Best Digital Pianos For 2019

Best Overall Digital Piano: LAGRIMA LG-802 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano
With a great selection of features, this full-sized 88-key digital piano is packed full of voices, tones, and styles, and prides itself on being able to replicate the most traditional sounds in the highest quality. No matter what level of musician you are, the LAGRIMA has everything you need.

Best Budget Digital Piano: Alesis Melody 61 MKII Portable Digital Piano
Affordable, compact, and loaded with features, Alesis has created this budget-friendly digital piano with a premium audience in mind. With recording and playback functionality, a ton of tones, voices, styles, and a great quality sound, this is a wonderful piano for getting the ball rolling!

Best Premium Digital Piano: Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Keyboard Piano
Yamaha has always been such a huge name in the audio and instrumental industry, so it should come as no surprise that their addition to the digital piano market is nothing short of exceptional. With every feature you could ever want or need implemented in a way that offers you the best experience, this is considered by many to be one of the best digital pianos.

Our Top Ten

Learning to play the piano can be a challenging yet highly rewarding venture as a musician, and it’s easy to see why so many people attempt to hone their skills on the instrument. There’s something about the atmosphere you can create with piano music, the emotions you can invoke, and the stories you can tell, all made possible through music.

However, as a student, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to learn in the best way possible, which means getting yourself a piano that can help you put one foot in front of the other. Instead of spending thousands on a full grand piano, the next best thing, and more affordable option, is a digital piano.

Today, we’re going to dive deep into the world of digital pianos by highlighting the top ten options that are available right now, as well as explore why they could be the solution for you. We’ll also share our complete buying guide, and answer some of your questions, to help ensure you’re making the right investment for your future.

Let’s start with our top ten recommendations!

LAGRIMA LG-802 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

LAGRIMA LG-802 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

LAGRIMA is a leader in the digital piano industry, and any amount of research into the subject will thrust at least one of the LAGRIMA models in front of you, and for good reason. These feature-packed pianos are perfect for beginner students but continue to give long into the years you’ll be playing.

Beginning with the basics, this 88-key piano prides itself on its fully progressive, hammer-weighted keys, which means that the keys on the low end are heavier than the keys on the higher end. This accurately replicates a traditional piano and succeeds in creating a classical playing experience.

All The Essentials Covered

You’ll also find all the other essential piano features you’d expect, including three footswitch pedals, a holder for sheet music, and multiple play modes, which include soft, sustain, and sostenuto sounds.

However, where the LAGRIMA really comes into its own is with its available digital features. The piano features high-quality recording and playback functions so you can listen to your own creation and easily identify key areas in your playback where you need to improve.

To help you get creative or to help give you options to play along to, there are 80 demo songs integrated into the piano, over 800 unique tone settings to play around with, and 600 individual rhythms to play along to. It doesn’t matter what style or genre of piano you want to learn; this is the digital piano that can make those goals become a reality.

Ultimate Connectivity

With outstanding connectivity, you can also connect most devices, including your tablet, iPad, or smartphone, via a Bluetooth connection to use as a remote control, or for connecting a pair of wireless headphones, and there’s even USB, MIDI, AUX, and standard headphone (3.5mm) connections available.

Available in black or white, packed with high-quality stereo speakers that really do ooze quality sounds, and all these amazing features, it’s easy to see why LAGRIMA is one of the most popular beginner-friendly digital pianos available today!

What We Like About It

While there’s no denying that this piano comes with a lot of features and functions, navigating and accessing them all is a breeze. The piano comes with a highly visible and easy-to-read LCD screen, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for in mere seconds, and then get on with your practice.

  • Over 1,400 tones and rhythms to play along to and with
  • 88 progressively weighted, 10-grade keys to provide a classic play experience
  • Connect your piano to any device using the available connections
  • Play back and record your sounds with the push of a button

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Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Keyboard Piano

Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Keyboard Piano

No matter how much experience you have in the music industry, you’ll have heard of Yamaha and the kind of products they’re capable of producing. Having been in the audio industry for literally decades, Yamaha is hands down one of the most reputable brands in the world, and this level of quality is evident in everything they do, including this keyboard piano.

Endless Creative Potential

While this may not be exactly like some of the other digital pianos you see here on this list, if you’re a beginner looking for a solution to get you off on the right path, this is it. This 78-key piano comes fully loaded with features and extras, including 574 voices, 154 preset songs, and over 160 unique styles of sound.

