Best Boost Pedals For 2019

Best Overall Boost Pedal: Fender Engager Booster Pedal
There’s no denying that Fender is one of the most coveted and reputable audio equipment brands in the world, and their version of a booster pedal is a prime example of what they can achieve. This excellent pedal goes above and beyond the call of duty and will be one of your favorite tools!

Best Budget Boost Pedal: Mooer Pure Boost Clean Boost Pedal
With an effective two-band, a solid and highly durable metal casing, a small and compact design, and of course, a powerful 20dB boosting function, the Mooer is a small yet powerful boosting pedal that guarantees to tick all the boxes of what you’re looking for without breaking the bank!

Best Premium Boost Pedal: Jackson Audio Prism Preamp Boost Pedal
When it comes to top-of-the-line guitar boost pedals, there’s no one leading the game like Jackson Audio. With an absolute plethora of features at your disposal and one of the highest quality experiences possible, this is a must-have on your pedalboard if you’re serious about making music.

Our Top Ten

While there is a seemingly endless number of guitar pedal varieties out there for you to choose from, each one designed to create a different effect, a different sound, and a unique audio experience, some guitarists and musicians will thrive off the effects created by a boost pedal.

A boost pedal does exactly what you expect and boosts the volume and punchiness of your guitar sounds, which is ideal whether you’re bringing in your song and creating an atmosphere or jamming out and cutting through your band sounds on your solo.

For the best experience, you’re going to need to choose the best pedal for you, which is why we’re going to share with you our top ten boost pedal recommendations, followed by our complete buying guide so you can pick the pedal that’s best suited to you. Let’s go!

Jackson Audio Prism Preamp Boost Pedal

Jackson Audio Prism Preamp Boost Pedal

Starting off our list of the best boost pedals, we’ve chosen the Jackson Audio Prism, a premium solution that has been created to provide you with the absolute best experience a boost pedal can offer, and if you’re a musician who takes their music seriously, you may not need to look further than this.

Ultimate Tone Shaping

Designed as the ultimate in tone shaping, this pedal contains high-end functions such as sound buffering, boosting, preamping, EQ, and even overdriving, all from the same pedal. The pedal works by taking your sound and splitting it down carefully into the different frequencies, much like light through a prism, hence where the pedal gets its name.

The pedal then allows you to take full control over these frequencies in basically any way you like to ensure you’re creating the exact sounds you want to create. When it comes to having the right tools for the job when being musically creative, this is a pedal that ticks all the boxes.

Designed to Last

All of the features are contained in a highly durable stainless steel container that will survive pretty much anything you put it through, and it won’t take up much real estate whatsoever, meaning you have much more room to have even more pedals on your pedalboard.

While there’s no denying this is one of the most expensive boost pedals, the sheer number of functions and features this pedal has makes it well worth the investment, especially since you don’t need to buy individual pedals for each process you want to use.

Whether you’re just starting out and looking for a fantastic all-around pedal to futureproof yourself, or you’re an experienced guitarist looking for the right tool to help you craft your sound, this is the highly-rated pedal for you!

What We Like About It

There’s really nothing wrong to say about this boost pedal, and it’s easily one of the most popular. While the upper price tag can be off-putting to some, when it comes to retaining the quality of your guitar sounds and creating a quality experience, it really doesn’t get any better than this!

  • Highly durable design that’s built to last
  • Comes with an array of functions for you to explore
  • Futureproof and designed with all the features you could need
  • Retains the quality of your guitar sounds from start to finish

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MXR M133 Micro Amp Pedal

MXR M133 Micro Amp Pedal

If you’re in the market for a small yet powerful booster pedal that does exactly what it says on the tin but doesn’t require too much real estate on your pedalboard, the MXR could be the ideal choice you’ve been looking for.
This is a very simple device that comes with a single dial for upping the gain and boosting your sound beyond belief.

