The 4 Best Acoustic Simulator Pedals

We all know about the incredibly beautiful sound that an acoustic guitar can produce. It’s literally music to anybody’s ears and is one of the best instruments for evoking emotion and for captivating an audience. However, as a budding musician, or have limited space or budget, having both an electric and an acoustic guitar is not always an option.

While it’s understandable that an acoustic guitar cannot make the sounds of an electric, using an acoustic simulator pedal will allow you to turn your electric musings into an acoustic sound. While this cutting-edge technology is ideal for travelling gigs on limited space, or even when you’re practising at home, you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure that you’ve got the right pedal for the job.

But let’s be honest. There’s so much choice out there that it can be hard to know where to begin. Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you and narrowed down this extensive selection to just four of the best. Considering things like authentic sound reproduction and the overall quality and budget, here are the best acoustic simulator pedals for your electric guitars.

Mooer MAC1 Akoustikar Acoustic Guitar Simulator

Mooer MAC1 Akoustikar Acoustic Guitar Simulator

To start off our list of best acoustic simulator pedals, we have this absolute winner from Mooer. This is one pedal that is packed full of features and settings that can not only allow you to replicate an authentic acoustic sound, but also maintains quality and provides you with a range of customizable settings.

As standard, you’ll find three initial working modes to choose from, which are titled Piezo, Standard and Jumbo. These settings give you the maximum amount of control that you would expect from a pedal of this budget and range and you can be sure that you’ll find that exact acoustic sound you’re looking for. You’ll also find that you have more than enough room and settings to experiment with, allowing you to discover new sounds that could take your music practice to the next level.

Although there is the downside that this pedal doesn’t come with a 9V adaptor for power, these are relatively inexpensive, even more so if you have one laying around, which most electric guitar players will. The pedal is encased in a full-metal casing for protection, ensuring that it will last for many years to come without damage.

What’s more, thanks to the true bypass settings that are built into this model, you’ll be truly impressed with the crisp, clean sound that this pedal produces, as well as its outstanding tone shaping abilities which are outstanding for a pedal of this size and caliber.

  • Crisp, clean and authentic acoustic sound
  • Durable build which will last for many years
  • Small, lightweight design for easy travel and storage
  • Affordable price for all kinds of guitar player
  • Not the most authentic sound compared to higher-end models
  • Does not include a 9V power adapter
  • Dials may be too sensitive for a beginner

HoTone TPSWOOD Wood Guitar Effects Pedal

HoTone TPSWOOD Wood Guitar Effects Pedal

While in the same price range as the Mooer pedal above, the HoTone takes a completely different take when it comes providing you with a fully-featured acoustic simulator pedal. Expertly designed with beginners, professionals and hobbyists in mind, this pedal is overloaded with features to help you create and play with the sounds of your electric guitar, ensuring you can find the perfect note you’ve been looking for.

As with most simulation pedals, you’ll find the Volume dial for adjusting the volume of your guitar, and the Body dial for tone shaping the digital waves of your electric guitar in a beautifully sounding, authentic acoustic sound that is sure to mesmerize your audience, regardless of where or when you’re performing.

You’ll also find a cool transparent knob which will give you the further ability to shape your tone in any way you please. All these features come together to give you an outstanding experience where you can experiment with your tones in so many ways; you’ll simply be spoilt for choice and options. A highly-durable Zinc alloy cover encases the pedal, ensuring that this is a long-lasted and protected product that will last for many years to come.

One downside of this pedal is that it doesn’t run on batteries and will require you to purchase your own negative-tipped 9V power charger, but these are extremely affordable, and many guitar players will find this is the standard cable that works with most electric guitars, meaning you properly have one lying around your studio.

However, this pedal has been made to be extremely small and lightweight, meaning it’s no hassle to take it with you wherever you go into your pocket and takes up next to no room on your pedal-board, making it the ideal choice, no matter what kind of guitar player you are.

  • True Bypass Footswitch for an outstanding acoustic sound
  • Small, lightweight and highly-portable design
  • Ideal tone settings for Blues and Country guitar players
  • Requires a separately purchased power cable

Joyo JF-323 Wooden Sound Acoustic Simulator Electric Guitar (Single Effect)

Joyo JF-323 Wooden Sound Acoustic Simulator Electric Guitar (Single Effect)

If you’re looking for the ultimate acoustic simulator pedal that gives you absolute control over your acoustic/electric sounds, be sure to turn your attention to the Joyo Simulator Pedal. Let’s jump straight in. On the base of this pedal, you’ll find four individual dials for you to experiment with; Bass, Mid, High and Volume.

These dials give you full control over every single level of your tone shaping experience, making it an effortless process when you’re trying to find the acoustic sound that you’ve been looking for.
However, while there’s a ton of options available, the True Bypass Input Impedance of 1m and the Output Impedance of 50K means that you can play with the settings till your heart’s content without any loss of quality, as well as minimal feedback or interference. This Bypass setting is also completely customizable thanks to the fifth and final dial located at the bottom of the pedal.

Just like most other acoustic simulator pedals, this pedal doesn’t come with the required negative 9V power adapter which means you’ll need to invest in your own, but these are inexpensive and can be easily found online or in your local music stores.

In short, this is an outstanding simulator pedal, which is both lightweight and highly-durable, thanks to the flip down cover that protects the dials for knocks during transport or preserves your settings while you’re performing. This model has been designed to suit all kinds of budget and produces a truly impressive acoustic sound that both you and your audience will instantly fall in love with.

  • Outstanding acoustic sound with minimal effort
  • An incredible number of customizable level options
  • Highly-durable body with a flip-down protective lid
  • Does not include a power adaptor
  • Sound can be quite punchy for some guitar players

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Pedal

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Pedal

Finally, to conclude our list on some of the best acoustic simulator pedals (and we’re sure you’ll agree there are some brilliant ones), we’ve chosen this outstanding pedal by Boss. Although this is the most expensive pedal on the list, it is by far the most feature-full.

As soon as you take this pedal out the box, you’ll notice the four dials across the top; Level, Body, Tone and Mode, but this then again break down into their own settings and functions. For example, the Level, which controls the overall level of your effect, can also double up as a highly-effective Reverb effect which can be activated by the actual pedal function which takes up the entire bottom of the body.

On the far right, you’ll find the Mode setting, which grants you the ability to choose between Standard, Jumbo, Enhance and Piezo settings, when mixed with the other settings, gives you an incredible amount of room to experiment when it comes to creating and finding the perfect sound that you’ve always been looking for.

For the price, you’d expect an extremely high-quality build, which is exactly what you’ll get. The body itself is made from durable, high-density metals for long-lasting life and the sound quality is simply perfect. Every aspect of the pedal, from the quality of the input/output ports to the build of the dials, has been designed with quality and function in mind, ensuring this is an acoustic simulator pedal that no guitar should perform without.

  • Comes with AA batteries for power (no cable needed)
  • Incredibly flexible diversity of sounds that can be produced
  • Realistic acoustic sound
  • Built-in Reverb effect
  • Can produce a background hum while not in use
  • May be a little top level heavy for some guitarists


As you can see, when you’re looking for a great acoustic simulator pedal that gives you everything you need, you’re simply spoilt for choice. It’s safe to say there’s a pedal out there for any kind of guitarist at any skill level and you can be sure that you’ll find that perfect acoustic sound in no time at all!