This means it really doesn’t matter what kind of piano you want to learn to play, or even if you just want to get creative, this Yamaha piano guarantees you the opportunity to unlock your full potential. There’s even USB to PC (or laptop) connectivity so you can use this keyboard as a MIDI keyboard to record your sounds, or for making digital music.

Ready for Beginners and Students

As we mentioned above, this is a beginner-friendly keyboard, perhaps more so than any other keyboard we’ll mention today. We say this because each purchase comes with the Yamaha Education Suite software that’s designed to help you practice tracks in the best possible way, all while teaching you the lifelong piano skills you need to know.

This is further backed by the integrated Lesson Mode that allows you to track certain statistics, such as your velocity when playing keys, or the strength at which you’re playing the keys. This information is incredibly useful when it comes to enhancing and improving your dynamic and mechanical skills.

Of course, this keyboard piano comes with everything else you need, including a sheet music holder, a stand for positioning the keyboard anywhere you like, and a handy backlit LCD screen so you can see all the features you’re using. All in all, this is a fantastic, easy-to-learn, student-friendly, affordable option suitable for anyone, anytime, anywhere!

What We Like About It

In addition to the hundreds of highly-rated reviews from customers all over the world, one of the highlight features of this keyboard is the fact it sounds amazing whether you’re recording or playing back through the built-in speakers. All audio is handled at a sampling quality of 44.1kHz in a 16-bit stereo format, so you know you’ll be able to listen to everything in crystal-clear detail!

  • Built-in Yamaha Education Suite and Lesson Mode to help improve your skills quickly
  • Comes with everything you need for the most complete beginner experience
  • Over 700 unique sounds, styles, and voices to get creative with
  • 76-key design that’s ideal for beginners learning the mechanics of playing

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Plixio 61-Key Digital Electric Piano Keyboard

Plixio 61-Key Digital Electric Piano Keyboard

Looking for an affordable option that doesn’t break the bank but still gives you a great start when it comes to learning piano, helping you develop your skills in the most innovative way possible? The Plixio makes a great choice, especially since it’s designed with both kids and adults in mind!

Since this is a 61-key piano, it’s slightly smaller than a traditional piano, which makes it much easier to get your fingering practiced and to train your hands with the skills and technique you need to then upgrade, at a later stage, to a full-sized piano. If you’ve never played the piano before, or you’re refreshing your skills, this could be the perfect option for you.

A Ton of Premium Features

Since this is a professional digital piano, you get access to all the premium features, including 100 rhythms, eight percussions you can play along to, 40 tones and styles, and even an additional 60 songs to play along to. This is on par with many of the premium options available, although one drawback that keeps this budget-friendly is that there’s no USB port. Nevertheless, for learning your new skills, this piano does have everything you need.

To provide even more of a complete experience, there’s even a microphone port you can plug in to, giving you even more creative potential to include vocals in your practice. If you’re a musician who wants to sing and play piano, this is a great set to get you started.

A Complete Set

Of course, everything you could need is included in this set, including a music sheet holder, a power adapter, and there’s even a one-year warranty, so you know you’ve got a piano by your side that’s going to last. If anything does go wrong, Plixio has you covered!

As you can see, this is a fantastic set, and while it may lack what some of the more professional and more premium solutions have to offer. When you’re just getting started and need an option that doesn’t leave you out of pocket, you might not need to look further than this!

What We Like About It

What we love most, and the feature we know you’ll love the most is the fact this piano is so lightweight and incredibly portable. Whether you’re keeping it at home but want to practice anywhere, or you’re taking it with you to lessons or venues to perform, it’s no struggle whatsoever!

  • Comes with a microphone port for recording and playing vocals
  • Comes with a range of tones, voices, and styles to explore
  • Small, compact, and ready for beginners
  • Affordable, but loaded with professional features

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Casio Privia PX-160B Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-160B Digital Piano

Casio is yet another famous brand that is renowned throughout both the electronics and audio/instrumental world, and their latest PX-160B addition to their piano range is a prime example of what they can achieve. Let’s jump straight into what it has to offer you!

What makes this digital piano so special is the fact it’s powered by the patented AiR engine. This is specially designed by Casio themselves to ensure that this digital piano creates the most realistic sounds possible, optimizing both performance and the overall dynamics. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, the Casio piano has something to offer you.

