is a pedal that deserves a space on your pedalboard.

What We Like About It

One of the standout features of this wonderful pedal is the fact it comes with a True Bypass filter. This is an essential feature you’ll want in your looping pedal to ensure the connection between your guitar and your amp remains as optimized as possible, all to ensure you’re minimizing the risk of interference or lesser quality in your final sounds.

  • Small, compact, highly portable, and durable
  • Can import or export sound samples when connecting to a PC
  • Three playback modes to give you more creative options
  • Comes with True Bypass sound technology

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NUX Loop Core Deluxe Guitar Looper

NUX Loop Core Deluxe Guitar Looper
NUX is a leader in the audio industry when it comes to guitar pedals, so it should come as no surprise when their latest and greatest Core Deluxe looper is given a mention. This is an upgraded model from their previous versions, and this is evident in the experience you’re provided.

With this fantastic pedal, you’ll be able to record up to an incredible eight hours of guitar sounds, and you won’t even be held back by layers. You get unlimited layering options, and of course, everything is saved in a high-quality 24-bit format into any one of the 99 built-in presets.

Loop How You Want

If you’re looking to just use your pedal as a standalone device, or if you want to connect it up to your computer to import or export your sounds, or any sound or sample you want for that matter, this is the pedal that can help you make this possible.

However, what really helps to set this pedal apart from the rest is the built-in drum machine. This is an outstanding feature because the device comes with over 40 unique drum styles and rhythms that are suitable for all kinds of guitar sounds. These include rock, blues, jazz, pop, and many more.

A Wealth of Features

This gives you even more creative potential to create the sounds you want to listen to, whether that’s through professional looping, or adding more background sounds and effects. It’s safe to say this is one of the simplest yet most feature-packed pedals on the market today.

As standard with all Nux pedals, this one comes with automatic tempo detection, cabinet simulation features, integrated frequency compensation, and multiple end modes, such as fade-out, finish, or instant stops. All of this comes together to create a guitar looping sound experience like no other.

What We Like About It

What do we like about this pedal? You mean what do Nux pedal users like about this pedal? The too long, don’t read? They love it! There are dozens of reviews out there that class this as one of the most quality pedals on the market. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re looking for in a looper pedal; this one is sure to fit the bill.

  • Three end modes you can use to stop your looping sounds effects
  • Can record up to eight hours of footage in 24-bit quality
  • Upload your own samples to loop whenever you want
  • Can be used for any instrument or sound input

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MG-100 Professional Multi-Effects Pedal

MG-100 Professional Multi-Effects Pedal
Now we’re going to move onto something a bit special. As you can see, the MG-100 is a complete professional solution if you’re looking for a device that really goes out of its way to pack a punch.

The MG-100 raises the bar when it comes to looper pedals. This powerhouse controls over 55 unique effects to add to your sounds, eight of which can be used at the same time. When you’ve created your own personal setup with the effects you’ve chosen, you can then save them to use whenever you want.

Built-in Effects

As you would expect, there are 72 added presets that the MG-100 provides to get you started, or to give you quick access to some of the most popular setups that musicians all around the world are currently using. There are even 13 classic guitar amp sounds to experiment with however you please!

Furthermore, there’s even a built-in drum machine that comes with 56 unique sounds and a complete 3-band EQ for controlling the levels of your sound effects. This is insane for a looping pedal to house all these features, but here they come standard.

Master Your Sounds

Of course, this is also a fully functional looper pedal. You can record up to 40 seconds of sound that you can then play back however you like, as well as add echoes, delays, mixer settings, gain, reverb, and all the other effects as standard.

With all this power in one device, it’s no wonder this is so popular with guitarists of all skill levels and experience. If you’re looking for a solution that gives you everything you would need from a complete pedalboard, this is it.

What We Like About It

What we know you’ll adore is the fact this pedal looper comes with a full high-definition screen powered individually by six AA batteries, which lasts around eight hours, or by an AC adapter that can keep you going indefinitely. Since there are so many features, this screen makes it easy to access what you need.

