Best DJ Mixers For 2019

Best Overall DJ Mixer: Behringer Pro Mixer DJX750 Professional 5-Channel Mixer
When it comes to giving you everything you’ll need when it comes to mixing in one easy, powerful, and feature-rich package, there may not be any need to look further than Behringer. This awesome five-channel mixer will allow you to get fully creative with what you’re able to achieve within your sets, ensuring your audience a night they won’t forget!

Best Budget DJ Mixer: Gemini MM1 Professional Audio 2-Channel Stereo Mixer
If you’re looking for a mixer that doesn’t break the bank but still comes loaded with features, the Gemini MM1 is the mixer for you. With a 2-band EQ, full microphone and headphone control, plus all the RCA connections you’ll need for any event, the MM1 is a one-stop solution to all your mixing needs!

Best Premium DJ Mixer: Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer (DJM250MK2)
There’s no denying that Pioneer is hands down one of the best DJ software designers and manufacturers in the world, and the DJM250MK2 is a prime example of this. With everything you could possibly want or need in your mixer, plus a few premium extras typically found in more expensive models, this is one mixer you won’t want to miss.

Our Top Pick

As a DJ, whether you’re scratching in nightclubs or just starting out in your bedroom, you’re going to need a mixer to create the seamless transitions that make fists pump and bodies boogie. It’s all about mastering the techniques that keep the party going while sounding unforgettable.

However, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to choosing which DJ mixer is best for you, and you’ll want to make sure you’re spending your money in the right place. To help you make this decision, we’re going to share with you our top ten recommendations of the best DJ mixers out there, as well as our buying guide to help you choose the one for you.

Let’s get straight into it!

Numark M2 Black Professional Scratch Mixer

Numark M2 Black Professional Scratch Mixer

Numark is one of the leading names in the DJ industry, and their mixers are used by artists and DJs starting out their journey and those performing on the world stage. This specific model is a two-channel mixer that’s loaded with all the features you’ll need for bedroom mixing or nightclub parties.

All the Basics Covered

A two-channel mixer, you’ll be able to plug in two audio sources and mix them at the same time. This includes both
LINE and PHONO inputs on both sides, meaning you can have up to four audio sources connected at the same time, like CDJs and vinyl mixers. These sources are easily switchable from the main interface.

The headphone port you’ll find here is the standard ¼-inch stereo input, and there’s even a built-in microphone port, complete with level control and gain controls. Focusing on the music side of things, this mixer sports a 3-band EQ for controlling all your frequency levels, and you’ll also find slope and reverse controls for finding those perfect levels.

Take Anywhere

With a sleek and professional style, this is one mixer that’s designed to be moved around to wherever you need it. The device is lightweight and made from rugged metals, and the casing is even rack-mountable, so you can easily install it into your existing setup!

As you can see, Numark has set a high bar with this mixer, and since it’s one of the most affordable, you can enjoy this model safe in the knowledge that you won’t need to break the bank. Ideal for starting out or having a handy mixer with you while out and about, this is simply a mixer where you can’t go wrong!

What We Like About It

Easily the best feature of this device is just how easy it is to use. While it’s packed with features and comes with everything you need, there’s an awesome sense of space and simplicity with this mixer that makes the whole experience less overwhelming for newcomers, and allows you to focus on doing your best.

  • Comes with interchangeable LINE and PHONO input channels
  • Durable crossfader that’s replaceable; ideal for scratching
  • Durable and rugged design that looks professional and is rack-mountable
  • Comes with a 3-band EQ for adjusting the levels of each track

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Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer (DJM250MK2)

Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer (DJM250MK2)

Another one of the leading names in the DJ and audio industry is Pioneer, and you won’t have to look far to see how coveted their mixers and DJ equipment are. Look on any equipment and accessory list, and you can guarantee that
Pioneer will be one of the manufacturers at the top, and there’s a reason for this.

Pioneer has been innovating products for decades, and this level of experience is unparalleled, as is evident with the MK2 model. This is a more affordable version of their 900NXS2 model, but this model is still loaded with plenty of the best features, including the patented Magvel crossfader, and the sound color FX filter.

