Best Floor Standing Speakers For 2019

Best Overall Floor Standing Speakers: Rockville TM150C Home Theatre Floor Standing System
Rockville have created an impressive name for themselves over the last few years, and their latest TM150C system is one of their paramount lines that has everything. With all input ports, a complete sound driver system that reaches up to 1,000 watts and a stylish aesthetic, what more could you need?

Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers: Dayton Audio T2652 Dual Tower Speaker (Pair)
If you’re in the market for an easy speaker solution that looks and sounds great but doesn’t break the bank, then Dayton Audio has a speaker set for you. Loud with pristine audio quality and liquid system cooling, this is a professional made affordable!

Best Premium Floor Standing Speakers: Polk Audio TSi300 3-Way Tower Speaker Pair
In need of two powerful and punchy floor standing speakers to help you enjoy your music or audio your way? Polk Audio has two speakers that sound incredible, and when you’re looking for one of the best audio experiences available, Polk Audio is a frontrunner you can’t ignore.

Our Top Ten

Floor standing speakers are exactly what the title suggests. It doesn’t matter whether you’re performing in a venue, practicing or recording in a studio, or simply jamming your instruments or rocking out to your favorite playlists at home, a speaker on the floor is all you need to bring your sounds to life.

Most popularly, a floor standing speaker will be used in an event. From weddings to gigs to birthday parties and garden meetups, put your floor standing speaker anywhere, plug it in, and away you go. There’s no need to mount anything, no safety issues, and everything has been made quick and easy so you can get on with doing what you love.

However, making sure you’re spending your money on the best floor standing speaker for you is a whole other ball game. Today, we’re going to help you on this journey by detailing our ten best recommendations for the best speakers out there, followed by a detailed buying guide to help you make the best decision. Let’s go!

Sykik Tower High-Power Tower Speaker

Sykik Tower High-Power Tower Speaker

To begin with, we’ve opted for the simple, all-around floor standing speaker that should tick the boxes for what most budget-conscious buyers are looking for. Generally speaking, these speakers look great, sound great, and come with a range of features to help you enjoy your music your way.

Power to Your Music

Built with the traditional tower design, these speakers generate their sound using a pair of punchy 3-inch drivers coupled with a beefy 5.25-inch subwoofer. This, of course, means the whole frequency range is covered, and both treble and bass sounds are rich, clear and deep. This is then backed by an operating RMS of 60 watts, which is ideal for most standard household needs.

Sykik allows you to really push the boat out when it comes to listening to your music your way, and they provide ample ways to connect your audio and storage devices. The tower speaker comes with integrated USB and SD memory card slots, and it offers wired connections using the colored RCA ports.

Endless Connections

You can even enjoy wireless connections to FM radio frequency bands and Bluetooth connectivity. For those of you who use iPod or iPhone devices, there’s a built-in docking port so you can effortlessly plug in and go!

As you can see, there are a lot of features that can be enjoyed here, but don’t worry, everything has been made to be as simple as possible. The tower has a built-in touchscreen control panel, complete with an LED display that allows you to easily see what audio source you’re using, and what kind of settings you’re using. There’s even a 2-band (bass and treble) EQ you can use here!

There’s no denying this is a nifty little device, and sure, the sound quality isn’t as great as some of the other devices here, but if you’re looking for an affordable solution that gets the job done, you won’t need to look further than this!

What We Like About It

A highlight feature that’s uncommon among budget-friendly options is the fact that this device comes with a remote control. There are plenty of buttons here, including song management, volume control, source input selection, and the EQ settings, all to help you relax and enjoy sounds however you like with ease.

  • Comes in two striking and vibrant aesthetic designs
  • A ton of audio input options to listen to your music your way
  • Comes with a remote control for easy operation
  • Two drivers and a subwoofer running at 60 watts RMS

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Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Floor Standing Speaker

Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Floor Standing Speaker

If you’ve been looking into home audio systems and floor standing speakers, then chances are you’ve already come across the brand name that is Yamaha. Yamaha is a world-class audio manufacturing brand, and when it comes to high-quality sound products that meet and exceed all expectations, Pioneer is not one to disappoint, as you’ll see here.

