Best Bass Amps for 2019

Best Overall Bass AmpVox PB10 Bass Combo Amplifier
Vox is hands down one of the best affordable amp manufacturers and designers out there, and the PB10 is a testament to what the team can achieve. With an amp that looks amazing and sounds incredible, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an amp you love more than this!

Best Budget Bass AmpBlackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier (Black)
If you’re shopping on a budget, but you’re still in need of a fantastic bass guitar amp that helps you sound how you want to sound, the Blackstar amp makes an ideal choice. Packed with features, this is an amp that simply gets the job done.

Best Premium Bass AmpOrange Crush Bass 25W Bass Guitar Combo Amp
Looking for a vibrant bass amp with all the features that offer one of the best experiences possible? Orange has a bass amp you’re not going to want to miss, an amp that gives you full control over the sounds you’re creating.

Our Top Ten

You can spend all the time you want learning how to play the bass guitar, but without the right amp by your side, it’s going to be near impossible to create the sounds you want to create, and allow your fans and listeners to enjoy the experience you’ve got to offer.

Today, we’re going to share with you our top ten recommendations for the very best bass amps you can find out there. If you’re not sure which one of these amazing amps are best for you, you can always read through our complete buying guide so you can choose which one is perfect! Let’s get straight into it!

Orange Crush Bass 25W Bass Guitar Combo Amp

Orange Crush Bass 25W Bass Guitar Combo Amp

The first great bass amp we’re going to be looking at today comes from Orange, a very popular amp manufacturer that is renowned for pushing the boundaries of affordable quality further and further with each model. This model is no exception to the rule.

Perform Your Way

This 25W amp is loaded with an 8W speaker that’s big enough for you to perform for a crowd, but small enough to remain portable and lightweight enough to take anywhere. This is then backed by the fully responsive EQ that enables you to adjust any setting you like to create the sound you want to make.

Everything you could want is also included here, such as a built-in tuner for making sure your guitar sounds perfect, an AUX input for using the amp to listen to basically any music player using a 3.5mm jack, and even a background track input and headphone port for when you need to stay quiet. That makes this amp perfect for using at home at any time!

Tried and Tested

As you can see, Orange knows how to make amps, and there’s a reason the company is still going today, despite being founded all the way back in 1968. That’s nearly 60 years of guitar amp innovation, and it shows in every aspect.
Simple, powerful, clean, and fully adjustable to allow you to fully be your creative self, this colorful amp is all you’re going to need, and it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular amps out there!

What We Like About It

One of the best aspects of this bass amp is the fact it’s played by many of the biggest names in bass music. Brian Welch (Korn), Sergio Vega (Deftones), and Theo Ellis (Wolf Alice) have all used this amp or other Orange amps in their performances, meaning this is an amp the professionals use!

  • A powerful 8W speaker driver that’s capable of sounding great for any genre of bass
  • A fully responsive EQ system to control your frequency ranges individually
  • Designed and manufactured by a company founded back in 1968
  • Colorful and vibrant aesthetic you’re going to love

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Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

If you know anything about music, you’re going to have heard of Fender. This world-class brand is superior in all aspects of the equipment they make, whether it’s guitars, accessories, keyboards, pianos, and of course, bass guitar amps.

An Iconic Brand

The Fender Frontman, as the name suggests, is a simple yet effective lead bass guitar amp measuring in at 10 watts and packing one of Fender’s specially designed 1-6-inch speaker drivers. With a single channel, this amp is perfect for using at home or in the studio and will allow you to hear your creations and jams in outstanding quality.

Of course, as with any professional equipment and guitar amp, you can adjust your sounds in plenty of different ways all thanks to the controls you have access to. These include gain, volume, treble, bass, and a switch to differ between different types of overdrive.

Use How You Like

You can also connect to this amp any way you want to, whether that’s through the standard ¼-inch instrument port, the 1/8-inch AUX input, and the standard 3.5mm headphone socket for silent practice when you need it! All of this comes together to allow you to practice your way!