Play Music Your Way

This mixer is compatible with both digital and analog sources of audio, and you can even connect this mixer to your computer using the built-in sound card so you can perform with this mixer using software; a super-handy feature in the modern age.

There’s the full 3-band EQ as you would expect, full filter engagement, microphone input and level controls, and an LED light strip for easily monitoring the volume levels during your set. This device also sports a simple design that makes it incredibly easy to use this device, and you won’t have to worry about a huge learning curve if you’re used to a model already.

Pioneer’s Iconic Reputation

Of course, in true Pioneer fashion, every aspect of this mixer has been designed to be high quality. From the parts used to build the mixer being as durable as possible, to the actual construction of the sound card, all resulting in
the quality of your music remaining as high as possible.

That means there’s no unwanted interference or distortion, or any chance of it taking place. What you’re left with is an outstanding device that will remain an integral part of your setup for many years to come.

What We Like About It

The level of compatibility you get with this mixer is outstanding, and it is in fact designed to be used with any software you may want to use. Whether that’s Pioneer’s own Rekordbox, which is what it’s designed for, or whichever software you want, the DJM is ideal.

  • Comes with plenty of premium features from Pioneer’s more professional models
  • Full 3-band EQ for controlling track frequencies individually
  • Several filters you can apply to your tracks individually
  • Compatible with most mixing software, specifically Pioneer’s Rekordbox

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Behringer NOX101 Premium 2-Channel DJ Mixer

Behringer NOX101 Premium 2-Channel DJ Mixer

Behringer is another hot contender when it comes to leading mixers and DJ equipment, and when it comes to raising the bar in terms of quality, reliability, and overall performance, the NOX101 is one mixer you’re not going to want to miss.


This fully VCA-controlled mixer allows for track crossing and fading across multiple channels, regardless of what source you’ve plugged into the back. In true Premium fashion, all LINE and PHONO connections are supported, and you can switch between the two as you please.

As we spoke about durability above, the crossfader included here comes from Ultraglide, which is renowned for lasting up to 500,000 life cycles, and you can easily replace it if you ever reach this level.

Full Creative Potential

There’s also plenty of other controls to enjoy and implement into your set, including direction reverse and curving faders, all coming together to give you the final result and performance you’ve been trying to create.

As you would expect with a mixer of this caliber, you can use it standalone, or you can plug it into a computer and use it with software. All the ports and connections can be found on the back, and all the cables you’ll need to get set up and running are included!

As you can see, there’s a lot going for this mixer, and there’s plenty of good reasons why it’s considered to be one of the best. Backed by dozens of positive reviews from satisfied customers around the world, and an affordable price tag suitable for all budgets, there will be very few reasons why you’d need to look further than this.

What We Like About It

One of the highlight features of this device is the fact that the audio quality remains pristine from start to finish. With cheaper mixers, you may find some kind of interference creeping in or weird noises coming from the mixer itself, but with this mixer, this isn’t the case at all, and the experience is pretty much flawless!

  • Comes with an Ultraglide crossfader designed to last up to 500,000 life cycles
  • Can be used to mix from all kinds of audio sources
  • Compatible with most digital mixing software applications
  • Supports both PHONO and LINE inputs

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Gemini MM1 Professional Audio 2-Channel Stereo Mixer

Gemini MM1 Professional Audio 2-Channel Stereo Mixer

While Gemini might not be as well-known as some of the other brands we’re listing here today, this is one mighty mixer you can’t ignore. More popular than some of the more premium brand’s inventories, this is a highly detailed yet compact mixer that gives you full control.

Perfect for Any Event

As a two-channel mixer, you’ll notice this device is much more slimline than other models we’ve listed here, but that’s because this is a device designed to be traveled with and moved around without taking up too much space. For example, if you’re DJing at weddings, having a small yet featureful mixer is ideal because you won’t be stuck in one place all the time.

There are two inputs here, one RCA input on each side, and then a 2-band EQ for mixing your tracks to perfection. There’s also gain controls for making the levels perfect, and a master volume so you don’t blow any speakers.

You can, of course, connect your headphones directly into the mixer, as well as your microphone, as well as individual rotary controls so you get the sound levels of these inputs and outputs perfect for when you’re performing. There’s no denying this Gemini mixer gives you full control over the results you’re able to produce.