A Realistic Experience

This outstanding feature is then coupled with the Tri-Sensor scaled hammer action keys, a feature that’s been applied to all 88 keys (classing this as a full-sized piano). This means that the piano keys feel weighted exactly like an actual piano, allowing you to perfect your craft when it comes to playing accurately and with optimal speed. So, you can easily learn on this piano and transfer to any piano you want.

Full-Sized and Fully Loaded

Also, thanks to it being a full-sized piano, you can also uniquely indulge yourself with the benefits that the built-in Duet Mode has to offer. This refers to the mode in which the piano can be split into two equal sections so you can have a teacher and a student play at the same time! Of course, this is an incredible feature to have if you’re just starting out, or you want to learn something specific off a friend or tutor!

With all the basic features you would also expect, including recording and playback functions, an unbeatable price tag, and even compatibility with three-pedal setups like traditional pianos, the Casio PX-160B is well worth your attention in every way.

What We Like About It

To take things one step further when it comes to the Duet/Teacher Mode, this piano also comes with two individual headphone ports. This means you never have to worry about investing in splitters or trying to share headphones. Just plug in your own pair, stay comfortable, and off you go!

  • A full-sized 88-key piano that’s easy to learn with a fantastic price tag
  • Integrated Duet Mode so this piano is easy to learn with someone teaching you!
  • Built-in high-quality recording and playback for analyzing your tracks and style
  • AiR technology that makes the most realistic piano sounds

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Arius YDP-S54 Weighted-Action Console Digital Piano

Arius YDP-S54 Weighted-Action Console Digital Piano

Heading back over to the Yamaha range now, the Arius digital piano is truly a sight to behold. This is simply one of the most stunning and most beautiful of all the digital pianos out there and comes fully loaded, in true Yamaha style, with all the features you could ever ask for.

Even just at first glance, you’ll notice how this piano really does look like a traditional and classical piano. This means, when finally making the transition later in life to practically any piano you might find in front of you, you’re going to be able to play it. This means you start off in the best way, allowing yourself the opportunity to put your best foot first.

Incredibly High Quality Sounds

However, where this piano really comes to life is with all the outstanding features you’ll find inside. The integrated CFX Stereo Sampling means all the sounds are created with the utmost level of quality in mind and have been recorded and mastered in such a way that they resemble the iconic Full Concert Grand.

This is then backed up by the Damper Resonance DSP. This is a complex feature that is specifically designed to recreate the sounds of a classical grand piano when the dampers are on and going off the strings. This ensures the sounds are the most realistic sounds possible among any digital piano; so, if you’re looking for the crème de la crème, this is it.

Smartphone Connection Ready

Interestingly, this digital piano also comes with a remote-control app you can install on both your Android or iOS device. This is known as the ‘Smart Pianist’ app, and it allows you control and access all the major features this piano has to offer and make the adjustments necessary to have your own personal experience.

What’s more, the app can also scan your music library. This may sound strange, but the app can take the results and find music that it thinks you’re going to like using the chord tracker technology, and it can then help you learn to play them! If you’re interested in learning certain favorites you already have, this piano can help your dreams come true!

While on the subject of connectivity, it’s worth noting this piano does also come with USB to HOST connectivity. This allows you to connect your piano to practically any device or computer, which is ideal for making sure you can enjoy any DAW or audio software you may want to use.

Beautiful and Stylish

We’ll say again, alongside all the technical things this piano has to offer, this is one stupidly beautiful piano. It guarantees to look stunning no matter where you position it, and you can buy it safe in the knowledge that it’s going to fit in with your home or studio décor. In short, this is one piano you’re not going to be able to help but fall in love with.

Slim, space-saving, beautiful to learn on, easy to play, and a joy to master, there’s a reason this digital piano is rated five stars from hundreds of musicians around the world. Now, it’s your turn to join the revolution!

What We Like About It

In addition to the piano itself, a highlight consideration that makes this piano ideal for beginners and students is the fact it comes with so many accessories and extras. There are two books full of sheet music to learn, a digital learning suite CD, a pair of headphones, and there are even two months of free online lessons you can redeem at any time!

  • Comes with a ton of technology that ensures this is one of the most authentic playing experiences available
  • Compatible with the Smart Pianist app, available for iOS and Android devices
  • Comes with all the accessories and features you’ll need included
  • One of the most beautiful and highly rated digital pianos available today

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Roland GO:KEYS 61-Key Music Creation Keyboard

Roland GO-KEYS 61-Key Music Creation Keyboard

When you’re getting started in the world of making piano music and learning a new instrument, there’s no denying that things can be overwhelming and complex. However, if you’re looking for a simple start that can help you learn, and ultimately master, the basics, all without things getting too confusing, Roland has the solution for you.