As we’ve suggested throughout, this isn’t really an amp you’re going to want to use to perform live because it really isn’t that loud for a venue, unless you’re playing on the street, or a small venue. However, when it comes to practicing, there are very few amps that are going to be better than this, especially with this affordable price tag.

Simply put, this is one bass guitar amp that’s well worth your attention!

What We Like About It

The Fender Frontman has a very special design at the back, which is closed off inside itself. This is different from typical guitar amps because it allows for a heavier bass response than traditional amps. All in all, features such as this have been designed and implemented to make this amp perfect for bass guitar music!

  • A 10-watt system powering a special Fender 6-inch speaker
  • Comes with a collection of inputs for connecting your instruments and devices
  • Plenty of controls to adjust the levels and output of your sounds

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Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier (Black)

Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier (Black)

Blackstar (no relation to the recent David Bowie hit) has a very special amp you’re not going to want to miss. While guitar amps, specifically bass guitar amps, can be expensive, big, heavy, and chunky, the Blackstar has taken a different, more affordable approach.

Simple Yet Effective

If you’re looking to practice at home, seeking an amp to get you started without breaking the bank, or simply want a fantastic sounding amp that’s a ton of fun to play with, look no further than this. This 3-watt practice amp is super compact and mini, meaning it will never get in the way, and you can take it anywhere easily!

Adjust Your Sounds

There are two default channels built into the device, clean and overdrive, and there’s even a unique digital ‘tape’ delay effect, and a state-of-the-art ISP mode. These features combined allow you to fully customize your sound in basically infinite ways, ensuring you’re able to find the perfect output resonance you’re looking for.

All your standard connections can be found in this amp, including a LINE in for your guitar, and an MP3 port. This means you can basically connect any music device you want, whether that’s your computer, iPod, or smartphone, and listen to your music and your favorite playlists wherever you are.

As you can probably guess by all the times we’ve mentioned how portable this amp is, it does run on batteries or a mains power supply, so get creative with where you’re playing and don’t let anything stand between you and being free with your music!

What We Like About It

You’re almost guaranteed to love this bass guitar amp and speaker simply because so many other musicians do. There are literally hundreds of four- and five-star reviews on this amp, all confirming just how amazing the amp sounds, and the quality of its build.

  • A highly compact and incredible sounding guitar amp
  • Comes with a tape delay feature and a patented ISP mode
  • Offers you access to both a LINE in port and MP3 connection
  • Can be powered by a mains supply or via batteries

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New Donner 15W Bass Guitar Amplifier

New Donner 15W Bass Guitar Amplifier

In the market for something a little bit beefy in terms of power and performance, but still suitable for any budget and a musician of any skill level to enjoy and master? Check out the New Donner amp and bass guitar combo.

Right off the bat, this guitar amp is made for portable performances or practice. The small and compact design means you’re free to play wherever you want, but there’s still enough power to make yourself heard, and all at a level of quality you simply wouldn’t expect in an amp this size.

Powerfully Portable

Coming in with 15 watts, this is one of the more powerful of the portable bass guitar amp range, and backed with a 6.5-inch Omega 8 speaker driver, you know your music is going to sound amazing.

Of course, as you would expect, all the standard connections you’ll need are present, including a 6.35mm LINE in guitar port, and a 3.5mm AUX jack input. Surprisingly for such a budget-friendly device, there’s also a range of audio output controls and frequency adjustments.

You’re in Control

Obviously you get your main controls such as volume adjustment, but there’s a three-band EQ, with each frequency range coming with its own dial; each dial is complete with indicators and a durable knob that’s going to stand the test of time, even with everyday wear and tear.

As you can see, New Donner has really put some time and effort into making sure this amp has everything you need to be one of the best experiences yet ensures you don’t have to worry about missing out on the premium features.

While not possible to be powered by batteries, when you’re practicing at home, in the studio, or just out somewhere with your friends and bandmates, this single amp is going to be all you’re going to need!