Compact But Powerful

Despite being one of the smallest and most affordable mixers on our list today, this mixer sounds surprisingly good, and is even considered by some to be on par with some of the more premium solutions; no matter what system you’re playing out of.

All in all, it doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out with mixing for the first time or you’re looking for a handy and easily portable device to travel with you when performing at events, this is a mixer that’s not going to let you down.

What We Like About It

Designed to be as portable as possible, one of the best attributes of this mixer is the fact it’s made using an all-metal enclosure, with all the screws found on the underside. This means you won’t have to worry about general knocks and bumps damaging your mixer in transit, and the design means you can mix on the interface flawlessly!

  • All RCA inputs, plus universal headphone and microphone input ports
  • Comes with a 2-band EQ for mixing, plus individual controls for headphone and microphone levels
  • Designed to withstand general wear and tear while remaining completely portable
  • Sounds amazing and can challenge the quality of more premium mixers

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Behringer Pro Mixer DX626 Professional 3-Channel Mixer

Behringer Pro Mixer DX626 Professional 3-Channel Mixer

Heading back over the Behringer brand now, we’re going to be focusing our attention on one of their greatest product lines, the DX626. This hugely popular 3-channel mixer is a complete solution for any and all DJs of any experience level, and you’re sure to find everything you need to create the sound experience you want to treat your audiences too.

Everything You’ll Need

Jumping straight into the specs, here you’ll find an amp made using some of the most professional preamps around, meaning the sound quality of this mixer is nearly unparalleled. From the moment the audio comes into the mixer to the moment it leaves, the quality is preserved with no risk of distortion or unwanted interference.

This level of quality and performance continues with the incredibly smooth function of the Ultraglide crossfader, which is designed to last up to and over 500,000 life cycles, and the fact this is a VCA-controlled crossfader means the transitions you’ll be making will always be super smooth.

Since this is a 3-channel mixer, you can of course connect up to three unique audio sources and mix between them however you please. All connections are universal RCA, as the headphone and microphone are the industry standard ¼-inch. Each channel has a three-band EQ for adjusting your levels however you please and individual gain controls.

World-Class Engineering

While we mentioned it briefly above, Behringer has really gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to quality with this mixer. For example, the microphone input utilizes studio-grade ULN technology for an optimal connection, while the RCA ports are gold-plated to fully maintain the integrity of your audio signal.

All of these somewhat little features then come together to ensure the final outcome is nothing short of outstanding. Of course, the metal build quality here is fantastic, and since Behringer is a German company, you know this is going to be a reliable mixer that will keep going alongside you for many years to come.

What We Like About It

One of the highlight features of this mixer you’re going to love is the super-intelligent BPM counter. While many BPM counters on mixers tend to be inaccurate, this Behringer one is not, meaning you’ll be able to match up your tracks even more effectively, resulting in your sets sounding amazing.

  • A 3-channel mixer allows you to connect and mix between multiple audio sources simultaneously
  • Built-in LED screen display monitors all channel levels incredibly accurately
  • Comes with a uniquely integrated BPM counter and monitor
  • Every aspect of this mixer is designed with quality in mind

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Numark Scratch for Serato DJ

Numark Scratch for Serato DJ

Many DJs nowadays use Serato DJ due to the absolutely astounding number of features it has to offer, but when using the software, you’re going to want the compatible equipment that helps you really maximize what you’re able to achieve. The more creative opportunities you have, the more you’ll be able to make your sets your own while creating something unique.

This is exactly what the Numark Scratch allows you to achieve.

Connect Any Device

This specialist scratch-ready mixer allows you to connect to your computer with Serato DJ Pro with a DV5 license installed and start mixing straight away. You can mix with any kind of audio input, whether that’s a CDJ or vinyl player, all thanks to Serato’s built-in mapping function.

Once set up and ready to go, you’ll be able to use this mixer to mix tracks together, but this device really comes to life if you’re planning to scratch. The Innofader crossfader comes with both reverse and slope controls for making your scratches sound incredibly professional, and the numerous filter knobs and instant loop buttons only allow you to take things to a whole new level.

