Best Joyo Effect Pedals For 2019

When it comes to playing your guitar, while all the leading manufacturers have put in an insane amount of effort to make sure their guitars sound amazing, as a musician, sometimes you still won’t be happy with the overall sound you’re producing.

This is why effects pedals exist; to help you customize your sound, so you’re creating the exact tones that you’re looking for, ensuring your music sounds the way you want it to. However, to make sure you’re creating your unique style of music, you’re going to need a pedal to stand by your side.

Today, we’re going to focus our attention on the Joyo brand of pedals. This is a hugely popular brand that covers all kinds of effects, ultimately giving you full control when you’re performing.

Not only does Joyo offer affordable emulation pedals that can help you to duplicate the kind of effects you would expect from a more expensive pedal, but they also offer a full range of devices that can provide you with new effects that you can’t find anywhere else.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed on where to begin; we’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to. Below, you’ll find four of our favorite effects pedals from the Joyo brand, making sure that you’ll be able to find the right pedal for you.

Joyo JF-14 American Sound Effects Pedal Amplifier Simulation (with Voice Control)

Joyo JF-14 American Sound Effects Pedal Amplifier Simulation (with Voice Control)

Kicking off our list, we’ve chosen this highly functional effects pedal that offers a broad and extensive range of control over the sounds that your guitar is producing. What we love about this pedal is the fact that it sticks to
Joyo’s ethos of being incredibly affordable, while still remaining one of the most feature-rich pedals on the market.

This particular model is designed to help you replicate the American sounding Fender 57 Deluxe amplifier, giving you everything you need to create that vintage sound that remained iconic in the music industry for decades.

On the pedal, you’ll find six dedicated controls; three for controlling your three-band EQ (lows, mids, and highs), and three other controls for managing your overall level, the ‘voice’ of your guitar, and of course, the drive.

This device also features a True Bypass filter which can be turned on and off using your foot while you’re performing, helping you to introduce and cut the effects of the pedal easily, as and when you need them.

While this pedal is battery-powered, each purchase comes with a 9-volt battery to get you started as soon as your pedal arrives. To help you make sure it doesn’t cut out while you’re playing, there’s even a built-in LED power indicator, so you know that your pedal is ready to go for the long-haul.

However, you do have the option to power your pedal using a DC power connection, but you’ll need to invest in your own cable (which can be purchased online for next to nothing). All in all, this extensively-featured pedal is everything you could ever need.

  • True Bypass filter to minimize unwanted noise and distortion
  • An impressive range of effects control to help you create your unique sound
  • Styled to sound like a vintage, amplified Fender 57 Deluxe
  • Can be powered through a battery or DC connection
  • Quite a specific sound that may not be suitable for all musicians
  • None!

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Joyo JF-15 California Sound Effects Pedal with Modern Ultra-High Gain Amp Simulator

Joyo JF-15 California Sound Effects Pedal with Modern Ultra-High Gain Amp Simulator

If you liked all the stats of the pedal above, but not the type of sound that it produces, you may instead be looking for Joyo’s JF-15 model effects pedal. This is another highly affordable pedal that’s been designed to help you achieve a ‘rectifier’ style of sound on your lead channel.

With this device, you can completely manipulate your sound using the six dedicated controls. Of course, this includes your standard three-band EQ controls, and the highly functional Level, Voice and Drive knobs, enabling you to easily create the sound that you’re looking for from your guitar.

The sound that is produced is simply outstanding, and it’s sure to bring a new lease of life into any guitar performances. The quality of this sound is equally as impressive, all thanks to the integrated True Bypass filter that ensures there’s a minimal risk of signal loss while you’re playing.

There’s even a built-in Voice control dial which grants you the unique ability to shape your mid-range sounds, even when you’re playing with several guitars, microphones, and pedals. This is an exclusive feature that you simply won’t find with pedals outside the Joyo brand.

With a rugged metal casing for maximum durability, as well as a cool ‘reflective’ aesthetic, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular pedals in the Joyo inventory.