What We Like About It

Due to the combo nature of this amp, one of the most beloved features is the unique design that adds durability and boosts the overall sound quality. For example, the cone is part paper cone, for managing the low frequencies, whereas the other part is mixed aluminium, meaning all frequency ranges are going to sound amazing.

  • Comes with an instrument and AUX port
  • Comes with a headphone, LINE input, and AUX lead input connection
  • Offers access to a full three-band EQ adjustment dial
  • Specially designed speaker cone for maximizing the quality of your sound

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SUNYIN Bass Guitar Amplifier

SUNYIN Bass Guitar Amplifier

Sticking with our current trend of small, portable, yet high performance bass guitar amps, SUNYIN has a contribution to the market that many say is a step forward in redefining the industry. Just one look at this amp and you’ll instantly notice this is one amp that’s not like the others.

Small Yet Punchy

This sleek amp measures in at 10 watts, which is more than enough for practice or portable performances, perhaps when you’re busking or playing in small venues or to smaller crowds. There is more than enough power here to play low and to ensure every note and chord sounds true to what it should sound like.

Weighing only 1.3kg, you won’t have to worry about this amp holding you back. Whether you’re off to the studio, a bass guitar lesson, or even just a friend’s house, you’re never going to feel burdened about taking this amp with you. Of course, you’ll be able to power the amp using the included power cord, or six AA batteries.

Plenty of Adjustments

Using the dials on the top, you’ll be able to customize your sounds and the final output in terms of volume, independent gain control, brightness, and which channel you’re using. The latter is important since you can input sound via the standard instrument jack, or the MP3 AUX connection.

Using state-of-the-art programming and technology, this amp prides itself on being able to professionally remove and reduce all unwanted noise and buzzing sounds, no matter what channel you’re using. This ensures all your music simply sounds fantastic, and you won’t be disappointed with what kind of music you’re able to create and enjoy!

What We Like About It

If you’re starting out as a beginner bass guitar player and you’re looking for an amp that’s amazing, but still
simple enough that you can focus more on your skill, rather than the technical side of things, this is the amp for you. Every aspect has been designed with beginner musicians in mind, ensuring you have one of the best experiences possible.

  • Can be powered by batteries or a mains power supply
  • Weighs only 1.3kg and can be taken anywhere at any time
  • Comes with full volume, gain, and brightness control
  • Comes with an instrument and AUX port

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Ibanez Bass Combo Amplifier

Ibanez Bass Combo Amplifier

Ibanez is a renowned name in the audio industry, and the company is known for their high-quality products that musicians around the world have adored and utilized for decades. Now, if you’re in the market for a compact bass combo amp with all the features, they have a solution you’re going to be interested in.

Play on the Move

This is another highly portable device that’s incredibly lightweight and compact but doesn’t hold back when it comes to the power it can offer you. For starters, since this is a combo amp, it can be proactively used on both electric guitars and bass guitars, so it’s great for experimenting and finding which styles work for you.

This also ensures this particular amp is great for beginners, especially when you consider how easy it is to use and how all the functions are designed to be simple with a minimal learning curve. Even if you’ve never used a bass guitar amp before in your life, you’re going to master this one in no time.
This means more time playing and doing what you love, less time being confused and put off the whole practice.

As with all IBZ range combo amps, this one allows you to connect your instruments using the standard line in port, and you can play your music from any compatible music device using the AUX connection. There’s even a headphone port for when you want to practice but need to be quiet!

Literally No Learning Curve

All these features are easily located on the front, and there’s even three dials for the three-band EQ to adjust all areas of your frequency range however you like. When you’re starting out, this is all you’re going to need to get creative and to really get a feel for what works for you.

All in all, this is hands down one of the best beginner bass guitar amps, and when it comes to putting your first foot forward into the creative musical world, this is all you’re going to need by your side!