Affordable But Powerful

The NS-F210BL model is an affordable 2-way speaker option that’s designed to cover the full frequency range spectrum to give you the best of whatever you’re listening to. As long as you’re listening to your music from an HD audio source, you can be sure whatever track you’re listening to is going to sound simply fantastic.

This is coupled by several features to help improve the whole experience, one of which is the woofers’ aluminium cones that ensure the response time of these speakers are super-fast.

World-Class Engineering

Pioneer has taken extra special care to ensure that longevity, durability, and style has all been balanced into one design. The tower features a heavy-duty steel base that helps to keep it stable and anchors it into the ground, which is ideal for setting it up in any room of the house or studio, while it can easily survive all the knocks and bumps of everyday life.

Another five-star rated product, these speakers are awesome in all aspects, and with Yamaha’s legendary name behind them, you know this is a reliable speaker system you can trust and will guarantee to perform and satisfy you for many years to come.

What We Like About It

A highlight feature of this tower speaker is the fact it’s so easy to expand the collection and system you have to suit what you’re looking for. Whether you want more subs, more tweeters, bookshelf speakers, or even a surround system, there are enough ports and connection opportunities to create the entertainment setup of your dreams.

  • Enables you to listen to all HD music sources in absolute clarity
  • Easy to expand your system with compatible Yamaha speakers and products
  • A slimline design suitable for living room, lounge, or studio with any aesthetic
  • Heavy-duty stand to anchor these speakers to any surface

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Dayton Audio T2652 Dual Tower Speaker (Pair)

Dayton Audio T2652 Dual Tower Speaker (Pair)

If you’re in the market for a punchy tower floor standing speaker that doesn’t break the bank but allows for rich and deep basslines that get the party pumping, or your favorite movies giving you the best experience, Dayton Audio has a solution you’re not going to want to ignore.

Rich Bass Sounds

These speakers come packed with some juicy 6.5-inch two-way subwoofers that are incredibly powerful at hitting the lower frequency levels, with a lower limit of 45Hz, which is more than enough for the majority of low bass sounds on any audio track.

Of course, there’s also a 5/8-inch tweeter to cover the higher frequencies, and while this is not the best tweeter in a speaker on our list, it’s more than enough for the majority of audio needs. When you consider all this for the price tag these speakers are available for, this product line is nothing short of exceptional.

What We Like About It

Speakers can get hot with extensive use, which can end up cutting your party short while damaging your speakers and equipment over long periods of time, but this doesn’t have to be the case. These particular speakers come with professional ferrofluid cooling technology that helps to keep everything safe, and your equipment lasting longer!

  • A slimline design that suits any occasion or décor
  • Comes with integrated cooling technology to increase safety and durability
  • Sports a deep reflex bass down to 45Hz
  • Dual 6.5-inch subwoofers for pumping out your sound loudly

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Rockville TM150C Home Theatre Floor Standing System

Rockville have always impressed us with their speaker ranges, and their addition to the floor standing market, the TM150C, is no exception to the rule. In fact, Rockville have completely raised the bar for what is expected from floor standing speakers, and it’s easy to see why this is one of our favorites.

Let’s start from the top. This pair of speakers comes with a dual 10-inch subwoofer system, two silk dome tweeters (renowned for being the industry’s leading form of tweeter), and then four polypropylene cones in the middle. This is an insane number of speakers that guarantees to cover the entire frequency response range and ensures everything you listen to sounds amazing.

Studio-Grade Power

Don’t worry, there’s enough power to back this up. The speakers run with an RMS of 250 watts with a peak power output of an incredible 1000 watts, which is pretty much going to cover everything you need. This is coupled with the highly detailed yet easy-to-use 8-band EQ to help your outputted sounds sound exactly how you want them to.

You won’t need to worry about getting an external amplifier to help manage your power or audio inputs. These speakers come with a Class A/B amplifier built in, which is purely designed to offer you an audiophile-satisfactory level of sound.

Listen to Your Music, Your Way

Connect your music however you like using the multiple ports that are available through this amp. These speakers have everything from AUX and RCA cable inputs to Bluetooth wireless technology and USB/SD memory card slots. There are even ¼-inch microphone inputs; karaoke, anyone?