  • Dedicated three-band EQ control
  • Level, Voice, and Drive controls for maximum opportunities to create your unique sound
  • Outstandingly affordable pedal suitable for all budgets
  • True Bypass filter for minimal risk of signal loss while you’re performing
  • May create a ‘muddy’ sound when you’re overdriving your guitar
  • Sound can be too subtle for some musicians playing heavier genres

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Joyo Audio Sweet Baby Effects Pedal

Joyo Audio Sweet Baby Effects Pedal

If you’re looking for a super-affordable effects pedal that provides you with the ability to overdrive your guitar’s sound without dramatically adding gain, as most effects pedals do, this is the device you’ve been looking for.

This simple pedal comes with three dedicated sound controls; Volume, Drive, and Focus. As you can imagine, the volume controls the decibel level of your sound, the drive controls your overdrive, and the focus is used to create different styles of overdrive.

This means you’ll be able to overdrive various tones in your guitar sound, helping you to find that perfect overdrive setting you’re looking for. This pedal also comes in a beautiful orange aesthetic to help it stand out while it’s positioned in your pedal board.

The Sweet Baby is relatively small compared with other similar effects pedals, but that only helps to keep it nice and compact while you’re traveling around, regardless of whether you’re recording in the studio or performing live on stage.

Despite the incredibly affordable price tag, the Sweet Baby produces a lovely clean sound and warm tones that you’re instantly going to fall in love with. With a switchable True Bypass filter that can be activated with your foot, you can also enjoy smooth sounds without any noise or distortion.

  • Super-affordable effects pedal to suit all budgets
  • True Bypass filter that can be turned on and off with your foot
  • Rugged, compact and beautiful design that you’ll instantly fall in love with
  • Three dedicated controls for manipulating the sound you want to create
  • May start at falter after two years
  • None!

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Joyo A1841 Joyo JF-20 Ultimate Overdrive Pedal

Joyo A1841 Joyo JF-20 Ultimate Overdrive Pedal

Finally, to finish off our list of the best Joyo effects pedal in their inventory, we’ve chosen this beautifully designed pedal that dedicates itself to produce you with an outstanding overdriven sound to help you bring your performances to life.

With this pedal, you’ll be able to use the manual switch to select whether you’re overdriving your guitar’s low or high frequencies. You can then apply your effects using the three dedicated switches; Gain, Level, and Tone.

These are then used to help you create just the right amount of distortion and overdrive that you’re looking for, ensuring that you’ll create a roaring, rumbling sound that’s perfect for all kinds of guitar-based genres, especially classic, hard and old school rock!

You can also use this pedal to create more active redundancy in your guitar sounds or to make your tones sound like they’ve just gone through an electron tube amplifier. The result is a harmonious sound that sounds complex by nature to your audience, but it’s really just you playing as you normally would!

Of course, just like the other impressive effects pedals that Joyo provides, this hugely popular pedal is affordable and suitable for musicians on any kind of budget and comes in a stunning red and black design that you’ll adore, as well as ensuring it looks great with the rest of your pedals.

You can power this particular model using the included 9-volt battery, or by using a DC power cable, although this cable doesn’t come with your purchase (although these are incredibly affordable when they’re purchased online).

Furthermore, there’s also the True Bypass filter (that can be turned on and off with your foot), as comes as standard on your Joyo effects pedals. This means minimal distortion and unwanted feedback sounds!

To summarize, if you’re looking for a powerful, cheap yet cheerful effects pedal to add a bit of spark to your guitar sounds, the A1841 could be exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Incredibly affordable effects pedal
  • High-quality sound, complete with a True Bypass filter
  • Perfect pedal for creating classic, hard, and old school rock music
  • Ability to overdrive and distort high and low sounds separately
  • None!

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When it comes to finding the right effects pedal for you and your guitar, there’s no doubt that Joyo has the device you’ve been looking for. With such a broad selection available, it’s no wonder that the company has been satisfying thousands of musicians around the world.

Any of the four pedals we’ve listed above are sure to fit the niche you’re looking to fill; simply select the sound you want to create, the pedal that makes it, and you’ll be rocking out in no time at all!