Simple But Powerful

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for jamming up your sound or turning it down slightly; this pedal will make it easy and effortless. As with most pedals, just tap the button with your foot to activate and deactivate the pedal, and that’s all there is to it!

An ideal scenario that most of the customers have used this pedal for is making everyone more comfortable when changing guitars. Tired of the horrible sounds of disconnecting cables coming through your speakers when taking out and plugging in cables? This booster pedal can work in the opposite way to make this a thing of the past.

Use on the Move

What’s more, this handy little pedal can be powered via battery while you’re on the move and out and about, or by a standard Dunlop 9V power adapter. While not included with your purchase, you will find that both of these are very affordable when purchased online.

There’s not really much more to say about this simple little pedal. The term ‘simple idea, perfect execution’ comes to mind when describing it; a thought shared by the dozens of satisfied musicians already using this pedal around the world. Just see the raw power for yourself!

What We Like About It

The quality you get from this pedal is insane, and one of the main reasons it’s so popular. Despite being incredibly affordable, the sound quality is unparalleled and on par with a more premium model, which is ideal for both you and your audience!

  • Comes with an LED indicator light, so you know what you’re doing at a glance
  • Outstanding sound quality for such a small pedal
  • Hard, durable, and long-lasting metal case that will survive anything
  • Can be powered by a single battery or AC adapter cable

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TC Electronics Spark Mini Booster Guitar Pedal

TC Electronics Spark Mini Booster Guitar Pedal

Sometimes, it’s nice to treat yourself to something fancy; some people might even call this a prestigious experience, and for only a fraction of the price of a high-end model, the TC Electronics booster pedal is not to be ignored.

This is an ultra-compact design that boosts your guitar sounds up by an incredible 20dB, all while retaining the quality you’d expect from a premium option. When you’re trying to enhance or highlight your core sounds, this is exactly what you need.

Control Your Sounds

A special feature that the TC Electronics brand has introduced is the toggle switch. Of course, every guitar pedal comes with a toggle switch that can be pressed down by your foot to turn the effect on or off. However, hold down the button here, and something else will happen.

This feature allows you to fade in and out of your classic sound and your boosted sound. Hold the key down for two seconds, and your fade will last two seconds. This makes your overall sound and your transitions a whole lot smoother and a lot more enjoyable to listen to.

High-Quality Analog

In terms of specs, this pedal offers a high-quality analog signal that retains the very essence of your core sounds, and the control knob has been designed in such a way that it will last and last whatever you put it through, all while ensuring you have complete precision with your settings.

It’s safe to say this is a guitar boosting pedal that deserves a space on your pedalboard, no matter what experience level you are or what use you have for it!

What We Like About It

When it comes to value for money, there’s no better option than this pedal. While one of the most affordable pedals on this list, it’s also one of the most popular and one of the most highly rated, which all comes together to demonstrate that this pedal is well worth your attention. Hundreds of people can’t be wrong!

  • A specialized dial to give you full control over your boosting levels
  • Boosts your sounds up to an incredible 20dB
  • Fully analog signals that retain the quality of your guitar sounds
  • A beautiful aesthetic you’re going to fall in love with

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Caline CP-20 Cacti Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

Caline CP-20 Cacti Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

While the most affordable booster pedal on our list, that doesn’t mean the Caline CP-20 doesn’t pack a punch. In fact, some might say this pedal is actually one of the best you can get, and there’s no denying it’s one of the most feature-rich out there on the market.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

What makes the Caline pedal shine is the fact it comes with four unique boosting options; these include Tone, Volume, Drive, and then your Boost option on top of that. Each feature comes with its own dial and knob so you can accurately customize your settings to achieve perfection.

While perfect for budget-conscious buyers, this level of control is ideal for unleashing all your creative potential, giving you a ton of room to experiment and create whatever it is you want to create, especially as a band or solo guitarist looking to make an impact.

Even More Possibilties

A fully analog controller, there are also many effects built right into the device. These include a CUT and FM wave change, and classic vintage modes if you’re looking to create a certain kind of sound. All these features are top of the line, and even though there’s many, your song quality is maintained throughout.