Literally every single aspect of these speakers has been designed with quality in mind, from the solid, non-vibration MDF frames to the noise and interference-reduction cables on the inside; everything screams ‘high quality audio’.
With dozens of five-star reviews, plenty of happy customers, and Rockville’s world-class reputation on the line, this is a range of speakers where you simply can’t go wrong.

What We Like About It

Quite simply put, the high and low crossovers that have been integrated into this speaker system are some of the best in the business. These crossovers result in the best sound and audio, making these speakers best for both casual music lovers and audiophiles alike.

  • Made from MDF materials that are highly durable and vibration-resistant
  • Multiple input slots, including RCA, USB, AUX, and SD memory cards
  • Incredible peak power of 1,000 watts
  • Dual subwoofer system with dedicated tweeters

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Dayton Audio T652-AIR Dual Tower Speaker Pair

Dayton Audio T652-AIR Dual Tower Speaker Pair

If you’re looking for the same great Dayton Audio speakers and the quality experience they provide, but you’re in need of something a little extra, a nicer experience that’s more wholesome and more satisfying, the upgraded version, the T652, could be exactly what you’re after.

These speakers offer the same dual 6.5-inch speaker system that provides the incredible bass response that Dayton Audio are renowned for, going deep to a frequency rating around the 45Hz mark. This is coupled with a patented 1-inch AMT tweeter for covering the high notes, creating an overall smooth and crisp sound unusual in this price bracket.

Outstanding Aesthetics

In true Dayton Audio fashion, this is a slim-line system that looks great anywhere in the house while being subtle enough to fit into any space you may have. There’s no need to worry about having to move everything around dramatically to squeeze them in!

Searching online, you’ll find dozens of beaming five-star reviews on these speakers, each claiming how amazing the audio quality is, all mainly thanks to that leading AMT tweeter, which is a nice surprise considering how affordable these speakers are. Installation is effortless thanks to the ability to connect to your amp and go, also meaning all kinds of port connections are available.

As you can see, there’s very little that these Dayton Audio speakers leave out. Highly rated and packed with everything you could need, this speaker system is a very welcomed set to the market, one you can rely on to do exactly what you want it to do!

What We Like About It

The quality of the sound of these speakers is simply unparalleled in this price bracket, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better sounding system. The added tweeter is an astounding touch, but the rich, deep bass that comes from the subs cannot be ignored. Overall, Dayton Audio have raised the bar, and done an amazing job along the way.

  • Comes with a built-in AMT tweeter that sounds amazing
  • Sports the classic slim-line Dayton Audio aesthetic
  • Dozens of highly rated reviews from all over the world
  • Deep and crisp bass sounds that suit any genre of music

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Polk Audio TSi300 3-Way Tower Speaker Pair

Polk Audio TSi300 3-Way Tower Speaker

If you’re in the market for the best of the best that the floor standing speaker market has to offer, you won’t need to search any further than the Polk Audio TSi300. This hefty paired speaker system comes with everything you need and provides you with an audio quality that’s unparalleled in this market.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

This speaker is regarded as one of the most high-performance speakers in the industry, and comes packed with a 1-inch silk dome, polymer composite tweeter speaker that’s been designed using Polk Audio’s patented Dynamic Balance technology, which helps to keep your sounds sounding amazingly crystal-clear, no matter what genre you’re listening to.

This is backed up by the two, that’s right, two, 5.25-inch bi-laminate organic fiber cone subwoofers. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make a lot of sense and you’re not an audiophile, it basically means these speakers are capable of operating within a truly impressive frequency response of 35Hz to 25kHz.

Perfect for All Genres

In short, it doesn’t matter what you’re listening to, whether that’s the glistening trebles of an orchestra or the rumbling deep basslines of techno dance music, this is a pair of speakers that’s got you covered.

It’s worth noting that due to the power this speaker can provide, you’re going to need some kind of external amplification unit, the recommended wattage of which sits between the 20-watt and 150-watt mark, depending on what kind of sound experience you want to achieve.