  • Over 55 unique sound effects to apply to your guitar sounds
  • Record 40 seconds of your guitar and play it back in many different ways
  • 56 sounds on the integrated drum machine
  • Comes with an HD screen powered by batteries or an AC adapter

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Ammoon Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Looper

Ammoon Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Looper
Heading back into the simpler looper pedal ranges now, this classic-styled pedal from Ammoon is a handy device that takes care of everything you want with a basic level of control. While not the most advanced or feature-rich, if you’re starting out, or you just need a dedicated looper, this could be everything you need.

This affordable little device allows you to record up to ten minutes of guitar audio simply by plugging your guitar into the box, connecting it up to your amp, and away you go. Although you get ten minutes, you get to overdub, or record over your sounds, an infinite number of times without the risk of running out of room.

Complete File Management

Don’t worry, however, if you accidentally record over a sound you wanted to keep; there’s undo, redo, and delete functions built directly into the device. This is a simple file management system that could prevent you from losing the sounds you’ve worked so hard to create.

Unlike some of the other pedals you’ll find, even premium models, this one comes with a volume control for the output of your sound using an easy knob, and an LED light so you know if it’s on or not.

True Bypass as Standard

The final feature we want to talk about today is the True Bypass. An essential on guitar pedals these days, the True Bypass feature means you can have this pedal plugged into your pedalboard at all times, and even if you don’t want to use it, the pedal won’t interfere with the quality of your sound.

There’s no denying this compact little pedal packs a punch, and there are plenty of awesome features that are designed to ensure you have everything you need to loop your sounds however you want. Even with all this, it’s still one of the most affordable, and it’s worth every bit of attention you give it.

What We Like About It

Adored by hundreds of satisfied customers around the world, one of the best aspects of this device is its portability. As a musician, you’ll already know how much equipment you need in your arsenal. You don’t need your looping pedal to be another piece of equipment that just gets in the way, which is why it’s designed to be small, compact, and highly portable.

  • Comes with True Bypass technology to optimize the quality of your sounds
  • Has a built-in LED light to indicate whether the pedal is in use
  • All the features and functions can be controlled from one simple dial
  • Record up to 10 minutes of audio with unlimited overdub possibilities

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TC Electronics Ditto Looper Effects Pedal

TC Electronics Ditto Looper Effects Pedal
The Ditto Looper from TC Electronics is a power pedal that’s a tremendous, all-around device that’s suitable for both guitarists starting out with looping and experienced musicians alike. Also designed to be ultra-small and compact, this is a pedal well worth your attention.

The pedal allows up to five minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubs so you can continuously record and loop your sounds until you’re absolutely sure you’ve got it right. This pedal doesn’t take batteries; it’s powered by an AC power cable, which comes with your purchase, so you never have to worry about it running out of power.

High Quality Recordings

Focusing on the all-important recording function, this pedal retains your sound in a high-definition 24-bit quality, and the Analog-Drive-Through feature ensures quality is maintained on your signal’s way to the amp.

Easily the highlight feature here is how small the pedal is. If you’re already using a cramped pedalboard but you want to introduce a looping feature, this pedal takes up very little space. However, the buttons and dials are oversized, meaning you won’t have any trouble interacting with them.

Effortless to Use

Operation using these dials is simple. Just tap the button to record. Tap it again to play, and tap it again to rerecord. It’s literally that simple. This means you don’t need to worry about learning complex processes and functions. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go!

As you would expect from a leading pedal, this device comes with the True Bypass technology to ensure your sound quality is retained whether you’re using the pedal or not. With a simple yet powerful loop level dial to control how your audio is played back, this is a fantastic pedal that doesn’t break the bank!

What We Like About It

An extra feature this pedal has is the integrated USB port. This means you can export your recorded sounds to your PC to edit them however you please, and you can even import your own sounds to loop, giving you more even more creative potential than your traditional pedal.

  • Incredibly easy to use and effortless to learn
  • Ultra-compact design that takes up next-to-no pedalboard space
  • Records up to five minutes of sound with unlimited overdubs
  • Built-in USB port for exporting your sounds to your computer

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Digitech Jamman Solo Looper Guitar Pedal

Digitech Jamman Solo Looper Guitar Pedal
Digitech are revolutionizing the audio industry with their range of great products, and the JMSXT Stereo looper pedal is a testament to what they can achieve. This highly functional and incredibly feature-rich device is packed with everything you need to unlock your full creative potential.