As with most pedal drivers, you can easily run with off a power adapter measuring in at 9V. While several years old now, this booster pedal has continued to remain popular and has dozens of five-star reviews from satisfied customers, and for good reason, and now you can discover this raw power for yourself!

What We Like About It

The awesome controls of this pedal make it one of the simplest, and therefore a great option for beginners who are looking to get started, or experienced players who just want an easy answer that maximizes the level of control you have over your guitar output.

  • A selection of effects to add to your guitar sound output
  • Multiple boost controls to adjust certain ranges of your sound
  • Comes with True Bypass technology to retain your sound quality
  • Runs off a standard, universal, 9V AC power adapter

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Jim Dunlop MC401 MXR Boost Line Driver

Jim Dunlop MC401 MXR Boost Line Driver

Jim Dunlop is a leading name in the music audio equipment industry, so right off the bat, you should have high hopes to what their edition of a booster pedal can achieve. Fortunately, the MC401 doesn’t fall below expectations, and in many cases, it exceeds them.

Premium Quality in Your Hands

What’s happened here is that the prestigious MXR has teamed up with Custom Audio Electronics to create this masterpiece. The boost on this pedal is outstanding, and this is all thanks to professionally crafted components that can be found on the inside, and the interference-free design that ensures this pedal works optimally with every other pedal on your board.

What makes this pedal so great and so popular, especially for a mid-range pedal, is the fact it works very well on any level. Whether you’re running your guitar on full volume, or you’re planning on turning it down, the outputted sound after going through this pedal is still completely thick and full of life.

Precision Boosting Control

As with most industry-standard booster pedals, this one has three main modes; 0dB, 10dB, and 20dB, and you can set your boost anywhere in-between with the precise dial that allows for absolute precision.

All in all, this is a fantastic pedal, and it’s well worth your attention if you’re looking for something powerful,
accurate, precise, and capable of giving you the premium quality experience you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

What We Like About It

One of the highlight touches of this pedal is the fact that it’s designed after the legendary pedal designer Bob Bradshaw. This guy was the founder of Custom Audio Electronics and is renowned for his quality and expertise. This pedal is designed, crafted, and manufactured to honor the legend he was and the pedals the created.

  • Capable of giving you a precise boost up to 20dB
  • Modeled after a great pedal designer famous back in the 1980s
  • Available on a budget and suitable for all musicians
  • True Bypass to retain the quality of your sounds and keep the richness of your tones

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Donner Booster Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

Donner Booster Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

If you’re on the hunt for a super affordable guitar boosting pedal because you don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles, you just need a pedal that gets the job done, then the Donner Booster Pedal is going to be a device well worth focusing on! However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t open the door to some new creative opportunities.

Effective at Everything

At its core, this is a simple pedal. Set your gain levels using the dial, adjust your tone and volume settings, and voila! You’ll be good to go! The input and outputs to your guitar are the universal standard, and all the boost effects can be controlled using the durable switch, which is completely suitable for being stomped on!

However, this pedal really comes into its own by having the ability to be used in two unique modes. The Normal mode is the standard mode we spoke about above, yet the Mid mode, which is changeable via a flip switch at the top of the pedal, creates the effect in a unique way.

Unique Boosting Powers

This Mid mode allows you to add the unique Mid boosted effect to your sounds, which creates an awesome metal distortion sound that you can customize using the other functions. This is a super powerful sound that is unheard of in this budget-friendly price bracket.

With all the other essential features you would expect, including an LED indicator to show the battery level, a durable metal case, and a 100% analog design, what more could you ask for in your preferred booster pedal?

What We Like About It

While a budget-friendly booster pedal, you won’t need to worry about having to withstand poor quality audio that’s typical with some cheaper devices. Whether you’re using the pedal effect or not, the True Bypass technology ensures everything sounds exactly how it should!