What We Like About It

A standout feature of this device is just how compact it is. This is essential when it comes to guitar amps like this because you’re not going to want to lug around a huge, unnecessarily large amp when you go to a friend’s house or practice lesson. This is small, compact, lightweight, but still has everything you need to rock out however you want to jam!

  • Extremely compact design that’s no problem to take with you anywhere
  • A complete three-band EQ to adjust your sounds in minute yet effective ways
  • Comes with both a standard instrument port, headphone output, and AUX input
  • Perfectly designed with beginners in mind

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Vox PB10 Bass Combo Amplifier

Vox PB10 Bass Combo Amplifier

Vox is another one of those guitar equipment manufacturers that you can’t ignore, and the company has been incredibly
consistent when it comes to the quality and performance their products continuously put out over the years, so much so that many musicians consider them one of the best.

One of the Best

With this specific model, the PB10, you’ll have access to pretty much all the features you’ll find on the premium devices from Vox and other leading manufacturers, but all for a very affordable price and in a compact design that can easily rival some of the other portable amps we’ve mentioned today.

Inside this amp, you’ll find not just one speaker, but two 5-inch drivers that are powered to a total of 10 watts.
While scaled down compared with larger amps, Vox has specially designed this amp to still give the drivers more than enough room for the air to circulate, ensuring the overall outputted sound is crystal-clear and as close to perfection as possible.

World-Class Sounds

Your deep sounds will sound rich and guarantee to ooze clarity, whereas your higher notes will sound warm and resonate in a soft and invoking way. Simply put, you and your listeners are going to adore how your music from this amp sounds, and many say it’s an experience like no other.

While this amp doesn’t come with a full three-band EQ, you can adjust the tones and levels of the bass range and the treble range individually, which for many players starting out, or those simply interesting in performing, is more than enough to get creative with.

There is, however, full Drive controls on this amp, which can be used to fatten up your bass sounds to make them even richer, or for adding a warm touch to your notes on the mid and higher levels.

Finally, you’ll adore how this amp looks and feels. You know when you treat yourself to a product that’s obviously had a lot of thought and care put into the make and design of it; this is one of those products. The aesthetic is outstanding, and the quality of the build is unparalleled.

You’re going to adore this amp, and you’ll get many years of enjoyable audio entertainment from it!

What We Like About It

As we mentioned above, the quality of this amp is simply fantastic, and we can’t overstate just how much attention to detail has been given here. From the visuals itself to how simple and just enjoyable this amp is to use, it should come as no surprise that you’ll want to use it as soon as you have it in your hands!

  • Two-band EQ for adjusting the bass and treble frequencies of your sounds
  • Looks amazing and the aesthetic design is incredibly professional
  • Contains two five-inch drivers measuring in at a 10-watt system
  • Your music will sound outstanding, and the level of quality is unmatched

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Line 6 Bass Combo Amplifier

Line 6 Bass Combo Amplifier

Bass amps can vary a lot with the amount of power they give out. Of course, if you’re only practicing at home, you won’t need to go incredibly loud, so you won’t need much power. However, if you’re looking for an amp that gives a little more punch and provides enough punch to perform live to an audience, you’re not going to want to miss this Line 6 amp.

Crystal-Clear Quality

Loading in with 20 watts of power, when it comes to performing at your first gig on the street or in smaller venues, such as bars, pubs, or even community rooms, Line 6 is going to be the amp you want at your feet.

This amount of power feeds the larger 8-inch Ampeg Custom8 speaker, which covers all frequencies amazingly and sounds fantastic. It really doesn’t matter what genre or style of music you’re playing, or what kind of sounds you’re trying out, the actual quality of the sound is going to be perfect through this amp.

All the Essentials as Standard

Due to the powerful nature of this amp, it is slightly bigger than some of the more portable amps on this list, but it’s not so big that you’re going to feel overwhelmed with moving it around. It’s just right! What’s more, like most of these amps, features such as a three-band EQ and multiple port inputs are included as standard.