Roland is yet another manufacturer you should have heard of throughout your time in the music industry, no matter your experience level. The company is famed for their high-quality products that are loved by some of the biggest names and venues over the last few decades. Quality and reliability are abundant here.

Completely Ready for Students

This digital piano is designed to be beginner-friendly, measuring in with a total of 61-keys, which is ideal for teaching your body and hands the techniques without overextending yourself too much, and there’s plenty of built-in technology to explore.

Some of the settings include over 500 professionally recorded sounds (that sound amazing on the speakers), and a wide variety of instruments. Among a few of these are different varieties and variations of pianos, stringed instruments, brass, bass, and even some synth sounds!

Looping Technology as Standard

Regarding the playability of this device, there’s a unique option that allows you to loop any of the sounds you make using a single button command known as Loop Mix, which is awesome for if you want to layer, or you really want to knuckle down a certain piece of music.

You can also plug this piano in instantly, and that’s pretty much all you need to do when it comes to installation. The device is small, lightweight, compact, and highly portable, and despite having all these amazing features, Roland has been very careful to ensure they don’t overdo anything or add too much.

Again, everything here is very beginner-friendly.

However, where this piano really comes into its own is with the available level of connectivity. Whether you’re buying a piano with the sole purpose of using it as a MIDI keyboard for digital producing, or you want to digitally record your music, perhaps for editing, mastering, and then releasing as a single or album, this piano has everything you need.

Connect Your Way

You can connect this keyboard to anything via the Bluetooth connections, and as suggested, it includes MIDI support. While this is reflected in the upper mid-range price tag, this grants a vast wealth of creative potential for you as a musician, as well as future-proofing yourself from having to make more investments in the future!

As you can see from all of this alone, this is a fantastic digital piano solution, not just for students and musicians who are ready to learn, but even for experienced piano players that are looking for a high-quality playing experience that’s designed with the player in mind.

What We Like About It

Despite being a smaller than average piano, this keyboard does have an impressive frequency and master tuning range. This sits at the 415.Hz to 466.2Hz, with each key moving up in 0.1Hz increments. This is exactly what you should have when learning and should be ideal for making sure any songs you play sound genuine and authentic.

  • One of the best-looking and most feature-packed beginner pianos out there
  • Comes with integrated Bluetooth connectivity and MIDI support via USB
  • 61 keys with realistic sounds and a standard master tuning range
  • Designed and manufactured by one of the most reputable names in the industry

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LAGRIMA LG8830 Digital Piano

LAGRIMA LG8830 Digital Piano

If you liked the look of the LAGRIMA we mentioned first on our list, but you’re looking for a more traditional, more realistic experience that can help you transition from student to master when you’re ready, and you want to avoid having to buy a new piano in the future when you’re ready to upgrade, this LAGRIMA piano is a great option.

What’s great about this piano is that it comes with everything you need, including a full-sized 88 key design, which is standard for pianos, and a full build. This is not, on the other hand, a table-top piano, but a professional freestanding one. This, of course, is a much more lucrative design that simply looks amazing.

Your Experience Made Easy

In true LAGRIMA fashion, there are all the awesome extras they love sharing to help you unlock your full creative capabilities. Included with this particular model are 80 demo songs to learn and play along to, 960 individual tones, 128 polyphony tones, 200 rhythms, and a handy LCD screen to navigate and access it all with ease.

Since this is a full build design, there’s even a three-pedal design with soft, sustain, and sostenuto modes to help you make your music sound the way you want it to. When you’re happy, you can even record and play back your sounds directly from the piano itself.

Take Your Music Further

Like some of the other more premium devices we’ve mentioned today, there’s also USB connectivity for connecting to a computer, Android, or iOS device to grant yourself greater access to educational materials and services, or for recording your music to edit and release at a later date, or for controlling your DAW applications.

All in all, this piano can be summarized as a digital solution that looks and sounds great, and basically guarantees to do everything you’ll need it to do, without being too simple as though it’s for children. This is the type of digital piano you’d get when you want one you know is going to last for many years to come.