  • Super small and compact design to use up very little real estate on your pedalboard
  • 100% analog signal processing with True Bypass technology
  • Two modes to give you more creative possibilities with your sound
  • A rich distortion effect that makes your metal sounds incredibly impactful

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Fender Engager Booster Pedal

Fender Engager Booster Pedal

Of course, we can’t talk about fantastic guitar products and not mention the wonders of Fender. Fender has been a leading brand in the audio industry for a long time, specializing with guitars, amps, and equipment, and their pedals are no exception.

Clean and Proud

This is a clean boost effect pedal that prides itself on having a three-band EQ to help you control and manage your sounds however you like, all while having the ability to boost each level and frequency of your guitar sounds. All in all, there’s plenty of experimental opportunities here to explore, and endless hours of fun to be had.

In true Fender style, the aesthetics of this pedal are outstanding, and the attention to detail is awesome. For example, this pedal has LED-backlit lights behind the dials and knobs to make it easy to see what you’re up to, even in low-light conditions.

Even the battery pack, which takes a single 9V battery to power, has a magnetic battery cover to make it super easy to change the batteries when you need to and keeps everything together nice and strong.

True Bypass as Standard

All these nice features and there’s still all the others you’d expect. These include the True Bypass filter to retain quality, a frequency switch for even more control over your tones, and an engager switch to give you accuracy over when you apply the booster effect.

There’s no denying this is a high-quality pedal no matter what aspect you look at. The design is completely original and is ready to be used for whatever you want it to be used for. If you need a boost pedal you can rely on, this may be as close to perfect as you’re going to get.

What We Like About It

The highlight feature of this pedal is the size. While packed with features like the three-band EQ, this pedal remains compact and small, meaning it will save space on your pedalboard, giving you even more room for even more pedals to create the effects you want!

  • Created and manufactured by one of the most renowned audio companies in the world
  • Comes with a three-band EQ to make your changes precise
  • A magnetic battery cover to make it easy to change batteries and keep running
  • Designed to be durable and 100% stage-ready

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Mooer Pure Boost Clean Boost Pedal

Mooer Pure Boost Clean Boost Pedal

Another affordable pedal, the Mooer Pure Boost does exactly what you expect it to do, as the title suggests. The Mooer pedal can boost your sounds up by around 20dB with the standard clean boost function to ensure everybody around hears what you’ve got to play.

Full Frequency Control

However, despite being an extremely affordable pedal, Mooer doesn’t stop there. This pedal also offers a 15dB boost, which is available on the 2-band EQ. This aims to give you even more control over what you’re able to achieve by giving you the ability to adjust your bass and treble sounds.

Of course, your original tone and the quality of your sounds is precise and maintained, and there’s no interference or loss of the richness of your original guitar output; an essential feature you need, especially if you plan on playing at high volumes and want your performance to be the best it can be. This is all made possible by the integrated True Bypass feature.

Does the Job

Overall, this is a small yet effective booster pedal that does exactly what it says on the tin. The two-band EQ is a really nice touch, and while this isn’t the most feature-packed device, it does provide a fantastic all-around experience you’re going to love, so much so that it’s easy to see why so many musicians adore using it!

What We Like About It

As you would expect with all premium quality booster pedals, the Mooer offers a highly durable metal casing that’s built to last. Whether you’re keeping the device safe and sound in your studio, or you’re chucking it around and stomping on it while on tour, this is a pedal that can survive it all!

  • Comes with True Bypass technology to retain the quality of your audio
  • Boosts your sound up to 20dB for more sound
  • Comes with a two-band EQ to control the frequencies of your sound
  • Durable metal case to see you through thick and thin

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EarthQuaker Devices Arrows V2 Preamp Booster Guitar Pedal

EarthQuaker Devices Arrows V2 Preamp Booster Guitar Pedal

As the title of this next pedal suggests, if you’re looking for a booster pedal that can help you literally make the ground shake when jamming out, or you’re in need of a pedal that will help you create an unforgettable guitar performance, the EarthQuaker booster pedal is well worth your attention.

