Best Devices for Listening to Audiobooks In 2019

Audiobooks have taken the world by storm since their release only a few short years ago, and they have rapidly become the reader’s choice when it comes to absorbing their bestsellers and classics from their favorite authors, as well as exploring what else is out there on offer in the vast world of books.

Whether you’re a fiction reader that loves to explore new worlds and interesting characters and their adventures, or you crave knowledge and personal development, helping you to live your life to the best of your ability, there’s an audiobook out there for you.

However, while getting hold of these audiobooks is easy thanks to the internet, it’s important that you pay attention to the device you’re listening to them on.

If you don’t choose a device that’s comfortable and provides you with an excellent quality audio experience, you’re going to be put off using audiobooks all-together, which means you’ll be missing out on this wonderful world.

Of course, there are so many choices out there that it can be hard to know where to begin. As always, we’ve taken the time to search across the marketplace, checking out all that is available and then narrowing down the selection to just five of the best.

We’ve taken all the things you need to think about into consideration, helping you to make the best decision the first time, maximize your budget, and enjoy the best audiobook experience.

Sony NWE394/B 8GB Walkman MP3 Player (Black)

Starting off our list, we’ve chosen an affordable MP3 player that’s ideal for avid readers who want to enjoy their audiobooks in the best possible quality and with the easiest experience, all without breaking the bank.

Sony has been a leader in the audio device industry for decades, and the chances are that you’ve already heard of the Walkman brand in the past, simply because it’s that iconic. With this model, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits that come from an extensive 8GB memory, which is more than enough for a couple of hundred books.

The process is simple. You go online and download the audiobooks you want to listen to. You connect up your Walkman to your computer using a standard USB cable, drag and drop them onto the MP3 player, and you’ll be able to listen to them wherever you go! You could even connect it to your full-range speaker system to listen to them aloud!

You’ll also be able to store photos, videos and your music, whether you’re into rock, heavy metal, any passive guitar pickup music, or really any genre, create playlists, set alarms, and timers and even listen to FM radio. Headphones and power cables are included, as is the rechargeable battery that’s built into the device, providing you with up to 35 hours of playback on a single charge.

  • An outstanding 35 hours of playback
  • Suitable for music, audiobooks, videos, and photos
  • Charges using a standard USB cable
  • 8GB of memory for storing a ton of content
  • Memory can fill up quickly, especially if you have a lot of music or video
  • Only available in two colors (black and red)

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AGPTEK A02 8GB MP3 Music Player

AGPTEK A02 8GB MP3 Music Player

If you’re looking for a more affordable MP3 player to listen to your audiobooks on that doesn’t break the bank, but still provides an amazing and effortless experience, the AGPTEK MP3 player is what you’ve been looking for.

Easily the most affordable MP3 player on this list, it comes with an 8GB memory which is ideal for storing hundreds, if not thousands, of eBooks, as well as all your other music, video and photo files.

However, if you’re using your MP3 player for all this kind of media, you’re going to run out of space quickly.

This is why this player comes with the ability for you to add memory cards to your device, all the way up to 128GB. This is far more space than you’re probably ever going to need but gives you the option if you need it. However, note that this is still limited to 4,000 individual audio tracks.

The battery life on this device is also outstanding and can provide you with up to 70 hours of continuous play on a single charge. That’s three days of battery life while you’re out and about.

What’s more, this device supports lossless MP3 file formats, which is the best MP3 quality you can get, ensuring you’ll hear every word, syllable, and tone of the audiobooks that you’re listening to, guaranteeing the best listening experience, especially if you’re listening through a surround-sound system, complete with a compact 5.1 receiver for the best sound quality possible!

  • Incredibly affordable MP3 player (suitable for all budgets)
  • Comes with 8GB internal memory and room to expand to a 128GB memory card
  • Up to 70 hours of continuous battery life
  • Supports lossless MP3 file formats
  • The screen does not support special characters in song or folder names
  • Limited to 4,000 audio tracks

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Apple iPod Classic 160GB Silver (7th Generation)

Apple iPod Classic 160GB Silver (7th Generation)

A list of best MP3 players for listening to your audiobooks wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Apple iPod, arguably one of the most comprehensive entertainment devices to ever exist. With this model, you’ll be able to enjoy all the captivating iPod features, as well as priding itself on the classic click-wheel design.

With this particular model, you’ll be able to enjoy a seemingly infinite amount of memory, weighing at an incredible 160GB, although no extra memory card slot is available. However, this will be more than enough for thousands of audiobooks, plus your photos, videos, and even your podcasts.

All media management occurs through the coveted iTunes platform which is free to download and install and can effortlessly help you manage your content. There’s even a store so you can find new audiobooks and content to listen to and enjoy.

All kinds of audio format are supported by this device, including HD Wav files, all of which can be explored and selected on the iconic 2.5-inch color LCD display. The battery lasts a suitable 36 hours on a single charge, which makes it great for taking about with you wherever you go.

  • Up to 36 hours of continuous battery life
  • Supports all kinds of audio file
  • 2.5-inch high-resolution color screen
  • 160GB of seemingly infinite memory
  • No ability to add external memory
  • Mid-to-high range price tag

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HonTaseng Metal MP3 Player

HonTaseng Metal MP3 Player

With the Hontaseng MP3 Player, you’ll be able to enjoy a highly portable and inexpensive solution for listening to your audiobooks, either while you’re out and about running or exercising. This is all thanks to the compact design which takes up no room in your pockets or can be strapped to some part of your body.

With multiple color schemes available, this player is capable of running for 60 hours continuously on just a single charge after only 2.5 hours of charging time. We really love the durability of this player, all thanks to the rugged metal case, reliable touchscreen buttons, and even a lock screen key.

While this comes with an 8GB of built-in memory, you can easily expand this with the capability of adding up to 64GB of external memory. Some of the other exclusive features here include the ability to record your own voice recordings, listen to FM radio, and there’s even a built-in pedometer, sleep timers and armband while you’re out and about!

While this MP3 player is strictly an MP3 player and doesn’t support video or images files, if you’re solely listening to music and audiobooks, you won’t need anything else!

  • 60 hours of continuous charge on 2.5 hours of charging time
  • Durable, metal rugged build that’s built to last
  • Record your own voice and listen to FM radio
  • Included sleep tracker and pedometer
  • None!

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Apple iPod Touch 128GB (6th Generation)

Apple iPod Touch 128GB (6th Generation)

To finish off this list, we’ve opted for another one of the most popular Apple products, the iPod Touch. If you’re looking for a full entertainment experience for your audiobooks, as well as the ability to enjoy all other forms of content, and even apps, this is for you.

With all the features then come with iOS 7, including Siri, Maps, social media, Passbook and full connectivity the App Store, you can even enjoy the benefits of a 1.2MP camera, complete with 720p video recording.

The iPod touch comes with a full 4-inch high-definition Retina display, and each purchase comes with Apple Earbuds, a lightning-fast USB cable, and a quick-start guide.

This is easily the ultimate entertainment devices, and with full internet connectivity, you can download your audiobooks directly from the internet to your device.

  • A full entertainment experience with all the features you need for all kinds of content
  • 128GB of internal memory for all your files and apps
  • Comes with a 1.2mp camera and 720p video recording
  • Retina 4-inch color touchscreen display
  • Not compatible with external memory cards
  • The premium price tag

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When it comes to listening to your audiobooks at home, commuting, or anywhere you’re out and about, it’s easy to see that there are a lot of options for you to enjoy. No matter your budget or what you’re looking for, any of the five devices above are sure to fit what you need!