What We Like About It

Since this piano is also student-friendly, you’ll be happy to know there is a built-in Teacher Mode. This loads up melodies and settings you can play along with to ensure you’re learning the skills you need to master the piano and become a great musician!

  • Comes with a ton of built-in DSP effects, such as Reverb, Chorus, and Dual Tones
  • A full-sized, 88-key piano, with three pedals for full creative control
  • Over 1,000 unique and individual tones, sounds, voices, and rhythms
  • Comes with integrated USB connectivity and MIDI support as standard

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Alesis Melody 61 MKII Portable Digital Piano

Alesis Melody 61 MKII Portable Digital Piano

The Alesis Melody MKII is a sight to behold, and it holds many titles as being a number one choice adored by musicians around the world, as well as being a huge bestseller. This comes down to many of its qualities, including the range of professional features and the super affordable price tag.

Small But Mighty

Slightly smaller than your traditional pianos, this is a 61-key piano aimed at beginners and students, whether that’s learning the basics, practicing, or even performing. The built-in speakers may be small, but they sound great and are more than enough for home and studio use!

Unlock Your Creative Potential

To help you venture out on your creative endeavors, this piano also comes with over 300 tones and voices, each accessible with its own layer and even split modes. You can even access the integrat

Uniquely, there’s also a stand, headphones, a music sheet rest, and a power adapter, basically everything you need to get up and running with the most complete experience!

What We Like About It

While being a smaller piano, this device does offer full-sized keys, which is something we love a lot. This means you really get to learn the feel of a real piano and can easily transfer your skills to any instrument since you’ve learned the correct technique!

  • Comes with over 700 built-in tones, voices, and rhythms to play along to
  • Includes everything, such as a stand, a bench, headphones, and even a microphone!
  • Allows you free access to three months of Skoove Music online
  • Has a headphone socket to promote private practicing

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Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano

Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano

Another classic example of a great instrument that Casio can create comes in the form of the Privia PX-770. This digital piano is one of the most prestigious on our list today, a piano which many describe as luxurious.

As a full-sized 88-key piano, the Casio takes a minimalist, yet classical approach while looking beautiful and simple (perfect for any environment), but also comes with all the premium digital features you’d expect.

A Bespoke Playing Experience

From the redefined piano sound that oozes quality, complete with a detailed resonance, an included 18 tones to play around with, and a professional stereo speaker system that sounds amazing, this is a digital piano where you can’t go wrong!

Available in three unique styles, and the fact this comes with its own piano stool and instructional DVD and book as well, it’s easy to see that Casio has pushed the boat out once again and has completely raised the bar for what should be expected from a digital piano.

What We Like About It

Just like the previous Casio, we love the fact that this one comes with the patented AiR technology. This is used to ensure the sound you hear is as realistic and as accurate as possible, and it is renowned around the world as being one of the best. It’s simply brilliant.

  • Comes installed with the latest AiR sound technology
  • 88 fully weighted keys that feel like a traditional piano
  • Easily one of the most beautiful and most stylish pianos on the market
  • Comes with a bench that supports you and your posture while you play

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Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Last, but certainly not least, we’re finishing off our list today with a quick mention of another fantastic Yamaha piano, the P71. Another full 88-key device, what makes this piano special is not the world-class looks or the countless five-star reviews, but the quality in which every aspect has been completed.

This Yamaha is a full 88-key piano, complete with fully weighted keys to accurately emulate the feel of a real, traditional piano, making this a great way to introduce yourself to the art of performing.

Multiple Pianos in One

There are ten voices included with this piano, which is great if you want to sample different piano sounds from the Yamaha range while having access to them all. You can even play using different voices at the same time using Duel Mode; for example, playing piano and strings together!

Everything you need is included with your purchase, and the past customer testimonials of this device really do speak for themselves. As a top choice for many, and endless five-star reviews claiming just how beautiful this piano is, especially for students, you know this reputable Yamaha piano will always be money well spent.

What We Like About It

While this is a fully-featured piano, that doesn’t mean it is excessive. It’s small, lightweight, and highly portable, which is ideal for those of you short on space or looking for a piano you can easily take with you wherever you go!

  • Contains ten different piano voices from across the Yamaha range
  • Small, compact, and weighs only 25lbs
  • Boasts a slim and streamline design that suits any environment
  • A full-sized piano with 88 fully weighted keys

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Our Complete Buying Guide to the Best Digital Pianos for Learning

Now that you’ve seen our top ten recommendations for the best piano keyboards, it’s time to choose which one is best suited for you. Below, we’ll explore some of the key features you need to look out for when choosing where to make your investment!