Upgraded to Perfection

This is the second upgraded version of this pedal in which EarthQuaker has completely redesigned every aspect of the pedal to give you everything you need to boost in the best possible way.

Everything from the metal enclosure and casing to the design of the jacks and even the layout and quality of the internal analog circuitry has been redesigned to really knuckle down the quality and provide you with everything you need.

Custom Boosting for Unique Results

In fact, this pedal takes the whole boosting process much further than your traditional pedal since it actively boosts the midranges of your sound while proactively tightening and shining up both treble and bass ends for a much nicer, much richer sound overall.

While this might sound technical, don’t worry; this all happens automatically, and the interface of this pedal is so simple, even a child could use it. We mean this very literally since the only control is the level control that allows you to define how much boost you’re adding to your sounds, and then, of course, the pedal itself to turn the effect on and off.

This pedal also actively removes any mucky sounds from your guitar output, including unwanted fuzziness, which is great if you want to push your guitar into your overdrive regions even more than ever before.

To summarize, if you’re looking for a pedal that can help you really push your boundaries and expand the limits of your guitar and your overdrive settings, so much so you shake the earth, you might not need to look any further than the EarthQuaker Booster pedal!

What We Like About It

A nice touch that’s common throughout the EarthQuaker product line that makes the company stand out is the fact that every single pedal is made by hand. This all takes place in the company’s headquarters in Akron, Ohio, indicating that every pedal is checked by hand to ensure it meets the outstanding quality standards.

  • Removes fuzz and unwanted distortion to ensure you can push deeper into overdrive
  • Actively boosts your midranges while tightening both top and bottom ends of your sound
  • All components have been upgraded to give you the best possible high-quality experience
  • Handmade in the headquarters in Akron, Ohio.

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Xotic EP Booster Mini EQ Effect Pedal

Xotic EP Booster Mini EQ Effect Pedal

Today, we’re going to finish off our list of the best booster pedals available with the Xotic Ep Booster; a fine booster pedal that provides a little something extra to ensure your boosts, and therefore your overall performances, sound amazing.

New Bright Boosting

There are two unique ways you can boost your guitar output: using the built-in Bass Boost, which is ideal for boosting your lower-end sounds or even for use with a bass guitar, or by boosting the high-end sounds, known as Bright Boosting.

This is then coupled with the subtle touch of the FET preamp integrated right into the pedal itself. Overall, this takes your guitar sounds, boosts them while retaining a professional quality, and then sends them out to your amp to produce a final sound that is simply wonderful to listen to, no matter what genre you’re performing in.

Boost and Go Loud!

Regarding the specs themselves, this pedal can boost your sound up to 20dB, and is powered using a standard 9-18vdc battery, meaning you can use this pedal wherever you go, even if you’re busking out on the streets!

Overall, this is one of the easiest-to-use pedals, especially when compared to common ones, but it does the job really well. There are hundreds of positive five-star reviews from happy and satisfied customers from around the world, and there’s no reason you can’t join them!

What We Like About It

The ease of use is simply outstanding, and you won’t find a pedal out there that’s more suited for someone who just wants to get on and make music. Just plug in your guitar, use the single dial to set your boost levels, and stomp on the box when you’re ready to turn it on and off! It’s really that simple!

  • Boost your sounds up to 20dB extra from normal
  • Runs on a standard 9V battery power supply
  • Comes with a FET preamp built right into the device
  • Beautiful design that guarantees to look fantastic on your pedalboard

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The Complete Buying Guide to Boost Pedals in 2019

As you can see, there are plenty of awesome boosting pedals out there, each one offering its own unique take on the
traditional design to give you something different, something special, and something that can make your performances come to life.

However, since each pedal is different, and you are different to the next musician, it’s important to make sure you’re buying the one that’s best suited for you. To help you make this essential decision, here’s our complete buying guide of everything you need to consider.