In short, this amp is probably going to be everything you would hope for in a bass amp, and there are very few reasons why this wouldn’t be suitable for you, if any at all. Ampeg are great sounding speakers. Line 6 is a reputable and reliable manufacturer you can trust. This is everything you’ll need a bass amp to be!

What We Like About It

The rugged design of this amp is one of the key features you’re going to love, whether you’re considering the general wear and tear of daily use, or the inevitable knocks and bumps you’ll get from transporting and using this amp in your performances.

  • Contains a powerful 8-inch speaker that sounds amazing
  • Sports a three-band EQ for controlling your bass sound frequency ranges
  • 20 watts of power that’s perfect for practicing and performing
  • Manufactured by a very reliable and reputable brand

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Line 6 Spider V 20 Guitar Combo Amp

Line 6 Spider V 20 Guitar Combo Amp

While we’re looking at the Line 6 range, another one of their most popular amps comes in the form of the Spider V 20. This is very similar to the amp we looked at above, but there are a few key differences that sets it apart from the rest.

In the same way as the previous model, this amp measures in as a 20-watt system with a specially designed 8-inch speaker that’s unique to this device. The speaker sounds great when played at any volume, and all frequency ranges are covered so you can be sure your music sounds ideal.

Designed to Last

There’s also the coveted Line 6 rugged design that adds to the level of durability of the amp, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go and you won’t have to solely worry about trying not to knock it about or break it. This amp is a survivor.

However, focusing on what sets this amp apart, this is in fact a modeling amp, which means you can get fully creative with the output of your sound in plenty of different ways. Integrated directly into the amp you’ll find 16 custom presets and effects you can choose from.

Model Your Sounds Creatively

You can apply up to three of these effects to your sound output at any time, plus adding the independent reverb control as much, or as little, as you like. This is potentially an endless number of ways you can play around with your sounds, ensuring you have all the tools you need to sound how you want to sound.

As you can see, this amp has plenty to offer, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find an amp that can do all this for the affordable price that it has! Ideal for a bass guitarist of any skill level, this is one amp you’re going to want to put near the top of your list of considerations.

What We Like About It

This amp even comes with a built-in mini USB port so you can connect it directly to your Mac, Windows computer, or even your iOS or Android device!

Once connected, you can apply updates to the amp’s firmware and any releases available now and in the future, and you can record and edit your guitar sounds for editing later, or for making a digital copy!

  • Can be connected to any digital device via the integrated mini-USB port
  • Comes with 16 effects and presets built in for you to explore
  • A 20-watt system powering a fantastic 8-inch speaker driver
  • Available in MKII

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Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

To conclude our list of the best bass amp recommendations, we’re going back to the reputable brand that is Fender, this time drawing our attention over to the Rumble 25. The third version of this amp range, this is a high-performance amp to help you take your sounds out into the world.

Many bass amps we’ve mentioned today excel as portable amps or practice amps, but the Fender Rumble is all about making yourself heard. Available in various size models ranging from 15 watts for practicing, to a huge 500 watts for large venue performances, it doesn’t matter what stage of your career you’re at, Fender has got the amp for you.

Prestigious Performances

Since this model has been updated, most aspects have been enhanced by Fender’s world-class engineers and designers.
All the internal circuitry has been optimized to promote complete clarity in sound, all with minimal distortion and interference.

This means it doesn’t matter what size amp you’re using, what genre you’re playing, what volume you’re playing at, or what effects you’re layering onto your guitar sound output, everything is going to sound crystal-clear and exactly how it’s meant to.

Listen to Your Music, Your Way

As standard with all leading guitar amps, you’ll find all the ports necessary for the best experience, including an AUX input and headphone jack for when you need to practice in private. This does mean you can use this amp as a speaker to play any music from a compatible MP3 device.

Backed by literally hundreds of positive reviews from musicians around the world who rave about this amp, it’s safe to say this is one bass guitar amp where you simply can’t go wrong!