With this device, you’ll be able to record up to 35 minutes of audio in clips, or continuously, in a full CD-equivalent quality. Your audio will be stored within the 200 slot memory banks, which you can then select using the integrated controls.

Unlimited Memory Potential

A standout feature of this device is the fact you can even expand this internal memory using an external SD card. This can increase your recording time by up to 16 hours, all in the leading CD-quality format, and add an additional 200 memory slots to your device. With 400 slots, you’ll have more than enough room to be your best.

What also makes this pedal so great is the fact you can operate it on the fly, meaning operation is completely hands-free. Once you’re set up and all your settings are on point, you can record, playback, and solo your sounds with a simple tap of your foot, making this a great pedal to use during live performances.

Your Sounds, Your Way

However, focusing more on what this pedal can accomplish, you can slow down or speed up your loops using the tempo button, all without changing the pitch, and there’s even an AUX input that allows you to connect audio devices and record from any kind of audio output device with the same connections.

All in all, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Despite the many features this device has to offer, it still remains compact and small; it doesn’t use up much real estate on your pedalboard. It’s also incredibly lightweight, which means you can take it with you wherever you go!

What more could you ask for?

What We Like About It

While navigating through over 400 audio looping save slots may sound complex, there’s a handy built-in screen in the top left of the device that makes it incredibly simple to cycle through and find the recordings you’re looking for.
This is especially important when you’re performing live and need your sounds fast!

  • Incredibly lightweight and compact, as well as super portable
  • Can record over 35 minutes of stereo audio over 200 internal save slots
  • Expand the memory using external memory cards
  • Has an AUX input for looping audio from any music source

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HOEREV Guitar Looper Effector Pedal

HOEREV Guitar Looper Effector Pedal
Another simple pedal comes from HOEREV, and this time they’re giving you the basic features you need to loop your music yet executing them in the best possible way. With this particular pedal, you’ll be able to enjoy up to five minutes of recording time, all stored to a 24-bit format. You can even voice loop to an impressive 48K format.

What makes this pedal special is the fact you can connect it to the computer application and import the sounds onto the computer in the best possible way for the best results. The application is free and available for Windows computers, and you can download it free on the HOEREV website.

A Simple Yet Effective Solution

When it comes to this pedal, simple really is better, so if you’re looking for a pedal that doesn’t come with bells and whistles but effortlessly gets the job done, this is the pedal for you.

All the controls are managed by foot when you’re turning the looping function or the playback on and off, and the levels of the looping feature can be easily controlled using the oversized dial at the top. Just record, set your levels, and play it back through your amp!

You can power this pedal using the standard battery format, or by using an AC adapter that comes with your purchase.
While this pedal was only released back in January 2019, the pedal is already rocking up some fantastic reviews from its users, and there’s no denying this is going to be a pedal that keeps on rocking guitar musicians from now on!

What We Like About It

While being an incredibly affordable pedal, the quality of the final sounds is amazing. While only WACV files can be written to the computer app, this format requires a quality sound, and this looper pedal is designed to retain it from input to output.

  • Excellent price for a pedal with these features
  • Compatible with the free HOEREV computer app for managing recorded files
  • Can be powered indefinitely using the included 9V AC adapter
  • Impressive sound quality retained throughout every process of the pedal

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VOX Lil’ Looper Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

VOX Lil’ Looper Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
While there are plenty of simple yet effective looper pedals out there, for our next entry, we’re going to take a detailed look into the awesome looping experience that the Vox Lil’ Multi-Effects pedal has to offer.

The VOX pedal promotes not just one, but a two-pedal design that really gives you full control over how you loop. Not only can you loop twice at the same time, but you can also assign a different function to each pedal, whether it’s recording, overdubbing, playing back your sounds, or accessing a certain function.