Since this uses an external amp, it really doesn’t matter how you want to listen to your music or what source you want to use, it will all depend on the amp you’re using. With a range of highly-rated reviews claiming how amazing these speakers sound, and how easy they are to set up, you really do get a bang for your buck with Polk Audio.

What We Like About It

Despite being a feature-loaded solution, setting up these Polk Audio speakers is a breeze. Just plug the cables (included) into your amplifier and you’re good to go. That’s literally it. There’s no hassle or fidgeting around with annoying ports or instructions. Just plug in and go!

  • Comes loaded with a silk dome tweeter and two powerful subwoofers
  • Insane frequency response rate that covers both treble and bass sounds
  • Plenty of highly rated five-star reviews from customers all over the world
  • Stylish design that suits any room in the house

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Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor Standing Speakers

Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor Standing Speakers

Pioneer is another one of those audio brands you cannot escape, and over the last few decades, the company has
started from the bottom and become known throughout the world for their high-quality systems that are used everywhere, from home living rooms to sell-out global music events. With this in mind, their floor standing speaker addition should need no introduction.

The system clocks in with 130 watts of power backed by 8 specially designed crossovers from the Element Sophisticated range, optimizing the signal traveling through the speakers for enhanced quality and retained definition.

Every Frequency Range Covered

For output, there are three dedicated 5.25-inch subwoofer speakers and one high-efficiency tweeter for covering the higher frequency range of your sounds. All in all, your music is going to sound amazing, and in true Pioneer fashion, they’re built to last, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy these for years to come, all without any loss in quality.

When it comes to the balance of quality and affordability, nothing comes close to this floor standing speaker set. This experience is backed up by dozens of five-star reviews and audio critic opinions from all over the world, and it’s safe to say this is an option you genuinely will not regret.

What We Like About It

Perhaps the best quality of these speakers, as the title suggests, is the fact they are based on Andrew Jones speakers. This is the name of Pioneer’s Chief Speaker Engineer and some of his designs in the premium industry have reached prices of up to $80,000, and now you can enjoy this level of quality in an affordable option.

  • An affordable solution packed with premium-quality technology
  • Houses two 5.25-inch speakers and a high-efficiency tweeter for all sound purposes
  • Hand-designed from the brain of Pioneer’s Chief Speaker Engineer
  • A 130-watt system, which is more than enough for most home, causal, and studio applications

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NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Dancing Water Light Tower Speaker

NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Dancing Water Light Tower Speaker

If you’re looking for something a little bit different that doesn’t only provide a great sound experience, but also adds a visual element you simply won’t be able to find anywhere else, the NAXA Electronics tower speaker system has something you’re guaranteed to be interested in.

Of course, as the title suggests, the top third of this speaker is an encased water tank that shoots a stream of bubbles and jets from the bottom of the tank to the top. This is a backlit tank that, when combined, allows a very visual display in time to practically any song you’re listening to!

Incredible Visuals

This creates a very unique effect of the water dancing along to the music, and no matter what genre you’re listening to, the lights and jets will change depending on the beat, volume, and tone of the music; all run at an impressive 100-240V.

You can listen to your music any way you like, whether that’s using the built-in FM radio signal receiver to listen to your favorite stations or using the Bluetooth connectivity to connect to any Bluetooth device you may want to listen to your music from!

Control Your Sounds Your Way

There’s also AUX connectivity, a remote control that allows you to control the volume and source of your audio when it’s completely comfortable to you, and the two integrated high-range drivers that ensure the quality of the music you’re listening to is satisfactory.

Of course, there’s no denying this isn’t the best-sounding speaker in the world when compared to more premium options, but the sound is still pretty decent when you consider the affordable price tag. But, this floor standing speaker tower is all about the visual effects, which is ideal if you’re looking to create a unique and captivating experience when listening to your favorite playlists.

What We Like About It

While many of you may not have heard of NAXA Electronics before, you won’t have to worry about reliability here. Each purchase comes with a full one-year warranty to ensure that your investment is protected, and you can be sure this is a speaker system that is going to last.