It doesn’t matter what kind of mix you’re attempting or what kind of scratch effects you’re trying to make, this Numark mixer gives you the tools to do it all. Of course, speaking of effects, there are six direct effect access pads on the mixer, which means there’s less time finding the setting you want, and more time implementing it when you want.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

Of course, sound quality has been prioritized here, especially when you consider the fact this mixer measures in with a 108dB S/N ration and offers 24-bit audio quality, which is simply all you’re going to need for pretty much any event you could be performing at.

The features keep on coming. Across the front, you’ll find eight pressure pad buttons you can customize however you want. Whether you’re applying hot cues to each pad, beat rolls, or sampler controls, you have unlimited options to what you want to achieve and how you do it. What’s more, there’s simply no other mixer in this price bracket with this feature!

All your extra peripheral connections are included, such as headphone and microphone ports, all with the standard ¼-inch and XLR sizes respectively, and all ports have been optimized to maintain the quality of your sound sources.

With all the essentials including a 3-band EQ, individual peripheral level controls, LED volume meters, looping options, and custom cue buttons, this is a complete mixing solution and it’s easy to see why this device is so popular and used by mixing professionals around the world.

What We Like About It

Don’t have Serato DJ ready to go, but still want to use this mixer? Don’t worry, each purchase of this mixer comes with the premium Serato software package, meaning you’ll have Serato DJ Pro, a Prime Loop sound pack worth up to $200, and a 2-month subscription to SoundSwitch lighting solution; all coming together to give you everything you need as a DJ looking to create an impact and unforgettable memories.

  • Comes with eight unique pressure pads for custom controls
  • Dedicated microphone and headphone ports with adjustable levels
  • Designed for scracthing records and tracks easily and precisely
  • Retains your audio quality to a professional 24-bit level

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Rockville 2-Channel DJ Mixer with USB

Rockville 2-Channel DJ Mixer with USB

While Rockville may be lesser known than other brands like Pioneer and Behringer, this two-channel mixer is an affordable hidden gem that’s perfect for DJs looking for a compact and simple solution they can take with them to any event, or as a practice mixer for DJs who are starting out and finding their voice and style.

Find Your Own Style

Diving straight into what this mixer has to offer, the Rockville RDJ2 features standard RCA ports for connecting any of your audio input sources and even has an RCA output for connecting this device to an external mixer or rack, which is ideal if you want to record your sets in pristine quality.

No matter what device you’re connecting, you’ll be able to accurately monitor the levels on each using the LED level control in the middle, which is color-coded to ensure you can see exactly what levels you’re running at with a quick glance. To adjust the levels to perfection, simply use the dedicated gain controls at the top of the device.

Both channels have an individual three-band EQ, and there’s separate but easy to access controls for your headphone and microphone levels. However, one of the standout features of this mixer is the fact it comes with USB connection.

This means you can simply plug in any MP3 player or USB stick loaded with tracks and play them through the system. This is ideal if you’re casually listening to music, or if you’re playing an event where someone wants to play their own music, such as a wedding playlist.

With all this creative potential on how you want your sound experience to be, minimal distortion or interference, all your sound controls, and a strong and durable build that won’t let you down for years to come, what more could you want in an affordable mixer?

What We Like About It

Hand in hand with what we were saying above, this mixer is designed to be incredibly rugged and durable, and it doesn’t matter what kind of abuse you put it through during your performances or during transit, you can have faith that this is a mixer that will keep on giving and giving.

  • A two-channel 3-band EQ mixer that provides full control over your music
  • Dedicated level controls for your headphones and microphones
  • Integrated USB connections for connecting MP3 players and USB sticks
  • Built to last thanks to the rugged design and durable materials

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Pioneer DJM-S9 DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM-S9 DJ Mixer

Looking for the best mixing solution that the audio industry has to offer, a device that gives you access to literally every feature and guarantees to futureproof your investment for literally years to come? If you want to take your sets to the very best level possible, the Pioneer DJM-S9 is the mixer for you.