Infinite Recording and Overdubbing

Looking into the certain aspects of the recording function, you can record up to 90 seconds of audio with each pedal on two separate loops, and you can write over your recorded sounds an infinite number of times until you’re completely happy with your final edits. Of course, these are all the tools you need to take full control over your guitar music.

However, unlike any other pedal available, this one comes with a loop quantize function. This awesome little function means you can edit the length of records down to the nearest millisecond and as precisely as you want, and you can synchronize the tempos of both looped pedals automatically.

Ultimate Sound Manipulation

To take things even further, this pedal comes with a fantastic array of effects built directly into the pedal set. There are 12 total effects to choose from, some customized for your guitar sounds, others for your mic sounds since there’s a mic input. This gives you more control over how your final sounds are outputted, and your final result.

Of course, there’s a lot of creative leeway here to basically do whatever you want. While you may have several pedals to carry out different effects, plus your looper pedal, this setup is basically your entire pedalboard in one place, giving you everything you need in one space-saving solution.

With a number of other essential features such as undo and redo for your recording and file management actions, instrument inputs and a universal XLR mic input so you can loop your voice, and all this with the dual pedal function, this is easily one of the best looping pedal devices available right now.

What We Like About It

Vos is a well-known music brand that’s been around for over 60 years, and the level of quality that has been built up and retained over these six decades is evident in this device. If you’re looking for a reliable looping pedal that’s always there for you and does exactly what you need it to do, this is the pedal you’ve been looking for.

  • Designed to loop both your guitar sounds and vocals
  • Runs on AA batteries that last around eight hours with continuous use
  • Comes with two pedals for carrying a wealth of looping and editing functions
  • Comes with 12 built-in effects to customize your guitar sounds

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NUX Loop Core Guitar Effect Pedal Looper

NUX Loop Core Guitar Effect Pedal Looper
Our second to last entry takes us back to the NUX brand, this time focusing on the same Loop Core range, but their original model. Of course, as a looping pedal, you’ll be able to record and overdub your sounds as much as you want, however with this model you get up to six hours of recording time.

These six hours of time is then broken down into 99 save slots that you can access easily with the integrated controls; everything can be easily monitored and managed using the simple LED screen. Not bad for a budget-friendly device that’s suitable for all guitarists.

Even some of the other premium features you would expect on a more expensive device, such as a built-in drum machine complete with tap tempo functions, are included as standard, and all the buttons are super easy to learn! This means less time trying to figure out how to use the pedal and more time getting creative with your sound.

Integrate Drum Machine

While the tap tempo function is designed for the drum machine, there is even a complete tempo control feature for controlling the recordings of your loops. Speed them up, slow them down, all without having to worry about the key or the pitch changing whatsoever.

Of course, there’s a plethora of other features, including phrase switching with no latency whatsoever, the ability to attach other extension pedals to your device if you’re looking for even more control over your sounds, and multiple power options, whether that’s using a battery or adapter.

Due to the great price, and the fact it’s made by Nux, one of the most reliable and reputable brands in the guitar pedal market, complemented further by the dozens of reviews from satisfied customers, this great pedal is well worth your attention.

What We Like About It

As with a lot of the more modern guitar pedal devices, this one allows you to save and export your recordings to your computer. This is fantastic when it comes to making samples of your sounds, or simply saving them to use another day!

  • So compact and lightweight you can take and use it anywhere
  • Export any of the 99 saved files to your computer for further editing
  • The ability to record over six hours’ worth of footage
  • A selection of features like tempo changing and latency-free phrase switching

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BOSS Audio RC-3 Looper Pedal Station

BOSS Audio RC-3 Looper Pedal Station
Last, but certainly not least on our list of the very best looping pedals available right now is the incredible powerhouse that is the Boss Audio RC-3. This device is on par with many of the other premium-quality pedals we’ve listed above in this list, but this one does it to an exceptional quality like no other.

The RC-3 is super compact and has the 99 save slots for saving or looping your individual audio recordings at any time. This totals around three hours of recording time to ensure you’re never going to run out of space.

Computer Connectivity

As you would expect, the device also has a USB 2.0 connection port to connect the device to your computer and export your recordings as WAV files. You can even import other sounds onto the pedal itself.