Boosting Levels

The absolute first thing you’ll want to check is making sure the pedal you buy is actually capable of boosting your sounds to the levels you require. An industry standard is around 20dB of boost, although this can be lower or higher depending on the pedal you pay for.

The problem is that anything over 20dB may come out too distorted and unclean when it reaches your amplifier, unless you have a pedal that comes with the technology to counter this by cleaning up your signal.


The problem with most pedalboards is there simply isn’t enough space to get all the pedals you want onto one board. This makes the board heavy, not very portable, and sometimes overly complicated when you’re trying to connect everything up. Instead, you want things to be compact and small.

A professional pedal these days will be designed to be small and compact, so it doesn’t take up too much room, and remains light enough to be portable. However, make sure your device isn’t too small that it ends up being overshadowed by your other pedals, or else you might end up not using it!

True Bypass

When it comes to any effects or boosting pedals nowadays, it’s important to make sure you’re looking for pedals with the True Bypass feature. Due to the design of older and more traditional pedals, the quality of the guitar output signal was lost while traveling through the pedal.

To remedy this, True Bypass technology was created to retain the quality of the sound, even while the pedal was connected but not in use. This is such an important feature to look for if you want to offer your listeners a high-quality audio experience.

Power Supply

It’s important to make sure you check out how your pedal is going to be powered. Obviously if you’re planning on playing while you’re on the go, out on the street, or practically anywhere, you’re going to need a pedal that’s battery-powered.

If you’re playing in studios or in venues, you probably won’t need a battery-powered pedal, but one that can support an adapter. In some cases, there are pedals out there that support both battery input and adapter input, but you need to make sure the one you buy is suitable for your personal preference.

Any Special Effects?

As we mentioned with some of the pedals above, some devices will not only come with boosting features, but also some other effects. These are typically found on more premium models and can help you change the waveform of the guitar sounds, or add a reverb, or something along those lines.

If you’re looking for a dedicated boosting pedal, you may want to skip the effects altogether and save yourself some money along the way. On the other hand, getting a pedal with effects can be a great way to unlock even more creative potential when it comes to your music.


The way a boosting pedal works is that you set it up to the levels you want, and then when you want to turn the effect on during a performance, you stomp your foot down onto the box, and then the same again when you want to turn it off.

Typically, you’ll also be using your pedal while you’re touring and out on stage, which means it’s going to travel around quite a bit and be subject to a lot of bumps and knocks. All in all, you need to ensure the pedal you’re buying is durable and designed to last, not just made from some cheap plastic that will break after a couple of uses.


Always make sure you’re reading the reviews on a pedal you want to buy as well as reading the manufacturer’s description to ensure that the pedal has been created to allow you to set the boost level in the most accurate way possible, and helps to keep your settings where they are, rather than knocking about while you’re performing.


There’s no denying the last consideration you’ll want to be thinking about is the budget you have for your pedal. Generally speaking, the more you spend on a pedal, the more features and the higher the quality will be, but not all musicians are going to need these functions.

However, if you’re serious about your music, you may want to spend a little bit extra on a pedal with more features to futureproof yourself so you won’t need to buy another pedal, therefore buying two, and you’ll have the best of the best to get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions on Buying Boost Pedals

Do you need to buy the power cable separately?

With most boosting pedals, yes; you will need to buy the power cable separately for your pedal, and most won’t come with it unless otherwise stated, so make sure you’re checking. Fortunately, these cables are very affordable when purchased online and won’t break the bank.

Can you use these pedals on all guitars?

As long as your guitar has a standard output cable, or as long as you have an adapter, you’ll be able to use these pedals to boost your sounds. This could be for electric guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, or even bass guitars!


When it comes to getting yourself a guitar boosting pedal, it’s safe to say there’s never been a better time to do so thanks to there being so many choices, but hopefully this guide has detailed everything you need to know to make the decision that’s right for you!