  • One of the most affordable floor standing speakers on our list
  • Can listen to the built-in radio system, or connect via Bluetooth
  • Comes with two integrated high-performance speaker drivers
  • Water feature with backlighting to create a unique visual effect

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Klipsch R-24F Floor-Standing Speaker

Klipsch R-24F Floor-Standing Speaker

Klipsch is no stranger when it comes to high-quality audio systems that are consistently raising the bar in terms of functionality and performance, and this R-24F model is no exception to the rule. This powerful speaker has been optimized and enhanced in every way compared with older models, and it’s safe to say it really does pack a punch.

Looking at the speaker system itself, starting from the top, the Klipsch houses a dynamic linear travel suspension horn-loaded tweeter that blissfully covers all the high notes of every track or genre while retaining absolute clarity for every single note.

Hear Every Note

These are then backed by the 4.5-inch copper-spun IMG woofer drivers, which are renowned throughout the industry for their high output properties. In layman’s terms, this is a speaker that goes loud and hard but retains all the detail you expect to ensure this is one pristine sound experience you’re not going to regret.

Due to the technical and loud nature of these speakers, they are sold individually, but if you want to invest in a full system, pair purchase sets are available. Each speaker sports a sleek and beautiful design thanks to the black brushed polymer veneer cabinet that looks amazing.

To summarize, this is a speaker system that looks and sounds great, and every single aspect of the speakers has been made with the sole aim of giving you the highest possible experience when it comes to listening to the music you love; all from the parts used to the cabling that connects it all together. This is one system you’re not going to regret.

What We Like About It

One of the highlight features of this speaker system is the unique 5-way binding posts you’ll find at the back. This means you’ll be able to connect your cables any way you please when setting up your speakers and your amp, ensuring the best fit no matter where in the house you’re planning to set them up!

  • A state-of-the-art IMG woofer and tweeter system for incredible sound response
  • Finished with a beautiful brushed black veneer aesthetic
  • Exceptionally low-frequency response range that sounds amazing
  • 5-way binding post connection to set up your speakers however you please

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Polk Audio TSi500 High-Performance Tower Speakers

Polk Audio TSi500 High Performance Tower Speakers

To finish off our list of the best floor standing speakers, we’ve opted for the Polk Audio TSi500 series. Polk Audio is one of our favorite audio brands, and that of many audiophiles from around the world, and there are plenty of reasons why this system is going to be one you’ll want on the top of your consideration list.

This pair of speakers prides itself on the fact it comes with four 6.5-inch drivers which, as you can probably imagine, is an insane amount of sound output, regardless of what volume level you’re listening at.
These speaker drivers are produced using bi-laminate organic fiber materials formed into a cone, which provides the vibrations of your music with complete clarity while remaining durable enough to stand the test of time.

A Wide Frequency Range Covered

In the center, you’ll also find a 1-inch dynamic balance silk dome tweeter for covering the higher frequency ranges, ultimately allowing this system to set with a frequency response range of 20-25,000Hz, which is more than enough for most applications.

To cut a long story short, these speakers look and sound amazing, and you really can’t go wrong. Despite being one of the more modern ranges, only released back in 2018, this system has rocketed to the top and has remained one of the best-selling systems since!

What We Like About It

Of course, the standout feature of this device is the visual aesthetic. Polk Audio have chosen a stunning cherry wooden effect that looks so professional and so inviting, and the moment you lay eyes on it, you’re guaranteed to fall in love. This kind of attention to detail only adds to the pleasure you get from using these floor standing speakers.

  • Enhanced TSI Polk Audio technology for the best sound response possible
  • Packed with four sub drivers and a high-performance tweeter driver
  • Designed with a beautiful cherry aesthetic that suits any décor
  • Drivers made from organic materials to boost durability and functionality

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The Definitive Buying Guide to the Best Floor Standing Speakers

There’s no questioning there’s a lot of awesome floor standing speakers out there you can enjoy, but when it comes to making sure you’re spending your money in the right place, it can be difficult to be sure you’re making the right decision.

However, to make this easier, the rest of this guide will share our complete buying guide of all the features and functions you need to look out for, as well as answering some of your most frequently asked questions. Combined, this should tell you everything you need to know to make the right purchasing decision!