While these are all standard premium features, this pedal does come with more exclusive features, such as two inputs for two different source inputs, automatic recording so you don’t miss a beat, and a rhythm guide with real, high-definition drum sounds.

With Boss’s epic reliability, a highly durable build that can withstand practically anything you’re planning on putting your pedal through, and the fact it’s going to last for years to come, if you’re looking for a guitar pedal you can trust, you may not need to look further than this.

What We Like About It

How you use your Boss RC-3 pedal is completely up to you. Whether you’re using it on the move while out and about, using the battery pack or plugging it into your rig using the AC adapter for unlimited use, you can loop your sounds your way.

  • Super compact and highly portable
  • Can manage multiple inputs at the same time
  • Superior reliability you know you can trust
  • Can be powered via batteries or a main supply

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The Complete Buying Guide to Guitar Looper Pedals

As you can see, there are plenty of pedals out there for you to choose from, but it completely depends on what’s best for you and your individual style of looping. To help you make the right decision, here’s the complete buying guide to choosing the best guitar looping pedal.

Recording Time

If you’re unable to hold many sounds on your pedal, you’re not going to be able to loop to your full potential. This is perhaps the most important feature and will solely depend on what you’re looking to loop.

If you only want to loop several bars in a track over and over again, like a background, you will only need the minimum recording time, which will be about five minutes or so and will cost less money. However, some pedals can record hours of sound, which gives you basically unlimited potential to store certain sounds and bring them back at any time.

Of course, the more memory your pedal has, the more features you’ll need to be able to access and navigate them properly, such as a screen and respective dials, which will be at the higher end of the price bracket.

Sound Editing

There’s no denying you’re going to need to control and master the sounds you record on your looping pedal. You’ll need tweak the volume, the speed (tempo) at which you record, and sometimes even the pitch or the key.

Whether this feature is offered will solely depend on the pedal you’re buying, since some will just loop the sounds how you record them and that’s that. If you want to edit your sounds, you’re going to need a pedal that can manage it.

Exporting/Importing Sounds

Being able to connect your looping pedal to your computer is one of the more recent features to be added, but it’s completely changed the game when it comes to what the standard pedal can achieve.

With USB capabilities, you’ll be able to take the guitar sounds you’ve saved onto your pedal and export them out onto
your computer as WAV files. You can then basically do whatever you want with them, whether you’re saving them as samples or mastering and editing them into another digital track.

It’s completely up to you.

Of course, this works both ways, and if you want to import sounds you’ve already got in a WAV format that you fancy looping, whether in a studio or during a live performance, there are many pedals that allow you to do this.

True Bypass

One of the most common problems with looping pedals, especially older, more original models, is the fact that sound signals would go from your guitar, through the pedal, and then onwards to your amplifier, but the sounds would have interference going through the pedal because it was either turned off, or the wiring wasn’t optimized for quality, especially with cheaper models.

Fortunately, True Bypass was created to ensure the audio signal’s quality is maintained from start to finish, even if the pedal isn’t in use. So, it goes without saying you should look for a looping pedal that comes with this technology.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Looper Pedals

Do I need a looper pedal as a musician?

The truth is that while you don’t need a looper pedal, as it’s not essential as a guitarist or musician, it can be one of the most useful tools in your inventory. Looping can be incredibly helpful if you want to maintain consistency across a track, or if you want to add an extra layer to your sounds.

What’s better: battery-powered or AC adapter?

It’s true that many pedals won’t come with their own AC adapter and you’ll need to buy one if you want to use it. However, there are also battery-powered devices that don’t require a cable, so which one is best?

The truth is, this simply depends on your personal preference. If you’re planning to take your pedal out and about with you onto the streets or just practice in your house, you’ll want a battery-powered portable device. If you’re going to be performing for a long time or need a reliable connection, go for a power supply.


While there are plenty of looping pedals out there to choose from, you need to make sure you’re taking your time to choose the one that works best for you, one that is designed to help you creatively achieve what you want to achieve.

Look through this list, take your time to understand what you want, and you know you’ll have the best looping experience.