While the most expensive mixer on our list, and indeed one of the most expensive mixers on the market, mixing really doesn’t get any better than this. Let’s start with the basics. This DJM comes with a patented MAGVEL crossfader, which is famed for being one of the most durable and most accurate.

One of the Best Experiences

The transitions with this mixer are smooth and precise, but the RealFeel feature means you’ll have just enough resistance to set the fader exactly where you want it to be. This level of experience is backed by features like the 16 multi-colored performance pads that allow for customized hot cues, roll introductions, slices, and loops. All pads are pressure-sensitive and can be remapped manually with almost no effort required, or using software like Serato DJ.

Additionally, you’ll find six customizable FX pad buttons directly in the middle of the console, which can be used with the default settings or remapped to whatever effect you want. Then you add in all the other features including style levers, Filter FX controls, and Pioneer’s Rekordbox DJ compatibility, and you’ll be astounded with what this mixer is able to achieve.

USB Sound Cards as Standard

Built into this device there’s not just one, but two USB soundcards that allow you to play back to back with any other DJ or setup instantly and without technical conflicts, and you can even have four decks connected at once, plus any computer equipment, and move between them all flawlessly. There’s a lot of creative potential here ready for you to unlock.

The level of quality and number of performance features keep on going. Using a microphone? The enhanced microphone input includes integrated features like Echo FX, and the circuitry in and around this port is designed to rid you of unwanted distortion completely.

Whether you’re using this 3-band EQ mixer individually, with software, as a MIDI controller, with a controller, or basically with any form of technology you care to name, this is the exact reason this Pioneer mixer is renowned for being one of the best.

What We Like About It

If you’re ready to use this mixer with software but don’t have any licensed versions, don’t worry; Pioneer has got you covered. This mixer comes with licenses for both Serato DJ Pro and Rekordbox DVS, so you can get started as soon as possible!

  • Comes with 16 unique pressure pads that allow for an insane amount of creative possibilities
  • Houses two dedicated USB sound cards to maximize connectivity
  • Compatible with nearly all mixing software and comes with two free licenses
  • Built with a coveted MAGVEL crossfader renowned for its durability and precision

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Behringer Pro Mixer DJX750 Professional 5-Channel Mixer

Behringer Pro Mixer DJX750 Professional 5-Channel Mixer

Back over to Behringer now, and if you’re working with lots of audio inputs and you want to get incredibly creative with what kind of sets you’re able to achieve, which of course futureproofs you for when your skills get better and better and you need more advanced hardware and equipment, then this may be the mixer for you.

This is a five-channel mixer, which means you can connect up to five audio sources, all enhanced by low-noise technology that allows for the pristine sound quality this mixer is famous for. This is complemented by the leading advanced parameter control and intelligent BPM counter to help you make your mixes very accurate and sound amazing when applied properly.

In true Behringer fashion, this mixer is also loaded with an Ultraglide fader, which of course lasts up to 500,000 cycles, which means you’ll never need to worry about it breaking or becoming less accurate the more you use it.

While this mixer may seem a little more overwhelming than other mixers on our list, the learning curve is very minimal if you’ve used a mixer before, and if you haven’t, that’s okay; it’s still very easy to learn. Once you’ve mastered where all the features are, the rest is completely up to you, and you’ll have so many options to create sets you’re proud of.

What We Like About It

Like many of the leading mixers we’ve mentioned here, this mixer comes with a free copy of the Tracktion software. This is one of the world’s leading DAW applications that allows for recording your sets, cutting samples, MIDI recordings and editing your recorded files!

  • Comes loaded with an Ultraglide fader lasting up to 500,000 cycles
  • Easy to learn with loads of controls and features including BPM counters
  • Five channels available, each with a three-band EQ
  • Comes with free access to Tracktion DAW software

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Behringer Digital Pro Ultimate Mixer

Behringer Digital Pro Ultimate Mixer

The final mixer we’re going to be focusing on today is another Behringer device that again goes above and beyond the call of duty of what most people expect a mixer to be able to achieve. This incredible design offers full 32-bit sound quality with plenty of features to sink your teeth into.

As a four-channel mixer, you can connect both LINE and PHONO inputs, as well as two microphones, headphones, and a total of eight unique sources. This ultimately offers an insane number of possibilities of what you can connect and what kind of sets you’re able to perform.