The first consideration you’ll want to think about is how big your chosen piano is. This is broken down into two parts. Firstly, pianos can come in table-top designs or free-standing; the latter requires a lot more space in your chosen area.

You’ll want to consider what variety of piano you’ll need, and whereabouts it’s going to go. What’s more, are you going to be taking your piano with you to certain places, whether that’s a venue to perform, or to a music lesson? If you’re going to travel, you’ll need to choose a piano that’s relatively portable and compact.

Another aspect you’ll want to consider size-wise is how many keys your piano has. As a beginner, there are plenty of pianos out there designed to help you learn the basics and to learn the hand and fingering techniques you need to know to perform well.

If you haven’t played before, a smaller-than-normal keyboard can be ideal for making sure you have everything you need. When you’re ready, you can then upgrade to a larger keyboard with all the keys. However, it can pay to jump straight into a full-sized keyboard if you don’t want to have to upgrade in the future.

The Feel and Experience

One of the greatest advantages of using a digital piano these days is the fact that many are designed to emulate the feel and experience that a real piano has to offer. Before, digital pianos used to be fairly basic, but this is no longer the case, especially when many sport features like weighted keys.

This means when you’re transferring your skills from your digital piano onto any other keyboard or piano, like a grand piano, the experience is much more similar and much easier to transfer your skills.

Learning Opportunities

Since we’re focusing on student-friendly digital pianos, one of the best features you may want to look out for includes the teaching or learning integrations some devices have to offer.

These can vary depending on the individual piano you’re focusing on, whether it’s a Teacher Mode that allows two people to play on half of the keyboard at the same time, or some kind of tutoring software built into the piano that helps you learn songs, tunes, and techniques.

There may even be compatibility with a smartphone or tablet that allows you to play along and learn certain techniques. Of course, these pianos are typically more expensive, but when it comes to improving your skills, there’s no better way to do so.


Many modern digital pianos will also allow you to connect to certain devices and open the door to a whole new world of creative possibility. Connections to your device could come in many forms, whether that’s USB, Bluetooth, or sometimes even Wi-Fi.

These can be very important if you’re planning to use your digital piano as a MIDI keyboard, or you want to record the sounds you play, either for listening back to perfect your skill or so you can edit your sounds and release them as songs. In some models, you can even connect your phone to use certain piano apps!

Number of Sounds and Tones

Hands down one of the best features you can enjoy when using a digital piano is the fact that you don’t just have to stick with one piano sound. A digital piano has the capability to load up plenty of different types of piano to sound like whichever piano you want.

Look in the product description of your preferred piano to see how many piano varieties it has to offer, how many tones and voices it has, and how many other instruments it can emulate. This is an essential feature to look for if you’re planning on maximizing your creative potential.

Included Equipment

Always make sure you’re taking the time to check what is included with your chosen piano and want else you may need to buy. Most digital pianos these days will come with their own power supply as standard, and then anything else is extra.

However, some of the equipment you can expect include an instructional book or DVD, headphones, a microphone for recording vocals, a music sheet holder, and sometimes even a stool or stand! The more you can get in one set, the more complete your overall experience will be!

Speaker Quality

The final big consideration you’ll need to think about is the quality of the speakers built into the digital piano of your choice. If the sound is poor, which is typical on cheaper devices, you won’t want to listen to your music, and it’s not going to sound like you want it to. You definitely won’t be able to perform live.

Always make sure you’re taking the time to look for a device with great sounding speakers that you’re going to enjoy listening to and that help you to hear every note in crystal-clear clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Digital Pianos

Do you need a headphone jack?

Ideally, yes, but it’s up to you. A headphone jack on your piano can be a great touch because it doesn’t matter what time of day you want to practice, you can without distracting everyone or keeping them awake. Fortunately, most pianos these days come with a headphone jack of some measurement as standard.

Do you need software to run the piano?

No! Of course, this depends on the manufacturer, but practically every single piano will come with the capability to plug it in, turn it on, and then go! No software is needed since most pianos are standalone devices!


And that concludes our guide today of the best digital pianos for beginners and budding piano students. Take your time to read through every recommendation to see which one is best for you, and you’re sure to give yourself the best possible outcome when it comes to learning piano!

Good luck!