Aeon Collection Review

When it comes to making the sounds in your favorite DAW platform, it’s important to remember this is the workspace of your audio production journey; your workbench as it were. However, a workbench is nothing without the right tools, which is where Aeon comes into play.

Produced by the world-renowned HeavyoCity developers, Aeon refers to their leading range of virtual synthesizers that allow you the opportunity to create some incredibly mesmerizing sounds.

Today, we’re going to focus on the Aeon Collection, a bundle pack which includes two of HeavyoCity’s leading synth generators, granting you access to a ton of raw features that guarantee to bring your productions to life.

In a Rush?

Here’s a low-down of what you can expect from the powerful Aeon Collection Bundle.

  • Access to both Aeon Melodic and Aeon Rhythmic
  • Operates using the Kontakt 5 Player
  • Play with over 720 presets
  • 27GB of instruments, loops, and one-shots at your disposal
  • Use to create awe-inspiring melodies, dark phrases, rumbling basslines, and stunning synths

The Comprehensive Review

With the Aeon Collection, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that come with two of HeavyoCity’s leading synthesizers; the Aeon Melodic and the Aeon Rhythmic.


The Aeon Collection has been designed to be used with both Mac and Windows computers, and while it can work with a range of your software platforms or DAWs, you will need to download and install Kontakt 5 Player for the pack to work.

Kontakt 5 Player is a free sample player that was based on the Kontakt 5 controller that gives you full control over your samples in a virtual environment. This can be downloaded for free via the Native Instruments website and opens a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to production.

Aeon Melodic

This is easily one of the HeavyoCity’s leading plugins and for many good reasons. With this component, you’ll have access to an outstanding 315 unique presets and over 9,800 playable instrument samples, which makes it ideal for experimenting and finding new sounds to add to your own productions.

Within this collection, you’ll find a range of traditional instruments, but also a ton of unique ensembles, numerous analog synths which are known for their aggression, an extensive range of hybrid synths, and many of the industry-defining Aeon Hits.

However, that’s not all. You’ll, of course, have access to a range of sound-defining FX and methods to manipulate your sounds even further. Some of these features include an Advanced Trigger FX, a wealth of deep modulation controls, and even an Arpeggiator.

All these features combine to ensure you’ll be able to find and create the sounds you’re looking for and then tweaking and customizing them until their absolutely perfect for your current and future sonic ventures.

Aeon Rhythmic

Also included within your purchase, you’ll find the Aeon Rhythmic tool which focuses much more on providing a melodic beat to your track, rather than the synths, all thanks to the 315 tempo-synced melodic loops found here.

All these loops can be used in an easy-to-use format since they are all effortlessly navigable through the drop-down menus. You’ll even find single loop presets that you can use.

What really sets this set about from the rest is the integrated ability to create extremely complex loops from simply ones. This can be achieved by easily layering your samples on top of each other, and then using the built-in settings to make sure it sounds how you want it to sound.

You can also re-construct and re-compose any of the loops that you have access to in a timeless fashion. This is simply achieved by rearranging any slices that you make within a sample, all completed via the MIDI drag and drop.

Additionally, this process can be completed using the signature Loop Mutator feature. This is a revolutionary new piece of technology incorporated exclusively into the Aeon Rhythmic pack that enables you to sequence and re-arrange your loops in ways that have previously been impossible to do.

Furthermore, the Aeon Rhythmic pack also contains the Loop Mutator plugin for ultimate control over the way your loops sound, as well as having complete access to eight unique customizable patterns which can also link together for complex melodies.

a Screeenshot of the Aeon Collection

The Instruments

The Aeon Collection is composed and built-up using ‘organic instruments’ which covers an extensive range of instruments, all of which can be used, manipulated, and implemented into your own tracks as you please.

The Aeon sound masters have recorded over 10,000 samples during their experience in the music industry. All samples have been recorded in a high-quality 48kHz sample rate and in 24-bit. The chances are that if you want an instrument or sound in your production, Aeon will provide it.

Using the Aeon Collection

Of course, while it’s all well and good having such a feature-full application, you need to be able to use it. However, to many music producers, this shouldn’t be too much of a learning curve. The interface has been designed to match and emulate many other virtual packs that are similar in this class.

In fact, some producers will believe this is actually simpler than most virtual work environments, complete with knobs and dials to help you control your levels, as well as a ton of tweak settings to help you customize your sounds and the display.

All the professional features, such as the Loop Mutator, are always within easy access, ensuring this software product is suitable for both beginners and those of you who have been in the music production industry for years.


Whether you’re developing music for your tracks and albums, tones and sounds for your videos, movies or video games, or you’re looking for the right tools to help you cut up your existing samples and loops, Aeon Collection has a solution for you.

This platform is easily one of the most customizable platforms available today, with crisp and clean controls, an extensive range of samples, a ton of extra features to give you a range of new opportunities in your music productions.