Find Your Own Style

There’s also an additional four stereo channels complete with individual gain controls and programmable parametric 3-band EQ on each. Add in the Kill function, fader curve controls, and adjustable crossfader assignments, and you’ll quickly realize why this mixer is one of the most popular among DJs of any skill level.

You can even use this mixer as a MIDI controller for any DJ software you use now, or may use in the future, giving you access to even more features and allowing yourself even more control over your performances. With practically every feature you can name, you really can’t go wrong with this device!

What We Like About It

This ultimate mixer is completely suitable for any kind of setup you might be using. The box is designed to withstand any kind of wear and tear you could put it through, and it’s even made with a rack-mountable design for easy installation into your rig!

  • Can connect up to eight audio signals into the mixer at one time
  • Can be used as a MIDI controller on any DAW or DJ software
  • Endless stunning FXs available to apply to your music, coupled with a dual BPM monitoring display
  • Unlimited possibilities to how you master your music and how you perform your sets

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The Complete Buying Guide to the Very Best DJ Mixers

Now that you’ve seen some of the amazing mixer devices out there, you’re probably feeling quite hard-pressed when it comes to choosing which one is right for you. Fortunately, below we’re going to share our complete buying guide, so you know what features to look out for, and what considerations you need to be thinking about.


You need to make sure the mixer you choose is compatible with the decks and audio signal sources you’re working with.
While all the mixers we’ve listed above have the same RCA inputs, microphone and headphone ports, and USB connections, you’ll always need to check before you buy that everything will work together.

Look for these connections types as the standard types.


All mixers will start with two channels, which means you can connect two audio sources to the mixer and transition between them. However, there are plenty of different mixers out there that can offer up to eight connective channels.

If you’re working with loads of different audio sources and you don’t want to unplug and keep connecting different signals at once, you’ll want a mixer with more available channels. However, if you’re only using two decks, a two-channel mixer may be all you need.


The durability of your mixer and the quality of the components used is one of the most important elements you’ll want to be looking into. You’ll need to make sure that when you take your mixer with you to an event, it’s going to survive the inevitable knocks and bumps it’s going to be subjected to.

More importantly, however, you’re going to want to look at how well made the individual parts are. The volume controls, the crossfader, and all the dials need to be made so they can survive being used aggressively and in quick succession, and will last for years to come!


Hand in hand with the consideration above, while you want a mixer that’s feature-packed, if you’re using your mixer for events like weddings or gigs, you’re going to want a mixer that’s not too big and heavy, but more compact and easily portable.

Look for lightweight mixers that are compact and don’t come with lots of unnecessary design features that are only going to weigh you down. Of course, if your mixer is going to stay at home or in the studio, this might not be something you need to think about too much!

Software Compatibility

It’s common that most modern DJs don’t just use the decks as a standalone solution, but will use software to enhance their sets. If this is something you want to do, you’re going to need a mixer that’s compatible with the software you’re using.

For this, simply look at what software you’re using and find a mixer that works with it. If you’re not using any software currently, it can be worth looking for a mixer that comes with a free license, which will also help you save money in the long term!

Frequently Asked Questions on Buying DJ Mixers

What’s the difference between a scratch mixer and a normal mixer?

More often than not, the only difference with a scratch specific mixer from a traditional mixer is the fact that the crossfader will be designed to be much more durable and capable of surviving more aggressive inputs from you.

Think about how many times you may slide the crossfader during a scratching session and how fast these transitions may be. It’s safe to say you’re going to need a crossfader that can keep up with this kind of use.

Are all mixers compatible with DJ software?

Unfortunately not, and if you’re planning to use your mixer with a computer, you’ll need to look for a mixer with a USB connection, and one that’s compatible with the software you’re planning to use.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need decks that are compatible with the same software you’re using, which is why it’s so important to take your time and make sure everything you’re buying works as one unit.


Now it’s over to you! With all the features you need to look for in our complete buying guide and our best recommendations, you now have everything you need to choose the mixer that’s right for you, and to start performing in the best and most creative way possible!

We hope your audiences are ready!