What We Like About It

Making an investment in an amp can be a costly process, especially if you spend your money in the wrong place. Fortunately, Fender ensures you’re safe thanks to their popular five-year transferable warranty. Not happy with your amp, or make a mistake? You’re covered for the next five years!

  • Loaded with all the connection ports you’ll need for your practice
  • Available in various sizes ranging from 15 watts to a whopping 500 watts!
  • Contains a newly created internal circuitry for an enhanced sound experience
  • Plenty of contour switchable controls to master your sounds

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Our Full Buying Guide to the Best Bass Amps

With so many awesome bass guitar amps out there, it can be a tough decision when it comes to spending your money on the best amp to actually suit what kind of music you’re making and what kind of stage you’re at with your performances.

To help ensure you make the best decision, below we’re going to explore all the key areas you’ll need to think about to help you buy the best amp. Let’s just dive straight in!


The first aspect you’ll want to consider is the level of power your amp provides, and this will depend on how you’re actually planning on using the amp. This is, of course, measured in watts, and the number of watts you have will translate into how loud your amp can go while retaining a high level of quality.

If you’re just looking for an amp you can use at home, perhaps if you’re starting out with a bass guitar, and you don’t need to perform to anyone, you will only need a low-watt amp, roughly anything under 20 watts.

However, if you’re going to be performing to a small audience, or you want professional equipment for when you’re in the studio, you’ll want something 20 watts or above. Amps can get large, sometimes exceeding 500 watts, which is insanely loud, so this will all depend on what you need.


Hand in hand with the above, you’ll need to consider how loud your amp can go. If you’re going to be performing in bars or small venues and need to bring your own equipment, you need to make sure you’re going to be heard.

As with the above, the more watts you have, the louder you can go while still making sure the quality of your sound isn’t affected. Bear this in mind when purchasing an amp!

Connection Ports

It’s important you’re able to connect your instruments to your amp, as well as any other accessories you may be using. Fortunately, the vast majority of amps will use the universal connection line in that all amps use, but you may need to check just to make sure.

However, other ports you may want to look for include an AUX input. Many amps can be used as speakers for listening to your favorite playlists, or for playing a backing track to your music.

Some amps will also come with headphone ports, so if you need to practice but you can’t play aloud, you can always plug in your headphones for private practice. The final connection type you may want is a USB port. This will typically come on modeling amps so you can update effects and presets on the amp.

You can also use this type of connection for connecting to a computer to record your sounds to a digital format, which makes it great for recording and editing your sounds.

Effects and Presets

Some amps will also come with effects built in. As a standard, you’re going to want a three-band EQ (two-band minimum) if you’re interested in customizing how your sounds are when outputted, such as adding a bit of treble, or boosting your bass slightly.

If you’re opting for a modeling amp, you may have access to more creative options, such as reverbs, delays, or amp models. This is completely up to you, but these effects can give you more opportunities to experiment with how you sound.

How It’s Powered

If you’re planning to keep your amp at home and plugged into a room, you’ll want to look for a dedicated amp that’s main powered. However, if you’re traveling around, performing in venues, or even busking on the streets, you’re going to need a portable amp that’s battery powered.

Ideally, for full creative potential, you’ll want one that can do both unless you’re performing to a large crowd, since a battery powered amp won’t be loud enough.


Again, with the above point, if you’re going to be gigging or traveling around with your amp, you’re going to want to make sure it’s portable and you’re not going to be held back by it. This means looking for features like handles, and the fact the amp is lightweight, and not unnecessarily heavy.


Amps see a lot of wear and tear during their lifetimes, especially while you’re on tour and traveling from venue to venue, and of course, during the performances themselves. With this in mind, look for a rugged design with reinforced parts, like front grills and corners.


Over to you! Now you have everything you need to make the best decision when it comes to treating yourself and your creative ventures to the best bass guitar amp possible. Take your time and figure out what you need, and you’ll know for sure you’re giving yourself the best opportunities moving forward!