Speaker Drivers

The first thing you’ll want to look at is what kind of speaker drivers your chosen speakers have. Ideally, you’re going to want a mix between several subwoofers and a tweeter or two, since this will allow the speakers to cover the full frequency response range of any genre of music you’re listening to.

The more speakers a system has doesn’t necessarily mean the speaker is better sounding, so always look at what drivers are being offered and what sound they can produce. Typically, the more premium the speakers, the better they’re going to sound.

Frequency Range

The frequency range your speaker system has to offer goes hand in hand with the speaker drivers you’re using. The frequency range of an audio track can vary dramatically, with the bass tones at the lower end, around 25Hz+, with the higher ranges exceeding 35,000Hz.

The broader the frequency range of your speakers, the more clarity and detail you’ll hear in your sounds, so always make sure you’re checking to see what you’re getting.


Of course, speakers need electricity to turn sound signals into sound vibrations, so you’ll need to consider how powerful your speakers are, or what they are able to achieve. The louder you want your speakers to go (all while keeping the quality of your sound), the more power you’re going to need, so bear this in mind while making a purchase.


There’s no point in getting yourself a set of speakers if you’re not going to be able to plug your audio player into the speakers to play the music! Always check what kind of connectivity your speakers have to offer to ensure your music players are supported.

With more premium systems, chances are you’re going to need to connect at external amp for it to work, which means you’ll be checking this piece of equipment to see how you can connect, but there are plenty of speakers that come with their own.

Some of the connective features in our list include Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio features, and even SD memory card slots!

Extra Features

There are plenty of extra features that can come with modern-day floor standing speakers, but it will solely depend on the brand and what they’re offering. One of the most common extra features is a remote control, which will allow you to control the volume and audio source input of your speakers from anywhere in the room.

Other features you may find include a three-band EQ, FM radio connectivity, and possibly even visual displays, such as water fountains or LED screens or lights that display captivating visuals to enhance the experience.


The last consideration you’re going to want to think about is how your speakers look. Most modern speakers nowadays are made to look good in their own way, but floor standing speakers are usually quite big, which means they’re obvious when you go into a room, so you’re going want them to look good.

There are plenty of different types out there, many offering the slim and professional black brushed design to suit anywhere, whereas other brands have opted for more bespoke designs, wooden effects, and some are simply masterpieces.

Frequently Asked Questions of Floor Standing Speakers

How many speakers do I need?

Since most floor-standing speakers are quite large and can usually pack quite a punch, a lot of people ask how many are needed. Typically, a lot of speakers are sold in single or pair form, but it will solely depend on the size of the room you’re filling and what you’re using your speakers for.

If you’re using a speaker system to fill a large room with sound, you’re going to need two speakers to keep the sound evenly distributed and not forced from one corner. If you’re using your speakers on a television, having two (one on either side) can be a way to give yourself the best sound experience.

However, if you’re putting your speakers in a smaller room, or you don’t need it to be as loud, then getting just a single speaker could be more than enough! It will also depend on how much budget you’ve got to spend!

Would it be better to get bookshelf speakers?

A bookshelf speaker, as the title suggests, is a smaller speaker that fits on the bookshelf, so a common question is whether you want these, or the floor-standing speakers. The only real difference is the amount of space you have to use.

Floor-standing speakers tend to be bigger and louder, so if you want a rich experience and you’ve got the space for it, go with floor-standing. However, if you’re tight on space, bookshelf speakers could be a better option, but don’t forget: smaller, slim-line floor-standing speakers are available!

What’s the best way to set up my floor-standing speakers?

It’s a very common misconception that floor-standing speakers should be set up in the corners of your room. While typical, this can actually harm the quality of the bass of your speakers due to the walls and available air flow.

Instead, put them away from the wall, perhaps either side of a sofa or next to a TV stand. Wherever you choose to put them, make sure there’s enough room for them to breathe!


And that concludes our guide today for the best floor-standing speakers available right now. Getting the right set of speakers can do so much when it comes to enjoying your music in the very best way possible, so follow this guide and you’ll easily be able to find the system that’s perfect for you!