4 Best Guitar Stools

As a guitarist or any other type of musician, you might find that you’re spending a lot of your time on your stool. This is far more comfortable than slouching back on a sofa and gives you the correct posture you’ll need when performing so you can hit the perfect notes and look after your physical well-being.

However, despite this seeming like an obvious addition to a musician’s inventory, it is also perhaps one of the most overlooked components, despite the fact that getting it wrong can ruin your set, hurt your back and, over time, develops a poor posture that can be damaging to your health.

When you think that you could spend hundreds, maybe even thousands, of hours in your stool, it only makes sense that you’ll want to pick one that’s going to benefits you.

Today, we’re going to help you make this exact decision. There are hundreds of stools to choose from that it can be confusing, if not overwhelming, to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty to hunt down the best of the best, narrowing it down to just four of the best stools available today.

With the following stools, you’ll be able to perform comfortably at home, in your studio, or live on stage, allowing you to truly focus on performing to the best of your ability and giving the performance of a lifetime, every time you pick up your guitar.
Gator Frameworks Combination Guitar Performance Seat and Single Guitar Stand

#1 – Gator Frameworks Combination Guitar Performance Seat and Single Guitar Stand

To start off our list of best guitar stools that are available today, we’ve gone ahead and chosen what is easily one of the most fully-featured stools on the market. Let’s jump straight into it.

Crafted by the experts down at Gator Frameworks, one of the best popular audio accessory designers in the United States, what really sets this chair apart is the fact that it has a built-in guitar stand.

This is a stand that has been designed to hold any type of guitar, whether that’s an acoustic, electric or bass guitar, which means you can always be sure that your guitar is safe and sound. Regarding the seat itself, this stool prides itself on its 300lbs capacity, durable vinyl seat and the cushioned insides which ensure that it remains comfortable on your bum all night long.

This cushion is only complimented by the adjustable back-rest that’s been designed to be as ergonomic as possible, as well as being completely removable if you need it to be.

Furthermore, while when you receive this stool it will need a little bit of construction to put together (all the tools are included), when you’re ready to move it around or away to your next gig, simply pull out the quick release pin for a compacted, fold-up chair that’s effortless to take with you wherever you go, all for an extremely competitive price.

  • Quick-release pin for compact design
  • Can hold up to 300lbs in weight
  • Cushioned, durable vinyl seat
  • Integrated guitar holder built into the stool
  • Adjustable and removable back-rest
  • Requires assembly before use

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Odyssey DJCHAIR Adjustable DJ Chair

#2 – Odyssey DJCHAIR Adjustable DJ Chair

Falling into the affordable end of the mid-range price bracket, we’ve chosen this Odyssey adjustable chair which has been special designed with DJs in mind but is more than suitable for guitarists and other musicians. When you consider that performing DJs can spend hours in the same place throughout a set, or an entire evening, it becomes clear that the criteria are the same.

Firstly, the specifications of this chair mean you can adjust between heights of 19 to 33 inches, with five unique increments to settle in, making sure that everything is the right height for you to remain comfortable, regardless of where you’re playing and the heights you need.

Regarding comfort, this chair goes out of its way to provide a satisfactory level of neck and back support thanks to the padded cushions. This is to make sure you’re comfortable and sitting upright, without running the risk of damaging the vital parts your body while you’re stationary.

You’ll even find the base of this chair comes with support for your feet, so your legs and ankles can benefit from support as your neck and back, ensuring your entire body is protected. When you’re not using this stool, all the parts fold down or are removable for easy transport, making it easy for you to take this stool from one gig to the next.

With a removable padded back and top section for complete freedom, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular musician stools on the market.

  • Effortless compact design for easy transport
  • Removeable padded back and top
  • Actively supports back, neck, legs, and feet
  • Adjustable height of 19-33 inches
  • Back-rest might be a little far back for guitarists
  • The padded seat is comfortable, but not breathable

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K&M Performance Stool

#3 – K&M Performance Stool

While budget can play a huge role in the kind of stool you’re willing to buy, when it comes to product that you’re going to be spending so much of your time in, potentially for years to come, it goes without saying that making a long-term investment can be well worth it in terms of your health.

With this in mind, coming in at number three as one of our best guitar stools is the K&M performance stool. While this may be one of the most expensive on the market, it’s still one of the best guitar stools around. This ergonomically designed black leather stool is sure to provide all the cushion and support that you’ve been looking for.

While this stool is made of leather, that does mean that it’s not breathable, but the level of comfort you’ll receive is unparalleled. There are multiple height settings that you can choose from in the spring-loaded pneumatic design, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect setting that suits you.

There’s even the foot-rest bar to keep your feet nice and relaxed while you’re playing. The entire seat, bar the cushioned parts, are made from solid and highly durable steel for the longest lifespan, and the entire stool folds up into a compact form for easy transport, making this perhaps the versatile stool of them all!

  • Foldable, compact design for easy transport
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Solid steel construction for a long lifespan
  • Black leather, cushioned seat
  • Premium price tag
  • No back-rest section

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Budget Bar Stools Professional Guitar Stage Stool

#4 – Budget Bar Stools Professional Guitar Stage Stool

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that suits a low and affordable budget but still provides a high level of comfort this Budget Bar Stool could be the best guitar stool for you. While being on the most inexpensive stools on this list, it does make the perfect companion for any level of a guitar player, whether you’re out and about or at home.

While this stool doesn’t come with the ability to fold up for easy transport, making it better suited for staying in one location, this stool is available in both 24-inch and 30-inch versions, each topped with a thick, 1.25-inch vinyl, cushioned base for you to position yourself in the most comfortable way possible.

Under this cushioned area, you’ll find a traditionally-styled bar stool design, made with an 18-gauge frame in which the legs are welded by foot bars. Not only does this increase the durability of the stool while you’re playing, but it also gives you a foot bar no matter what way you’re facing.

This is only added to thanks to the swivel feature of this guitar stool, meaning you can spin around easily to whatever position best suits you, making it ideal for popping up on the stage and engaging with your audience, a key feature when it comes to choosing the best guitar bar stool for you.

  • 1.25-inch soft, comfortable vinyl cushion
  • 360° swivel function
  • Available in eight unique and vibrant colors
  • Available in 24 and 32-inch versions
  • No back-rest to lean on
  • No adjustable height settings

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When it comes to choosing the best guitar stool for you, as you can see, there is so much on offer that it can be hard to know where to begin. However, choosing one of the stools on this list means you can be sure that you’re choosing a quality product which will cater to whatever you need it to.

When choosing your stool, make sure that you’re paying attention to how much it costs, the level of support that it’s providing you and how comfortable you’re going to feel.

Remember that for some gigs, you may be spending hours sitting in your chair while you’re performing, perhaps even for many weekends or evenings of the year, plus any time you sit in it at home which is why it’s so important to find one that’s going to give you everything you need and more.